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[SCM] libgnokii and core programs annotated tag, rel_0_6_28, created. re

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: [SCM] libgnokii and core programs annotated tag, rel_0_6_28, created. rel_0_6_28
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 2009 14:44:10 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "libgnokii and core programs".

The annotated tag, rel_0_6_28 has been created
        at  211ce4f9ad41b751674d36c4ae3a0f36e7d3a5b3 (tag)
   tagging  8fcee3cdfa35f5f76d724cc45f8079459f4d41e8 (commit)
 tagged by  Pawel Kot
        on  Mon Sep 7 16:44:00 2009 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
gnokii 0.6.28

Daniele Forsi (39):
      globally rename .cvsignore files as .gitignore
      other files to ignore
      update docs for git usage
      when phonet_rx_statemachine() finds an FBUS message bigger than the 
static buffer, print message_size (instead of buffer_count+1) and all message 
contents (instead of only the part that fits the buffer)
      use a make variable instead of a constant string so that out-of-source 
builds are possible
      hint at --depth 1 option of git clone
      Fix security code offset and improve protocol description
      add SEC keyword to --entersecuritycode to enable input of security code 
and add support for it in nk6510 driver (nk6100 already supported it)
      Use a spin button instead of gtk entry for config.init_length
      fix typo
      return an error to --getfile when file is not found
      don't use a timeout of 0 to cache empty folders (this also fixes an issue 
with smsd and Series 40 3rd)
      fix comment: s/getsms/deletesms/
      fix comment: s/deletemms/getmms/
      fix decoding SMS-STATUS-REPORT
      fix handling the TP-Parameter-Indicator extension bit for 
      On Win32 COM ports with numbers greater than 9 are named like \\.\COM10
      in sample gnokiirc for Win32 mention that port = aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff is 
valid too
      delete duplicated entry
      Do not change encoding if there is no need to change memory type in some 
SMS functions
      Make GN_OP_GetNetworkInfo for model=AT compatible with Cell ID's of any 
length in range 1-8
      Make AT_SetSMSMemoryType() and at_memory_type_set() more similar to each 
      When setting a new memory name use the current encoding instead of 
forcing "GSM"
      Remove deprecated kernel modules for DKU2 cable
      athuawei.h was missing. Thanks to grobian on irc #gnokii for noticing.
      Avoid printing confusing "Cannot unlock device." error message
      Make gn_device_unlock() print an informative error message if unlink() 
returns an error
      Remove patches/freebsd-ltmain_sh.patch since it is no more needed
      Deleted files missing from my previous commit 
      whitespace fix
      Correctly encode GN_GSM_NUMBER_Alphanumeric for SMS but accept it only 
for --savesms
      Fix decoding of m_send_req MMS (usually found in DR memory)
      Fix segfault on getsms and deletesms when raw_sms->number < 1
      Fix/improve descriptions of base64_encode(), base64_decode(), 
utf8_base64_encode() and utf8_base64_decode()
      Improve MMS decoding (some fields still not decoded and dumped as hex)
      Fix manpage syntax error that cause a line to disappear
      Deprecate model=pcsc and connection=pcsc coonfiguration values
      fix typos in comments
      Update Italian translation

Ladislav Michl (1):
      Remove leading spaces

Pawel Kot (26):
      Add SMS-STATUS-REPORT sample SMS for GetSMS testing.
      Fix decoding SMS-STATUS-REPORT.
      Replace ++offset with offset++ which should be more correct.
      Remove unneeded offset++. Thanks Daniele for noticing.
      Replace GNOKII_API bool with GNOKII_API int for the function definition.
      Replace CVS references with GIT references.
      Match definition with declaration regarding bool and u8 arguments in 
      Introduce better bool definition (Fabian Groffen)
      Fix compilation warnings.
      Remove confusing instructions. They are noop anyway.
      Enable sending long messages with SMSD and pq module. Thanks to
      Fix setenv()/unsetenv() build on Solaris
      Always use setenv(). Conditional code moved to common/compat.c
      Fix getopt_long() build on Solaris (and other platforms with no 
      Add more testcases for GetSMS (fake driver):
      Print out used encoding type in debug mode when sending sms.
      Allow sending an empty SMS.
      Use UCS-2 internal representation when sending SMS. It will
      Whitespace cleanups.
      Fix off-by-one bug in base64_encode().
      Add missing changelog entry.
      Translation files updated.
      Merge branch 'master' of address@hidden:/srv/git/gnokii
      gnokii 0.6.28
      Mention MMS decoding introduced for 0.6.28.

bozo (335):
      win32 fixes (Marcin Wiacek)
      GetIMEI removed
      SemiOctetPack and GetBCDNumber moved from gsm-sms.c to gsm-encoding.c 
      Timer operations (e.g. timerisset, timerclear, timercmp, etc) handling 
      struct gnokii_arg_len moved from gnokii.h to gnokii.c (opt_index is in
      unconditional includes moved to the beginning of the file
      snprintf.c added (grabbed from the samba source)
      Cygwin compilation error (patch #215, patch#216) fixed
      SM_BlockNoRetryTimeout error fixed - SM_Reset() function inserted like in
      MakeCall fixed in nk6100.c
      minor cleanup around unlockpt
      autoheader support added
      make distclean won't remove include/
      HAVE_CFSETOSPEED wasn't defined in
      I left from the following log:
      memset typo fixed in DefaultSMS(). This should be the reason of the recent
      Keepalive packets won't be reported as an unhandled frame (nk6100.c)
      AnswerCall, CancelCall fixed in 61xx series
      Compilational warning fixed
      Make XOPEN defines consistent, the previous version was broken in Solaris
      portability fixes
      portability fixes
      u_char removed
      PollSMS race condition fixed in nk6100.c
      Minor portability fixes from Jan Kratochvil
      SMS sending error case cleanup
      addresses in various docs fixed
      Slovenian translation for the pre19 release
      Protocol updates for 6110
      GSM_ShowBitmapFile cleanup, startup logo is displayed correctly
      Abort configure when include/ is missing
      xgnokii phonebook reading lockup fixed
      decoding sms->Time fixed
      MT (normal) and DR (delivery report) SMS reading converted
      at-emulator uses the new SMS API
      saved sms reading added
      compilation fix
      call divert is active frame marked to unsolicited
      documenting 6110 series changes
      capitalization in SMS_Folder had broken the 6510 driver
      initiated calls can be terminated by ATH in gnokiid
      initial version of the M2BUS (MBUS v2) link driver added
      M2BUS now operational
      Experimental 6160 support added
      * sms-nokia.c didn't include string.h
      * SaveSMS reimplemented
      * SendSMS timeout problem fixed in nk6100.c
      * V110 protocol info added
      * ISDN cause codes decoded in gsm-error.c
      * Nokia 5120 (NSC-1) added to misc.c
      * add Get startup logo to nk6160
      * improve --keysequence hints
      * possible compilation error fixed
      * phone info frame (0xd2) parsed correctly
      * statemachine pointer added to the incoming functions
      * DriverInstance pointer added to the GSM_Phone strucutre
      * static variables eliminated from the nk6100 driver
      phone initialisation simplified, GetIMEI and GetRevision should work
      GetProfile doesn't call PhoneInfo2 any longer
      old style call management API added
      NBS upload for operator logo
      NBS upload for ringtone
      PrepareSMS() added to gsm-sms.h
      model/version matching code fixed
      nk6100 datacall fix, poll() converted to select() everywhere
      state added to the CallNotification callback
      Call management subsystem added
      DialVoice support in xgnokii
      HP-UX portability fixes
      Nokia 8250 is know to work with the driver
      GSM network listing added to gnokii
      Tekram dongle support reimplemented
      gn_gsm_initialise cleanup
      sys/filio.h included for FIONREAD (required for Solaris 9 compatibility)
      character encoding/decoding functions exported
      experimental non-ASCII character set support
      gnokiid converted to a single threaded application
      gnokiid converted to a single threaded application
      minor cleanup in the rlp module, datacalls should working again
      "Set Cell Broadcast error" frame documented and handled in the nk6100.c 
      access check if mgnokiidev exists
      GetSecurityCode implemented
      security commands generalized and moved into nokia.c
      gn_gsm_initialise cleanup reapplied
      remaining fixes for security functions
      Converted to the new API
      AC_CHECK_TYPES() macro replaced with old-style check
      gnokii can be compiled even if security commands are enabled
      bugs intruduced during unifying the order of the arguments fixed
      m2bus support added to the nk6100 driver
      netmonitor support enabled for 3410
      renamed greek operator PANAFON to Vodafone
      cleanup of the xgnokii code; adapt to the new api
      sms text length increased to 160 characters
      smsd adapted to the new api
      m2bus support added
      minor cleanup in the m2bus driver, static and global variables eliminated
      changelog entry fixed
      static and global variables have been eliminated from the fbus sources,
      link driver initialisation cleanup
      static and global variables have been eliminated from the the nk6160
      state populated to the device layer, config settings stored in 
      high level config reading function added
      converted to the new api
      gn_gsm_initialise and config handling cleanup
      gn_cfg_get eliminated from the device, link and phone layer
      Ulrich Hopp's XDEBUG compilation fixes in xgnokii
      static and global variables eliminated from device.c, driver specific
      compilation fix
      gnokii --getnetworkinfo made similar to --monitor
      changing smsc_timeout to signed int
      eliminate duplicated entries during phonebook reads (maybe 6210 specific
      better fix for 0xc9 (busy) frame
      Nokia CardPhone RPM-1 support fixed (Georg Moritz's 0.4.3 based patch 
      man page update for gnokii --getlocksinfo
      get 61xx wap info documentation from gammu
      Wrong assumption on char signedness
      "Please enter SMS"... message only if stdin is a terminal
      url updated in the datacall howto
      smsreader fixes
      typo fixed
      increasing timeout values instead of constant
      using strchr instead of index for better portability, tekram device
      win32 compatibility fix
      common/data/ will be skipped on win32 platform
      bad sql statement fixed in the mysql module
      retransmission policy fixed
      sys/filio.h required on Solaris systems
      retransmission is based solely on timeout
      DLR3P, DAU9P, Bluetooth and Irda added
      press and release key support for 3210 phones
      don't wait for an ack in case no message was sent, don't erroneously 
      message type folding in the fbus-3110 code
      complicated statemachine tweaking removed from the nk3110 driver,
      handling write errors in unixserial
      moving the call of the sm_incoming_acknowledge into the send function
      sm_incoming_acknowledge reverted in fbus-3110
      fixing write error handling
      string.h added
      fix u16/unsigned int mixing problems in the statemachine and the link 
      portability fixes for OpenBSD
      OpenBSD added to __unices__
      u8 removed from gn_ringtone_pack
      compat.h added
      cell buzzer messages added to nk6160
      uint8_t will be defined only if there's no stdint.h and inttypes.h
      abort configure if libiconv.h cannot be found
      stdlib.h included from compat.h
      GetSMSCenter called for sendringtone
      making fbus_rx_statemachine reentrant
      caller logo sending fixed
      "calendar functions busy" messages handled correctly
      vCalendar export fixed
      select/query the active profile
      sorting by date fixed in the sms window
      gnokii --monitor accepts delay as an argument
      playringtone implemented
      GetMemoryStatus returns invalid memory type instead of internal error
      prepaid info message marked unsolicited
      FreeBSD 5.x compilation fix
      sms status message can crash the driver
      linux/irda.h requires linux/types.h too
      profile constants moved from gnokii-app.h
      documentation updates
      mingw cross compilation support
      mingw cross compilation instructions added
      PlayTone message and documentation fixed
      Tomi Ollila's readmidi.c added
      play_tone and get_locks_info moved to nokia.c and added to the nk7110 
      GetProfile implemented in the nk7110 driver
      various ringtone handling updates
      initial midi writing support
      various ringtone fixes
      Tomi Ollila's xring added and modified
      nokia raw ringtone handling improved a lot,
      ringtone handling support added to the nk6510 driver
      GetRawRingtone reply differs on 6310
      various mgnokiidev bugs fixed
      misleading comment removed
      The blocklength field was hardcoded in the GetSMSFolders reply message
      writephonebook fixes
      add nokia 3390 to supported models
      GetRingtoneList added
      5100 support moved from nk6100.c to nk6510.c
      utf8, base64 and LDIF export fix
      ringtone handling unified
      datacall cleanup
      RLP fixes (SABM retransmission, Conn_Req)
      AT emulator improved
      ringtone handling updates
      forgot to bump the lib version number
      api changes documented in 1.4 and 1.5 versions
      xgnokii ringtone editor enhancements
      tcp device support added to phone drivers
      sendlogo won't load different logo type
      smsc format parsed incorrectly
      missing break between vcard and ldap part
      French translation updated
      mainly iconv related portability fixes
      new operator in Israel
      some gccism removed
      CellBroadcast and PhoneStatus disabled on NSE-8 (one kind of 3210)
      finished tasks removed
      another writephonebook fix
      character encoding fixed
      win32 portability enhancements
      gnokii 0.5.6
      last minute fix in 0.5.6, 5100 description changed, 6100 added
      missing German characters added
      readmidi.c added to libgnokii.dsp
      visual c cleanup
      full ringtone handling for nk7110
      Estonian translation updated
      visual c cleanup
      utf8 encoding/decoding fixed
      French translation updated
      too many lost reply caused phone lockups
      extern symbols marked
      new operators in Finland
      rfcomm_channel config option added
      Bluetooth support on Mac OSX
      Bluetooth support on FreeBSD
      phone keyboard emulation fixes
      call management updates
      call status implemented in the 6110 series
      network registration message updated
      getcalendarnote accepts "end" keyword,
      Mac OSX bluetooth fixes
      experimental SetProfile implementation in nk7110
      GetSMSStatus implemented in the AT driver
      Mac OSX bluetooth fixes
      Credits for Mac OSX bluetooth support
      minor bugs found during the code review
      add 3510 to the supported models list
      lib minor number bumped to reflect api changes from 0.5.6
      gn_file_phonebook_read marks entry non-empty
      gnapplet support added
      minimal phonebook reading support for gnapplet
      minimal phonebook management support for gnapplet
      gnapplet cleanup, GetMemoryStatus support added
      build problem without struct timeval fixed
      getphonebook didn't show the date field correctly,
      Identify will cache the result in the gnapplet driver
      gnapplet can read network info, rf level, power source and battery level
      gnapplet receives and prints debug messages
      SX1 added as a supported model
      Symbian specific info
      6600 added as a supported model
      windows portability fixes
      folder management support (list, status, create, delete) support added
      add GetSMS support to gnapplet
      added Nokia 3595 to the supported models
      the new cfgreader skipped /etc/gnokiirc
      pkt.c was missing from the Windows build
      windows version of the serial_opendevice do the same as the unix version
      various at driver updates: findcrlfbw() won't overrun at the beginning,
      GetSecurityCodeStatus fixed in the AT driver
      at driver is now able to handle extended modem errors
      at driver won't crash if there's no signal during getnetworkinfo
      getsms support has been completly rewritten, getsmscenter and sendsms
      wrong permissions for gnapplet.sis (patch sent by Ville Skyttä)
      a lot of sms handling fixes in the gnapplet driver
      get/write/delete calendar note support added to the gnapplet driver
      various minor calendar handling fixes
      fbus echo cancellation and statemachine fix
      calendar entry types was mixed in the nk6100 driver
      xgnokii sms window refreshing and config saving/restoring fix
      typo explicitly disables X support
      todo handling added to the gnapplet driver,
      Nokia 6610i support added
      message dumps were written into ~/.gnokii-errors if debugging was enabled
      missing config file isn't an error
      caller id support added to AT emulator
      Nokia Premicell support added
      Nokia 6650 support added
      capabilities was missing from Nokia 6810
      Nokia 7210 support added, IrDA disabled for Nokia 6610i and 7210
      Nokia 6230 support added
      clear empty flag when phonebook entry read
      "gnokii --getphonebook 1 end" stops after every entry read
      phonebook empty flag handling unified (removed from the nk6510 driver)
      Nokia 7250 and 7250i support added
      empty phonebook was reported as an error (similar error in nk6510)
      Nokia 3210 and 3310 treats N as Cancel key in gnokii --keysequence
      Nokia 5100 blacklisted
      another 8110 model number added to the 3110 driver
      clock and alarm handling added to the gnapplet driver
      "gnokii --monitor once" implemented
      7110 driver will return fix entries when you query ringtone list
      call management has been rewritten in the 7110 driver
      Chinese translation added
      deleting sms can return an unhandled message
      Nokia 8850 support added
      gnokii --divert alternative added to the FAQ
      UNIX98 pty detection cross-compileable
      GetSMSFolder will return correct folder ids
      GetSMSFolder will return correct folder ids
      CalendarNotesInfo message parsing enhanced in the nk6510 driver
      getprofile support added
      getactiveprofile support added
      lvalue casts eliminated
      How to write your own application?
      FAQ cleanup
      unnecessary variables eliminated
      clock and alarm setting support added to the nk7110 driver
      Nokia 6230i support and IrDA blacklist fix
      this patch was missing from the Nokia 6230i support
      Nokia 5140 support added
      implement end keyword for --getsms, --deletesms
      new gsm operator added,
      Nokia 6220 support added
      some words about the tcp/ip support of the gnapplet
      allow more subentries for a pbk entry
      IrDA support for Nokia 6021 added
      Nokia 3100 and 3120b support added
      MinGW (win32) cross compilation fixes
      Nokia 6015i support added
      Swedish translation added
      I managed to mess the changelog, here's the fix
      virtual IrCOMM device support
      minor typo in the ircomm update
      AM_GNU_GETTEXT doesn't support use-libtool anymore
      AM_GNU_GETTEXT doesn't support use-libtool anymore
      Nokia 6680 support added
      Makefile cleanup due to the gettext changes
      end time and location support added to the libgnokii and the gnapplet 
      initial unsolicited RING and +CRING message handling
      small typo fixed
      more unsolicited messages handled in the AT driver
      identify should work on phones not supporting "AT+CGxx" commands
      setactiveprofile support added to the gnapplet driver
      wavecom modems return +CPMS: (("SM","BM","SR"),("SM")) for folder list 
      * restart connection if there're too many consequetive errors
      use define instead of the hard-coded constant

cfturkja (12):
      Reduced script output.
      Added common/map.c into win32/MSVS2005/libgnokii.vcproj
      Dropped #define snprintf on WIN32. Going back to the snprintf in
      Added missing common\phones\atlg.c and common\phones\atsag.c into 
      Moved Windows sample gnokiirc from Visual Studio 2005 directory into
      Compensated the moved sample gnokiirc in setup package project.
      Removed win32/MSVS2008/gnokiirc. Using win32/gnokiirc for all versions.
      Updated libgnokii VisualC-project to contain 3 missing files.
      Added [phone_fake] section into example gnokiirc.
      Added [phone_fake] section into example gnokiirc /w example usage.
      bug #23807 fix: Proper linking of Win32 on MSVC6 (obsoleted compiler).
      Finnish translations for Gnokii.

chris (25):
      Some of Marcin's bitmap and ringtone changes
      A couple of rlp improvements and fixed my bug in GSM_ResizeBitmap
      Marcus Pallinger's unixserial.c patch
      Added serial_close to error handling in unixserial.c
      Some more of Marcin's bitmap code, including xgnokii-logos.c mods
      Preliminary 7110 support (dlr9 only) and the beginnings of a new structure
      More 7110 work.  Use with care! (eg it is not possible to delete 
phonebook entries)
      Pavel's 'break' and 'static' corrections.
      dprintf now in misc.h (and fiddling with 7110 code)
      Start of work on irda support (now we just need fbus-irda.c!)
      Preliminary irda support for 7110 etc.  Not well tested!
      Improved Marcel's credits :)
      Marcel's tekram support
      Fixed my bug in xgnokii_contacts.c and added <string.h> to tekram.c
      Restructure of common/.  Fixed a problem in fbus-phonet.c
      ATA support
      More fiddling with the directory layout
      Added the statemachine
      Version bump
      Tidy-ups and fixed gnokii/Makefile and gnokii/ChangeLog which I somehow 
      Pavel's patch and a few fixes.
      More updating of 7110 code and some of xgnokii_lowlevel changed over.
      Small corrections
      Bozo's unsolicited messages patch
      Manfred's AT patch

chriskemp (7):
      DKU2 (usb) support
      DKU2 kernel patch for 2.6.9
      File operations and dku2 support for the Nokia 7600
      Module can now be compiled without patching the kernel - thanks to Troy 
      Fix file transfers with newer 6230i firmware
      Added a DKU2 kernel module for 2.6.15
      Added a NK6510_FILE_ID_LENGTH define

deller (53):
      - gnokii currently generates
      fix some cornercases where malloc could fail.
      fix memleak in cfgreader.c and wrong memsizes in libfunctions.
      - make gnokii executable first user of libfunctions
      - change soname versions to 3.0.0. this version of libnokii is not 
compatible to old ones.
      document my changes in ChangeLog
      add some comments about the reason of the libfunctions file
      - lib_ functions now don't need a *data parameter any longer
      convert to new initialization methods
      - library: add gn_lib_lasterror() function
      fix build again
      and now it starts again
      - add lib function gn_lib_cfg_get() as cleaner replacement for 
      Changelog updates...
      - add GNOKII_DEPRECATED and API definitions for Linux
      device_getfd() needs API declaration.
      - add gn_lib_addressbook_memstat() function
      - add gn_lib_phonebook_read_entry()
      fix build, noticed by pkot
      and fix build here as well
      - fix old memory leaks
      close libgnokii correctly.
      add some .cvsignore files
      add .cvsignore
      add more .cvsignore files
      add more .cvsignore files and update ChangeLog
      added functions:
      Change type of "caller_group" back to "int".
      mention that libgnokii version is
      some cleanups in parameters and add new functions 
gn_lib_phonebook_entry_delete() and gn_lib_memtypestring()
      add gn_lib_get_supported_phone_model() function
      fix warning
      more cleanups and reorganizations
      fix warnings
      fix: warning: 'note' may be used uninitialized in this function
      fix unused variable warnings
      comment out unused static functions
      this is a real bug fix:
      fix more compiler warnings
      avoid more warnings and disable warning about deprecated functions in 
libfunctions.c and cfgreader.c
      some compiler warnings cleanups (unitialized variables might be used; 
case statements which does not take all possible values into account)
      that's the way to fix asprintf()
      add gn_lib_* functions to write to the phonebook.
      o apply some patches by SUSE, RedHat and Debian which makes packager's 
life easier
      * build environment updates
      add gn_timestamp_set() and gn_timestamp_get()
      replaced usage of "API" with "GNOKII_API"
      update changelog: replaced usage of "API" with "GNOKII_API"
      add gn_lib_get_supported_connection() and 
      revert - was submitted by mistake.
      remove CFLAGS from and, keep includes only for 
      important bugfix: gn_lib_phonebook_entry_delete() never worked before. It 
could even have deleted other entries...!
      increase lib version number to

dforsi (503):
      Made more strings translatable
      Added common/gsm-error.c
      Added more missing files
      Made more strings translatable and changed some to be more consistent 
across the whole project
      Changed more strings to be consistent across the whole project
      Updated ChangeLogs
      make the progress dialog while loading the phonebook more compatible with 
      Updated Swedish translation (Daniel Nylander)
      return GN_ERR_NOTREADY and GN_ERR_CODEREQUIRED when appropriate and make 
gnokii always print the error message
      reply for Network status packet can be shorter
      correct mistakes in my last commits, add GN_ERR_NOTREADY and 
      Swedish translation updated (Daniel Nylander)
      update translation; correct some typos
      Update PO-Revision-Date
      Removed common/gnvcal.c because it is generated from common/vcal.lx 
(Pawel Kot)
      Swedish translation finished (Daniel Nylander)
      added gtk_fixed_set_has_window() after gtk_fixed_new()
      use gdat.model as phone.version and remove some unneeded g_malloc()'s
      added missing bindir parameter to .xgnokiirc read/save
      fixed reading .xgnokiirc broken by previous commit
      read bindir parameter like gnokiid does, from .gnokiirc [global] or 
[gnokiid] or default to /usr/local/sbin
      use data->sms which is guaranteed to be set (data->raw_sms is NULL in 
      Nokia 3310 does not support GetPhoneStatus
      corrected typo
      corrected more typos
      moved --getsecuritycode under SECURITY section
      This string should not be translatable
      Fixed mangled name in copyright section
      s/read/deleted in --deletesms
      allocate the necessary struct when needed to handle unsolicited messages 
in pnok_call_divert_incoming()
      allocate the necessary struct when needed to handle unsolicited messages 
in pnok_call_divert_incoming()
      set PM_SPEEDDIAL for 3110/NHE-8 3210/NSE-8 3330/NHM-6
      set PM_SPEEDDIAL for 3210/NSE-8 3310/NHM-5 3330/NHM-6 (revert erroneous 
change for untested 3110/NHE-8)
      rewrite GUI_GetEntry() to be clearer and check if nr is out of upper 
bound (this avoids a segfault when speeddials could be read but phonebook could 
      make Speed Dial window a little wider; hide info window only after 
reading all speed dials
      add in Docs/protocol/nk6110.txt different netstatus/netsel values
      make Dial Pad buttons insert digits at cursor position and replace 
selected text
      added common/libfunctions.c to the list of translatable files
      made another string translatable; changed capitalization of some strings
      added common/libfunctions.c to po/; added missing string from 
gnokii/gnokii.c; changed capitalization of some words in gnokii/gnokii.c
      use strip_quotes() instead of strtok() to correctly handle the empty 
string in +COPS: 0,0,""
      fixed three harmless typos in comments
      fixed three harmless typos in comments
      fixed 'three' typos in ChangeLog :-)
      safely handle long strings in --identify
      make --setlogo exit with a valid error code after all errors
      updated Italian translation and changed charset declaration in po/it.po 
to UTF-8 to reflect actual content
      print filename of logfile in install_log_handler(); enable NLS earlier; 
fix typo
      optional arguments for --setdatetime are on the left
      revert previous patch to --setdatetime (optional args are actually on the 
      use GN_OP_CancelCall in gn_call_cancel()
      add new error code GN_ERR_NOTAVAILABLE
      make IncomingPhoneClockAndAlarm() return GN_ERR_NOTAVAILABLE when 
date/time is not set
      changed error checking in IncomingNetworkInfo()
      make --senddtmf, --answercall, --hangup, --getdisplaystatus, --getprofile 
print the error message
      handle 'invalid profile location' errors in IncomingProfile()
      copied missing error codes from IncomingPhonebook() IncomingSMS1() 
IncomingSMS() IncomingProfile() SetProfile() IncomingPhoneClockAndAlarm() 
      use old call API with Nokia 3210 NSE-8
      cosmetics changes to 'saving sms' message in savesms()
      handle 0x6f and 0x8d errors for get|change|enter in IncomingSecurityCode()
      handle set bin ringtone result 0x0a as GN_ERR_INVALIDLOCATION in 
      update --getsmsc and --setsmsc description in gnokii man page
      handle 'prev_state' with code 0x01 as GN_CALL_Idle
      use old call API with Nokia 3310
      print actual error message in case GN_ERR_INVALIDLOCATION of 
      add 'waitcall' program
      link waitcall.o with libgnokii found in the current tree
      fix CVS Id and a linking issue re utils/waitcall.c
      add closed square bracket in usage string
      fix typo in usage string
      fix typo in getphonebook usage string
      fix writephonebook usage messages
      fix usage string in gettodo_usage()
      fix usage strings
      fix gnokiid usage string
      all the new gnokii/gnokii-*.c are translatable
      ExposeDisplay() isn't needed anymore
      enable Netmonitor flag for 3210|3310|3330
      show windows using gtk_window_present() instead of gtk_widget_show()
      show windows using gtk_window_present() instead of gtk_widget_show()
      in gn_phonebook2vcard() s/Unkown/Unknown
      update copyright info
      in Logos window provide an empty network code when it could not be read
      make categories in phonebook vCards translatable
      remove some strings that differ only for a trailing \n
      update Italian translation and revert encoding
      add "Blu SpA" (222 98) to the list of nets
      delete lockfile in gn_lib_phone_open() if gn_gsm_initialise() fails
      fix typo
      make --config "" search for default config files
      Fix harmless typos
      fix command string length and update comment in AT_SetSMSMemoryType()
      read PDU data as unsigned chars in ReplyGetSMS()
      set raw_sms fields from the correct bit offsets
      Fix --setlogo, --getlogo descriptions to be more strict.
      Update Italian translation
      set gnokiid locale according to the environment variable LC_ALL
      gn_cfg_phone_load() now returns GN_ERR_NONE on success
      fix some ChangeLog entries
      add more specific error codes to GN_OP_GetSMSStatus in nk6110.c
      compare gn_network_name_get() return value against a translated "unknown" 
      update logos section of man page with current usage
      conditionally add connection types based on config.h defines
      remove duplicate network name with different capitalisation b/c search is 
case insensitive
      set and compare caller_group with GN_PHONEBOOK_GROUP_None, not literal 5
      use GN_PHONEBOOK_GROUP_None, not literal 5
      update gnokii and xgnokii manual pages
      fix harmless typos in comments
      return GN_ERR_INVALIDLOCATION if SMSC index isn't in range 1..255 in 
GetSMSCenter() and SetSMSCenter()
      make --getspeeddial and --setspeeddial print to stdout on success, not 
SetSpeedDial() in IncomingPhonebook()
      fix --sendsms usage string: -r is the short form of --report
      remove description of a reverted patch
      remove duplicated line
      fix decoding SMS with some locale set (Chinese)
      fix --ringtoneconvert segfault
      remove uneeded checks
      make get_ringtone_list() more general
      check if message number is in range 0..255
      fix spelling in code comments
      revert changes checked in by mistake
      avoid looping up to INT_MAX when --getsms 1 end fails
      fix typos and whitespace in comments
      update TODO, CALENDAR and PHONEBOOK sections of gnokii man page with 
current usage
      fix some usage strings
      treat read/unread status of delivery reports like other SMs
      make --getsms print "Text:" then go to newline for all types of SMs
      print the same details for both GN_SMS_MT_Submit and GN_SMS_MT_SubmitSent
      in IncomingSMS() copy message center number and remote number for type 
GN_SMS_MT_Submit too
      in a comment s/GSM_Unread/GN_SMS_Unread
      close the file before returning error in the two deprecated 
gn_vcal_file_*_read() functions
      fix warning about unused functions when compiled without --enable-security
      completely disable --getsecuritycode too when compiled without 
      completely disable --getsecuritycode too when compiled without 
      exclude unused code when compiled without --enable-security
      fix typos in comments
      make --writewapsetting return GN_ERR_WRONGDATAFORMAT instead of 
GN_ERR_UNKNOWN when appropriate
      make --setprofile and --setsmsc return GN_ERR_WRONGDATAFORMAT when 
      use readtext() in savesms() too
      delete trailing \n before checking string length in readtext() not after
      use strncpy() safely in getsms()
      addendum to previous patch, to avoid false positives
      make --getsms options -f and -F save the text part of Delivery Reports 
and Picture Messages too
      print message number and status for Picture Messages too
      add waitcall file to utils/.cvsignore
      fix usage string typo in sms_usage()
      add --file --force-file and --delete to --getsms usage and replace the 
short forms in the description
      set encoding for calendar notes text on Nokia 3310 and 3330
      it's not an error if we read at least a Calendar or ToDo note and the 
rest is empty when reading up to end
      clear the text box after deleting a note and update the list after adding 
a note in the Calendar window
      use old key API with both variants of 3310
      note that previous patch was tested only with NHM-5
      set the same flags for both variants of 3210
      include "gnokii-internal.h" when common/vcal.c is compiled with libical
      fix typos: s/MISCELLANOUS/MISCELLANEOUS s/interate/iterate
      when reading calendar notes replace year 2090 with alarm year (partial 
      a phonebook entry is empty only if both name and number are empty (can 
happen with DC, MC, RC)
      make gn_file_phonebook_raw_parse() accept "ON" memory too
      fix typos
      fix memory leak when link initialisation succeeds but driver 
initialisation fails
      fix gcc warning: enumeration value not handled in switch
      fix error "Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)"
      always disable XPM support if X11/xpm.h is not found or is not usable and 
fix a comment typo while at it
      fix argument count in --writecalendarnote and make 'end_number|end' 
      fix uninitialized value when -f is not used with --savesms
      print picture message templates like normal picture messages
      error 0x73 means 'memory full'
      close file before exiting because of error
      make the new syntax of --writecalendarnote work with --config and --phone 
      share responsability in --writecalendarnote changes
      allow to write more than 1 todo note at a time
      make gn_ical2calnote() and gn_ical2todo() print the parsed notes only 
when debug = on
      when reading until 'end' it's not an error if it tried to read a non 
existant note
      update translatable strings (input from Daniel Nylander)
      update Italian translation
      update Italian translation
      fix typo
      remove waitcall from .cvsignore
      update gnokii man page with new usage for --writetodo and 
      add new libgnokii version number
      open the log file only when communication with phone is about to be 
started and atexit() has alreadly registered the cleanup function; this fixes a 
memory leak found with valgrind when using --help and other commands that do 
not communicate with the phone; gnokii_error_logger() and install_log_handler() 
are unchanged, they are moved to satisfy the declare-before-use rule
      when reading phonebook check if date/time is set in the entry
      handle errors in case 0x1b of IncomingProfile()
      swap arguments in SEND_MESSAGE_BLOCK macro usage
      fix valgrind error "Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised 
value(s)" in --getwapsetting
      reading config file can fail after gn_cfg_info has been allocated if 
config file contains errors; cleanup in a single place after error since 
cleanup functions are NULL friendly
      in serial_close() don't call close(fd) when fd < 0 (eg. when device 
permissions were wrong or device did not exist); this fixes an harmless 
"warning: invalid file descriptor -1 in syscall close()" from valgrind; 
explicitely document return values in serial_open() and serial_close()
      initialize model name in --getprofile
      fix compilation warnings:
      do stricter error checking of command line arguments
      fix typos in previous commit
      in gn_phonebook2ldif() output a "telephoneNumber" attribute even when 
entry->subentries_count == 0
      remove gn_data *data and struct gn_statemachine *state from foogle() 
interface else it wouldn't be possible to access the global variables with the 
same names which are used by businit() and busterminate() and would be passed 
to functions called by foogle()
      fix command arguments handling for getting, setting and playing ringtones
      fix compilation warning:
      check args before reading the config so that --help and --version are 
available even if the config is broken or missing or phone is unsupported;
      aux is NULL when config file is broken (no [global] section) or missing
      do stricter error checking of command line arguments for --getsmsc
      do not use g_strdup() for GtkItemFactoryEntry path (menu labels) that are 
never freed -- fixes memory leaks
      print some messages only when xdebug = on
      use the same error message when memory could not be allocated
      free all list items because gtk_combo_set_popdown_strings() makes a copy 
-- fixes a memory leak
      update Italian translation
      fix typos in sendsms
      update sendsms man page with --forceSMread and --forceMEread usage
      update Docs/Bugs with current instructions to get a debug build
      give a correct and more useful description -- thanks to Pawel
      calling gtk_set_locale() is pointless because it is called by gtk_init() 
according to and 
calling it this way leaks memory according to valgrind
      don't return after reading an empty name (meaning this is a request to 
delete the entry) because memory type and location are needed too
      fix typos in Docs/sample/gnokiirc
      implement GN_OP_GetSMSFolders and GN_OP_GetSMSFolderStatus in nk6100 
      command AT+CPAS is without a trailing colon
      fix typo: s/feel/fill/
      fix memory leak in gn_sms_send() when sms_prepare() fails:
      pass on more return values from encode/decode functions
      fix error message for unsupported values for "debug" option in config 
(Carles Pina i Estany)
      add some details about the warranty screens data
      include sys/time.h from gnokii.h also when compiling under cygwin (closes
      output homePostalAddress when it isn't in a subentry (fixes
      fix typos
      this error path/message relates to the code inside "if (with_async) { }" 
but worked correctly even outside because "retcode" was sensibly set anyway
      pass a valid gn_sms_raw to DeleteSMSMessage() (closes (Sami)
      fix typo s/singe/single/
      fix typos
      add missing files to make install-docs and remove files meant only for 
developers and maintainers
      the gnokii-debug target is gone; see Docs/Bugs on how to debug
      add a driver for PC/SC SIM card readers using libpcsclite
      add hint for connection = pcsc to gnokiirc sample
      do not try to compile the contents of pcsc.c when HAVE_PCSC isn't defined
      add support for LD memory
      build the apps after building the library so that parallel build can be 
      move "make clean" target for getopt to the place where it is built
      return value for cfg_psection_load() is a gn_error now
      add support for --getfile in pcsc driver
      replace literal (and wrong) value with constant MAX_BUFFER_SIZE defined 
in /usr/include/PCSC/pcsclite.h
      fix comments and compilation warning:
      fix warnings about size_t when compiling for 64 bit platforms:
      move getline() replacement from include/compat.h and common/compat.c to 
gnokii/gnokii-app.h and gnokii/gnokii-utils.c because it is used only by 
commandline gnokii and it breaks with gcc option -fvisibility=hidden
      add error code GN_ERR_SIMPROBLEM for --changesecuritycode to nk6100 driver
      fix autoconf 2.60+ warning:
      add case GN_CT_PCSC to gn_lib_is_connectiontype_supported()
      print to stdout all messages indicating success, not stderr
      revert previous patch to print to stdout all messages indicating success
      add #ifdef ENABLE_NLS around char *loc and calls to setlocale() in 
      write more diagnostics messages to stderr
      fix some typos in comments
      when exporting the phonebook in raw format use the same function as gnokii
      add information about libpcsclite
      re-add to usage message the option --file as long version of -f
      make strings similar to each other and to existing ones
      update Italian translation and set its Content-Type to UTF-8
      detect memory types unsupported by phone in at_memory_type_set()
      fix typo
      document in --help output that --enable-security defaults to "no"
      use LIBPCSCLITE_LIBS and LIBPCSCLITE_CFLAGS only where they are really 
      use $(RM) instead of rm -f like in all other places
      remove unneeded (but not harmful) "/" so it looks like the other install 
      define HAVE_PCSC only if all tests are ok, like before
      GN_BU_Percentage is the correct value to indicate that battery_level is 
measured as percentage
      replace $shared and $static variables which were only used in the final 
      remove a line used for debugging
      simplify makefiles and make it possible to build a single application and 
the library
      file missing from my previous commit
      fix parallel builds from topdir broken by previous commit(s)
      use variables to ignore the "po" directory when --disable-nls is used and 
to ignore "intl" when --with-included-gettext is not used; also remove "common" 
which now is unneeded in that line
      "Define as const if the declaration of iconv() needs const."
      Fix obsolete msgid's that were causing warnings from msgmerge;
      do not count empty entries when driver returns GN_ERR_NONE;
      do not increment read counter when entry is empty, else would stop 
reading the phonebook too early
      when importing contacts from file overwrite entries with same location 
number; leave untouched other entries
      canonical order of processing requires "intl" directory first (only when 
using --with-included-gettext)
      descend into subdirectories to rebuild the *.la when needed (previously 
this was done by the top level Makefile)
      commit 9baaac3d09102518d3678951ba76ac3b3154ebb9
      make --getphonebook fail on more errors and ignore the last non fatal 
      HAVE_LIBICAL isn't used in makefiles, only in config.h
      use GN_* constants instead of sizeof because destination is a pointer to 
      do not overrun entry->subentries[GN_PHONEBOOK_SUBENTRIES_MAX_NUMBER]
      correct errors
      cosmetic change: define functions according to Docs/CodingStyle
      add new event to use GN_OP_DeletePhonebook instead of 
GN_OP_WritePhonebook with empty name and number
      do not print empty or deleted phonebook entries to get a shorter xdebug 
      need to clear a gn_phonebook_entry before GN_OP_ReadPhonebook
      move duplicated code from OkEditEntryDialog() OkNewEntryDialog() and 
OkChangeEntryDialog() into helper functions and fix it to handle moving a 
phonebook entry from SM to ME or ME to SM
      reset E_Changed and E_Deleted flags to avoid writing and deleting the 
same entries over and over if the user presses the save button again
      this array isn't used
      fix typo in a comment
      never let the user write phonebook names longer than 
      add 1 even when GN_PHONEBOOK_NAME_MAX_LENGTH replaces the value chosen by 
the user
      store caller group id number in businessCategory attribute, from "RFC 
2256 - A Summary of the X.500(96) User Schema for use with LDAPv3", instead of 
businessGroup and callerGroup
      fix typo in string (this makes its translation fuzzy)
      make gn_gsm_initialise() print the "phone instance config" in a format 
that can be copied into gnokiirc
      add to gnokii man page further details for logo commands from 
gn_file_bitmap_read() and fix errors
      update xgnokii/ChangeLog
      fix typos in debug messages: s/aviable/available/
      add missing GNOKII_API to make gn_get_connectiontype() always visible in 
the compiled library
      make the pcsc driver provide more information to the --identify command 
(see Docs/README-PCSC for details)
      implement --getnetworkinfo (last cell visited by the phone containing the 
      merge paranoid checks for number of bytes read into two checks inside 
pcsc_cmd_select(); the two checks remaining are a little less paranoid
      put the check inside the right function
      SMSD is now compiled by default with gnokii 'make' command
      add INTLLIBS variable to link the library containing gettext() and other 
localization functions if they aren't found in glibc (this variable is empty 
when not needed)
      plugin files are *.so, not *.la
      remove duplicate code and simplify code adding a function to read Smart 
Card files from a given directory into default buffer
      remove assignment so that *len is unchanged in case of error
      --getwapsetting accepts both -r and --raw and this output can be used 
with --writewapsetting
      include sys/time.h from gnokii.h also when compiling under NetBSD.
      fix menu items for adding calendar entries;
      fix thinko: s/Contacts/Calendar/
      add id RM-146 for Nokia 5300 to misc.c only; use model=series40 in 
      * create a new function moving code from atgen.c to split raw
      implement --getsms from SM memory for pcsc driver
      file missing from previous commit
      fix warnings:
      remove unused variable
      add missing options for --sendsms
      fix thinko: s/xgnokii=on/xdebug=on/
      do not segfault when AT+COPS? returns only the first value as in "+COPS: 
0", eg. when SIM is missing
      return GN_ERR_NOTAVAILABLE when AT+COPS? gives no information about 
operator; return GN_ERR_UNHANDLEDFRAME in default error cases
      AT protocol supports only one SMS Center; return GN_ERR_INVALIDLOCATION 
if requested SMSC location is not 1 (do not change current behaviour if 
data->message_center is NULL)
      make --getsmsc understand the "end" keyword
      SMS center number must be greater than 0, not 1
      * change gn_memory_type2str() to be the inverse of gn_str2memory_type(), 
ie converting a numeric gn_memory_type like GN_MT_M
      implement --showsmsfolderstatus fot AT driver
      * explain that AT_GetSMSFolderStatus() is hairy because the AT driver 
needs some structures that currently gnokii doesn't provide
      use the new gn_memory_type2str() to show memory names in 
--showsmsfolderstatus output instead of the numeric IDs
      set data->raw_sms->number when GN_OP_SaveSMS succeeds, like other drivers
      fix off by one bug in string length, strlen("AT+CPBS=\"%s\"\r") is 11 + 
len, and make the code error proof
      try to make an impression that all the phones are supported, also in the 
man page (copied text by Pawel Kot from FAQ)
      implement the functions to support --showsmsfolderstatus in pcsc driver
      use "SIM card" (or whatever the conversion function returns) instead of 
hardcoded "SMS Inbox" since SM folder can also contain saved messages
      parse date and time if sent by phone when reading phonebook entries
      do not use hardcoded length else the trailing \r would not get sent if 
the user asked for Fxx memories by mistake and the phone would never respond 
      at_memory_type_set() and se_at_memory_type_set() are now equivalent 
except s/ON/BC/ so use the same code layout except s/ON/BC/
      fix call notification for phones that reply with "+CRING: " instead of 
      make the pcsc driver compatible also with libpcsclite 1.3.1+ (Pavel 
      implement in pcsc driver the functions to support --deletesms and 
--deletephonebook; deleted items are completely overwritten with 0xff (Pavel 
      make char_bcd_number_get() decode non numeric codes "*#pbc"
      use underscores instead of hyphens in vCard X- properties, see
      make gn_vcard2phonebook() parse and store the "N:" property; closes
      move declaration of gn_get_connectiontype() from gnokii-internal.h to 
gnokii.h because it is a public function
      merge from devel branch the functions to convert enum values into 
localized strings
      merge from devel branch the functions to convert enum values into 
localized strings (file missing from my previous commit)
      merge code from devel branch (with minor changes):
      use the new function to convert enum values into localized strings to 
output vCard category
      Nokia 3210, 3310 and 3330 do not support caller groups
      in the case statement keep the same order as in the enum declaration
      rewrite gn_sms_pdu2raw() to decode also status reports (this is used by 
atgen.c and pcsc.c)
      always search the translations in $localedir, which can be choosen by the 
user at configure time, not in system default directory
      fix compiler warning:
      fix typo, use the same word as other files: s/toolkid/toolset/
      tested Nokia N-Gage QD
      add missing closed bracket in debug string
      use AT+GMM to get the model name instead of AT+CGMM; it makes no
      fix compiler warning:
      fix spelling of name
      * when getting network status also detect inactive SIM and flight mode
      correct brand names in file description
      Support 4-bytes cell id also in gnokii --monitor output.
      Sony Ericssons still need special code for GN_OP_GetMemoryStatus
      do line unfolding when reading vCards (fixes in part
      do line folding when writing vCards (fixes
      limit subentry size to GN_PHONEBOOK_NAME_MAX_LENGTH bytes
      atgen.c: for GN_OP_GetSMSCenter always provide a default name and set
      for GN_OP_GetSMSCenter provide a default name if a name isn't received;
      add missing quotes to #define LIBGNOKII_VERSION_STRING also in the 
win32/gen_gnokii_h.bat file to document this fix
      add comments to reference the standard for EF_LOCI in GetNetworkInfo()
      fix compiler warning
      make --getsms accept at most 6 arguments, not 5
      fix previous fix: make --getsms accept at most 6 arguments, not 7
      in --getsms do exit immediately (and do not delete SMS if --delete was 
specified) when user answers "no" to overwrite prompt
appropriate, instead of -1
appropriate, instead of GN_ERR_FAILED
      exit with GN_ERR_INVALIDLOCATION when folder number is invalid
      return more specific error codes
      update Italian translation
      fix argument order
      fix Sagem myW-8 returning the wrong answer to GN_OP_GetModel
      common/gsm-networks.c include/compat.h include/gnokii/networks.h: 
translate country names if iso-codes package is
      add some missing MCCs to country list, change some others and change some 
contry names to conform to iso-codes
      specify sources for changes of MCC and country names
      use "name" like in the other cases, not "official_name"
      fix detecting current charset with AT+CSCS?
      use defined constants instead of numeric literals, which in some cases
      fix plural
      fix typos
      add short description of --getsmsc and --showsmsfolderstatus
      add to comment also the title of the document
      add missing options to --writephonebook
      error message for too long text provided to --sendsms --long would print 
wrong maximum size when the if clause
      decode date/time for --getphonebook DC MC RC on phones that also encode 
number, eg Sony Ericsson
      for clarity swap calloc() arguments and use sizeof() (thanks pkot)
      add \n to make this string identical to another one
      fix handling of arguments in --savesms:
      * make gn_sms_send() propagate the reference number from its local
      no need to use memset() since libgnokii provides a C99 compliant 
snprintf() if compiler doesn't
memory type is unsupported
      file missing from my commit of 08/06/26 10:48:58
      fix typo in a comment
      update ChangeLog with my changes of 08/05/08 13:37:07
      support two bytes for raw location numbers also for reading and deleting 
SMS as indicated by Docs/protocol/nk6510.txt
      fix valgrind error:
      s/fix/workaround/ since phone firmware stays broken
      workaround for phones that reply to AT+GMM with +CGMM or to AT+CGMM with 
+GMM and similar commands used for --identify
      add to comment that the "AT" prefix must not be present in argument l1
      fix phonebook reading for phones that add spaces after commas in +CPBR: 
      add comment: /* Some phones add a space after a comma */
      make gnokii_strsplit() add a NULL pointer in the last array position 
since that's what gnokii_strfreev() expects
      check that the cell id has at least 8 chars (every 4-chars cell id 
      add id RM-133 for Nokia N73 and RM-209 for Nokia 7373; they are used only 
for --identify, not in gnokiirc
      copy description of --answercall and --hangup from and 
add details to --dialvoice
      location number 1 is usually reserved for voice mailbox number and it is 
unavailable as speed dial
      copy description of --divert command from
      missing from commits of 2008-08-18: update date of man page and describe 
changes in ChangeLog
      add id RM-272 for Nokia 3500 Classic from #gnokii IRC chat of 2008-08-14
      fix dgettext() compatibility macro for when compiling without NLS support 
(needs to accept two arguments and ignore the first one)
      add new memory types for SMS: SR (Status Reports), DR (Drafts) and OUS 
(Outbox, items to be sent) (patch by Paweł Kot)
      support new memory types for SMS on series40: DR (Drafts) and OUS 
(Outbox, items to be sent) (patch by Paweł Kot)
      bump GN_SMS_FOLDER_MAX_NUMBER from 24 to 64 (patch by Paweł Kot)
      support also memory names with length != 2 in AT_SetSMSMemoryType()
      update Italian translation
      add --keysequence --enterchar --listnetworks and --getnetworkinfo to man 
      refresh all .po files, except it.po and pl.po
      add description for --showsmsfolderstatus
      add title: This is the * locale definition for Gnokii.
      Compensated the moved sample gnokiirc in Makefile
      add title: This is the * locale definition for Gnokii. [file missing from 
previous commit]
      refresh all .po files, except it.po and pl.po [file missing from previous 
      be compatible with systems where iconv() is not in glibc
      also ignore the .deps file
      remove unneeded m4 macros (Paweł Kot)
      need to use glibtoolize under Mac OS X
      make cache timeout proportional to the number of SMS filenames stored in 
it (Paweł Kot)
      be more verbose: s/n/location/
      make cache timeout proportional to the number of SMS filenames stored in 
it (Paweł Kot) (file missing from previous commit)
      rename atbus_serial_open() to atbus_open() and make it accept any 
connection_type that atbus_initialise() has accepted
      update Italian translation
      remove uneeded dprintf() and associated if clause
      on NetBSD optional dependencies like libusb, readline, libpcsclite 
installed from packages have a prefix of /usr/pkg by default
      strip the trailing newline to be compatible with getpass()
      fix typo
      huawei E17X HSPA USB modems do not put double quotes around +CCLK response
      huawei E17X HSPA USB modems do not put double quotes around +CREG 
response elements
      check if buffer has one location to store received char and one to 
terminate the string with '\0'
      fix typo
      minor changes to man page
      when debug = on show when rfcomm_channel or port parameters are 
overridden; add a note to sample gnokiirc about FBUS always using channel 14
      tested Nokia 7650 (S60 1st)
      add id RH-105 for Nokia 1209 to misc.c only (reported by ncrfgs)
      enable Bluetooth support for NetBSD reusing FreeBSD code
      mention the Docs/sample udev file with rules for libusb
      try to clarify why some gnokii commands don't work with Nokia 1209
      make it possible to translate messages when libgnokii is used by programs 
whose translation domain is not "gnokii"
      file missing from previous commit
      call gn_lib_init() from cfg_file_or_memory_read() so that the most common 
use cases get translations without code changes
      fix typos
      Remove outdated notice about pre releases
      fix typo: s/reveived/received/
      file missing from commit of 09/01/06 22:30:08
      fix typo s/COMPILYNG/COMPILING/
      do not use "state" after it is freed and return a more appropriate error 
if someone calls this unimplemented function
      fix segfault when using the nk6100 driver
      add smsd/examples directory with example action files
      fix typos
      Nokia 1209 is a Series 30 phone; Technical specifications for end users 
      use Icon=phone (as gnocky does), patch by Ariszló
      fix compiler warning:
      add basic --getmms functionality for Nokia Series 40 3rd
      fix win32 build I broke adding files related to MMS (tested only on 
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition)
      missing file from previous commit: fix win32 build I broke adding files 
related to MMS (tested only on Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition)
      fix compiler warnings:
      force Huawei phones/modem to use AT+CNMI=1,1 to notify SMS arrival;
      fix typo: s/stdin/stdout/
      Windows portability fixes:
      represent more statuses with enum gn_power_source
      add descriptions for the two new power statuses
      update description of --writephonebook
      add comments to all functions of this file
      fix typo
      fix typo
      update French and Italian translations
      fix memory leak in rarely used code
      fix compiler warning:
      fix typos
      add MMS header decoding for headers with assigned numbers
      improve detection of SMS and MMS with S40_30
      improve detection of SMS and MMS with S40_30 also in 
NK6510_GetSMSFolderStatus_S40_30() and in NK6510_DeleteSMS_S40_30()
      fix decoding of UCS2 SMS with S40_30
      fix compiler warnings
      read/unread message status is encoded in filename for S40_30 for all 
types of messages
      temporary fix for previous commit that broke compilation
      set read/unread status also for MMS on S40_30
      add GN_SMS_Unknown to gn_sms_message_status and use it
      use gn_sms_pdu2raw() in NK6510_GetSMS_S40_30() to fix reading SMS from 
folders other than IN
      fix compiler warning:
      decode sent/unsent message status for S40_30
      implement --deletemms (the generic code is a ripoff of corresponding SMS 
      rename NK6510_GetMMSList() as NK6510_GetMMSList_S40_30() and use it also 
in NK6510_GetMMS_S40_30()
      implement the --delete switch for --getmms
      detect SMS and MMS in templates folder of S40_30
      implement (incomplete) MIME format output for --getmms
      add Python-based assistant for creating gnokiirc files (not installed by 
make install because its dependencies aren't checked by ./configure)

godehardt (5):
      fixed copyright name
      added compat.c snprintf.c to the gnokii console project, so its linking 
now static with those helper functions
      made strsep no longer exportable when used in a library, strsep must be 
linked statically if we use gnokii library
      made snprintf, vsnprintf no longer exportable when used in a library, 
strsep must be linked statically if we use gnokii library ( also the  prototype 
was already changed )
      removed exports for non gn_ functions, helper functions need to be linked 
statically if u use libarary under Win32

hadess (87):
      Remove static Makefiles and use automake instead
      Fix libtool versioning
      Add ac_expand_dir.m4
      Some spring cleaning
      Fix autogen for older aclocals
      Don't use AC_SUBST before AC_INIT
      Add config.rpath to the repo
      Remove unneeded po/Makefile from AC_OUTPUT
      More spring cleaning
      More .cvsignore
      Add gnokii.h to the cvsignore
      Fix gnokii soname
      Fix libtool versioning and gnokii.h to match previous version
      Add -fno-strict-aliasing if supported by the GCC used
      s/0.6.23/0.6.23cvs/ as per the old-style
      Add automake's to Docs/
      - Add intltool support (for the desktop file, and po/LINGUAS)
      Move some checks around in the configure
      Include config.h so _GNU_SOURCE is defined so asprintf is declared
      Move localcharset.h to include/
      Add vcal.lx to the dist
      Add Docs/protocol to the dist
      Add testsuite directory and make "testit" be run from the check target
      Add xgnokii/xpm to the dist
      Add the include/ directory in the CFLAGS for everything in common/
      Add AM_PROG_CC_C_O for xgnokii
      Add some missing CFLAGS
      Fix i18n libs in the pkgconfig files, following automake migration
      Add xgnokii/docs to the dist
      Add xgnokii.desktop to the ignore
      An attempt at fixing automake problems with libs dependencies
      Allow compiling smsd using automake, still missing Postgres and MySQL 
      update cvsignore
      Add tests for detecting MySQL and Postgres, and compile the smsd plugins
      More distcheck fixes
      Rename files with spaces in their names, as automake doesn't like them
      Add missing files
      Use GModule to load the database modules, fixes build and run on some
      Remove obsolete TODO item/comment from the
      Add patches/ to the dist
      Add cvsignore
      Fix the xgnokii docs not getting installed automatically anymore
      Add .cvsignore files
      More cvsignore
      Remove xgnokii's VERSION file
      - Don't add stuff to $LIBS in, every program and module would
      Remove unused m4 macro
      - Fix possible problems with smsd plugins linkage
      Fix compilation from tarballs on Win32
      Install the docs under $(datadir)/doc/gnokii/
      Add .cvsignore
      Don't encode the memory type with the AT alphabet, the documentation
      Convert changelog to UTF-8, and add entry for last change
      Add comment, fix coding style
      - Force the encoding of the phone's replies to be in "ASCII" (or rather,
      Better changelog entry for yesterday's commit
      - Remove unneeded libraries mentioned in the gnokii.pc file
      Remove unused ldflags and cflags lines
      Make sure that network_info is an empty string before calling the
      fix GetMemoryStatus timing out on some Sony Ericsson phones
      Make the code that prints the vCards use a data pointer, and function 
      Add a few TODOs for SoEr phones
      More TODO for SoEr phones
      TODO item to add support for the BC phonebook folder
      Fix warning on exit
      Make the 2nd argument to strip_slashes a const, as we don't modify it in
      Fix the comment about checking the addressbook being one call, it's not
      Make sure the function matches the prototype, oopsie
      o Add the new gn_phonebook2vcardstr() and
      Even when there are no new entries, keep on the reading the phonebook on
      Fix build
      Fix retval from AT_GetMemoryStatus when something fails
      o fix changing folders in some cases on Sony Ericsson phones
      o Add a similar gn_calnote2icalstr() function to manipulate
      Fix some style problems mentioned by Pawel during review
      Clean up the string functions for phonebook and calendar items parsing,
      Fix build, oopsie
      Blast, a reversed null check
      Fix another condition being the wrong way around, fix a strstr wrong arg
      Fix a number of bugs in the vcard parsing:
      Support parsing stdin as well as normal files in dump-vcard
      Also check for \n\t for unfolding
      Add gn_todo2icalstr()
      Add gn_icalstr2todo() deprecate gn_todo2ical and gn_ical2todo
      Fix simple compile failure when building without iCal support
      Check for iconv again, through AM_ICONV. The check was removed because
      Add mention of previous fix

hugh (93):
      Initial revision
      A test commit, change only to README
      Applied patches received to date - Brendan's power on/off support for
      Minor change to README, mainly a test to check CVS operation :)
      Applied Pavel's gettext and Makefile patches (MODEL and PORT now defined
      Partial update in preparation for 0.2.4
      Added support for delete sms for 3810 and stubs for 6110.
      Incorporated Pavel's last lot of 6110 changes, resolved couple of minor
      Commit to ensure repository is up to date with 0.2.4
      Commit to bring repository up to date with Pavel's patch of 2 May.
      Added support for GetRFLevel and GetBatteryLevel for 3810.  Not 100% happy
      Fixed bug in 3810 SMS send routine, caused SMS send failures to be
      Minor updates in preparation for 0.2.5 release.  Regrettably can't find
      Minor change to COPYING file.
      Final changes before tarring up 0.2.5
      Few more changes - changing version numbers.
      Initial commit of virtual modem/AT emulator code.  Makefile to follow
      Forgot the makefile...
      Built code to actually talk to phone via GSM-api, but only very
      Forgot to update TODO...
      Added support for AT+CGMM, +CGMR, +CGMI, +CGSN, +GMM, +GMR, +GMI
      Modified GetRFLevel and GetBatteryLevel in all files to suit requirements
      Added preliminary .gnokiirc support, see sample file for extensive
      Added support for /dev/gnokii to be automagically created.
      Changes to the documentation layout - all are still works in progress
      Added Nick's AT*C command support, user can specify length of init
      Minor doco additions, including functionality list for 3810 code.
      Added GetSMSCenter support for 3810 and exclusive --foogle switch
      Fixed couple of bugs in 3810 code to do with memory type selection.
      Fixed SMS type code for 3810, minor README additions.
      Changed version numbers to 0.3.0 where required in preparation for
      Added RTS/DTR control to ensure pins in correct state to power interface.
      Fixed(?) bug that would cause GetSMSCentreNumber to return GE_NONE
      Added shell code for 2110/Mbus support to give a starting point for
      Results of some datacall hacking.  Main routine of significance is
      Made start on porting Serge's Delphi code to C.  Still a heap to do
      Added callback support so user code can specify a function to
      Fixed couple of bugs - Incorrect output in RLP_DisplayF96Frame and
      Added XID dump/display function.
      Modifications to make 3810 code consistent with 6110 - now uses DEBUG
      Modifications to make 3810 code consistent with 6110 - now uses DEBUG
      This update brought to you by some Rachael induced insomnia...
      Preparation for 0.3.1 release, updated my email address.
      Added Andrews Model 640 support (this is a NMT450 rather than GSM
      Removing files that have been moved into other locations in the new 
      Removing more files that have actually moved...
      Added new files for new directory layout, removed some more moved files
      Modifications to files to bring them up to date with Pavel's latest
      Updated README to reflect details of new CVS server.  Also used this
      Minor tweak to README to improve readability.
      Wrote/tested SendRLPFrame function for 3810 series.  Data calls now seem
      Added Andrew's NMT-450 support.
      Added Harri's patches for the 3810/8110 series.
      Modifed datapump code to use ATEM_ModemResponse - will allow numeric
      N640/NMT-450 updates from Andrew.
      Updated README to (hopefully) make it a bit more new user friendly.
      Minor fix to quieten compile.
      Added files in anticipation of 5160/6160 phonebook support.
      More mods for 5160/6160 support.  Doesn't quite work yet...
      More 5160/6160 work, phone now talks to us for a moment then gives
      More 6160 hacking.  Still doesn't work quite right, darn it :)
      MBUS init sequence now toggles DTR/RTS as it should, timing is flaky
      Minor changes to QuickStart, commit of latest but still broken 6160 code.
      Added stub CancelCall for all models - fixed segfault in ATH command in
      CancelCall function for 3810 series.
      Few minor tweaks to doco.
      If it exists, ~/.gnokiirc now read in preference to /etc/gnokiirc
      Quick how to test cable details.
      Patch for Pavel
      Jano's latest and greatest xgnokii patch.
      Re-arranging xgnokii-docs - CVS layout was inconsistant with
      Bringing CVS into line with Jano's tree.  Step 2 of 3
      Finally got the 6160 talking, hadn't accounted for the Ack messages from
      More 5160/6160 mods, cleaned up code somewhat.  Segfaults when you quit 
      Bit more work on phonebook support, you can now retrieve entries in a
      Added initial support for 6185, cannot test though as I don't have one.
      Couple of patches to handle ptys greater than 9.  Thanks Niku
      CREDITS file update.
      Phonebook read/write support.  Read seems to work OK, but ocassionally
      Fixed bug in 3110/3810/8110 dialing which would fail for >11 digit 
      Modification to parser for incoming messages, seems to improve ability
      Wolfgang Fiedler's one line patch for Austria's tele.ring network.
      Tweaks for 3810 series, datacalls seem to be broken so need to do
      A new entry and a couple of grammatical changes.
      Added a reference to Marcin's informative pages
      Hugh no longer works for Linuxcare...
      Changes to doco to use .png (good) rather than .gif (evil)
      Fixed small typo in .../linuxirda.h
      Dummy commit to test CVS-commit notification
      Test of notify changes
      Test commit to ensure notification working correctly
      Another test of CVS commit email
      Grammatical changes, spell check, fixed/removed old URLs

ja (62):
      Added getopt into source. Gnokii should compile on systems which haven't
      Xlogos integrated into xgnokii, improved SMS reading...
      Xlogos integrated into xgnokii, improved SMS reading...
      Small warning fixes.
      Fix for extended characters problem.
      Updated line drawing algorithm.
      Added SMS daemon, moved some function from xgnokii to common
      Security improvement in smsd.
      Bringing back to life smsd. It was broken after last Pawel update.
      Better status reporting in xgnokii, fixed phone capabilities detection in 
      New dialogs for 6210/7110 in xgnokii. Fixed the smsd for new capabilty 
      Pavel Machek's vcard and finegrained indicators patch.
      New preview for 6210 in xgnokii's logos module.
      Enabling compilation of smsd.
      Some changes needed to put smsd back to life. But still not completed...
      Added support for DB plugins.
      Experimental support for MySQL in smsd.
      MySQL support fixes.
      DB modules fixes, code and documetation cleanups.
      Better error reporting in smsd when module loading.
      Update smsd to new gnokii structure.
      Sms's receiving fixes.
      Fixed sms sending to reflect changes in gnokii code.
      Fix smsd to work with phones with sms folders.
      Added libfile.
      Fix old function name file.c
      Fixes for FreeBSD.
      Added logging, delivery report per message.
      Fixed typo in Changelog, code cleanup.
      added including compat.h to gnokii.h and virtmodem.h
      Revert last changes and leave include broken.
      Added alpha support for glib2.
      Version 1.2. Multi instances support.
      Keyword now replaced with function now().
      Changed LDLIBS for FreeBSD.
      Added support for drivers without GN_OP_GetSMSStatus.
      Removed outdated information about compilation from README.
      Improved db modules handling in Makefile by David Vrabel.
      Added time window to outbox, checking for NULL in mysql_fetch_row() 
      Added credit.
      Uniform copyright, updated documentation.
      Uniform copyright, updated documentation.
      First phase of moving to gtk2
      Added Bastian Nocera to Changelog
      vertToolBar should be GTK_ORIENTATION_VERTICAL
      Fix gcc 4 type check warnings.
      Added schema support for PostgreSQL.
      Added setlocale() call
      Added locale.h and config.h
      exit after unsuccessful insert into DB
      fixing bug in previous commit
      Switch reconnect flag (part of the MYSQL structure) to on for MySQL 
5.0.13 and newer.
      Fixed long lasting mistake introduced in v1.16. DB modules are *.so not 
      Detection of first sms position and phone monitoring optimalization.
      Updating documentation to reflect Bastien's changes in modules names.
      Fixed potential SEGFAULT in file module when input file contains empty 
SMS text.
      Added possibility to use multiline SMS text in file module.
      Fixed double free bug (#23550, #23842).
      Rollback autodection of first sms position.
      Clean up MySQL database schema syntax.
      g_string_sprintf() replaced with g_string_printf(), code cleanup

ladis (66):
      Bosch SMS reading
      AT WritePhonebook
      AT WritePhonebook
      Get rid of global variables
      New API fix
      New API
      New API, round 2
      New API, round 3
      convert to new API
      fix typo
      minor fixes
      add lost bits from previous commit
      New API fixes
      fix typo
      make gnokii compile again
      New API (missing little piece)
      report errors from device write, reindent
      get rid of globals (stage 1)
      unify order of arguments
      unify order of arguments
      New API fixes
      New API - completed
      simple cleanup
      cbus update
      don't missuse model for reading charset
      fix comments
      don't missuse model for reading charset
      fix comment
      fix possible segfault
      cleanup includes
      fix charset handling
      fix charset handling fix ;)
      Paegas become T-Mobile CZ
      update to reflect current changes
      MSVC6 compilation tweaks
      bring back support for MSVC6
      kill broken files
      *** empty log message ***
      Oh well, no way to move these files to MSVC6. pkot: please do manually 
together with includes moving
      allow inclusion only to MSVC compiler
      fix atbus_rx_statemachine bug reported by Ludovic Rousseau
      remove my name from changes which Marcus also did in paralel
      fix inclusion of snprintf and vsnprintf prototype definitions
      workspaces update by Marcus
      give people some starting point...
      fix includes & cleanup
      disable dancall driver for now (it's crappy anyway)
      don't include compat.h, reindent
      die bool, die
      make C++ includers happy
      Get rid of globals in 7110 driver
      cbus update
      add AT phones tested with gnokii, whitespace cleanups
      gnokii 0.5.0rc3
      bring MSVC support up-to-date a bit. more after bluetooth include cleanup
      vcard export fix by flo
      make it compile with MSVC6
      do not free message previously added to GSList
      make it link also with debug disabled
      MSVC does support inline.
      Let cbus compile again.
      s/__const/const to
      Feel free to blame me, but...
      Include gnokii.h

machek (196):
      Kill unused prototypes.
      Small adition: all cables should work.
      Additions to todo list.
      Implement collision protocol slightly better. It is still not
      Do not retry identification, if it is not implemented, it is bad idea.
      Small spellchecking.
      Use integer as bitfield instead of struct of int:1.
      Kill prototypes no longer needed by xgnokii.
      Kill functions that are no longer needed.
      Italian translation, courtesy of address@hidden
      Comment out SendSMSMessage to kill warning.
      Added italian translation to the list.
      Make writing/reading phonebook less verbose (as it should be).
      Make it gnokii coding style; kill unneeded paragraph related to linux 
      We really have 150 addressbook places, better
      Description how to submit bug reports.
      Fixed udelay() to work w.r.t. signals.
      Kill unneccessary variable and annoying warning.
      Added StrToMemoryType utility function
      Return data in GBF_Arbitrary if we can't handle units requested.
      Possibility to force overwrite in --getsms (-F). Possibility to get
      Tiny cleanup.
      Updated 2110 documentation, and added dancall documentation.
      Added few static-s.
      Beginings of support for Dancall protocol
      Beginings of Dancall support.
      Dancall models added to the global list.
      Function for printing unknown packets can probably be shared across
      Added file with functions usefull for different links.
      Added pointer to RFC.
      Headers for links/common/utils.c
      Added header for PGEN_IncomingDefault.
      Possibility to have phone module without header file, adding dancall
      Made fbus link_dispatch (and fixed minor memory leak)
      Moved layer split a bit.
      Dancall support, now actually works enough to get sms messages.
      Activated dancall support in makefile
      Added error handling to SMS receive function.
      Partly converted nokia 2110 to "new" form, and moved it to phone
      Better error messages.
      Added warning that low_latency option is *needed*
      Warn when phone functions are missing, but do not segfault.
      nokia-2110 module converted to suit new API better. --identify now works.
      Added nice comment to the beggining, added statics where appropriate.
      Cleaned up code a bit. Made it use device_() interface. Reworked delay
      Killed unneccessary functions.
      Convert Grab/Release display to new structure.
      Kill "slash star" inside comment.
      Warn if Link.Loop is not defined.
      Convert GetSMS/DeleteSMS to new structure.
      It is very bad idea to name enum "Data", because it is then impossible
      xgnokii converted to new structure w.r.t. SMS messages.
      Cleanup: some formating, made Statemachine global, converted to new
      Implement timeouts on waiting for SMS.
      Created another level of error message (ddprintf), fixed code not to
      Do not use LD, ask gcc to call linker for us.
      LD macro is set up so that LDOUT/LDREL are no longer needed.
      Do not probe for LD we do not need.
      Cleanups from Ladislav Michl <address@hidden>:
      Nice symbolic constants instead of ugly numbers.
      Use symbolic constants instead of numbers
      Fix SMS receiving to work, again. Unfortunately, it is not possible to
      Cleaning up.
      GE_NOTIMPLEMENTED is better error code.
      smsreader code; get sms-es effectively from phones that are able to
      Pawel's changes:
      Add gnokii-debug target, so that gnokii can be debugged more easily.
      Fix 2110 to be initialized in normal way (and not to be initialized twice)
      Support phones that need to be polled for SMS-es.
      DisplayOutput moved to new structure by BORBELY Zoltan <address@hidden>.
      Fix displayoutput on 2110.
      Do not burn 100% cpu on polling sms-es.
      Add SMS unreservation for 2110.
      Its bad idea to try to return -1 in function returning unsigned short.
      Add option to send 8-bit SMS, fix handling of overlong messages,
      Do not use (...) in macros if not being compiled on gcc.
      Killed my typo.
      mbus-2110.h file was obsolete and mostly wrong. Killed.
      Fix by BORBELY Zoltan <address@hidden>, speed was not set properly
      Short docs how ringtones are used. I needed IRC help to get them working.
      Add pointer to helpfull website
      During smsreader, periodically try to capture messages (in case
      mark sending of ringtone as broken, cleanups
      Dancall update: It compiles. With lots of luck, it could start
      * 2110 series updates
      * Fake phone driver added (for debugging)             (Pavel Machek)
      Fix error message, use SendSMS() in logo sending.
      Kill extra whitespace before EOL.
      Cleanup: Kill duplicated function.
      Print functions being called.
      Add TCP connection.
      Header file was missing and prevented compilation.
      Buffer was too small (or thats what I believe) and could cause buffer
      Kill GE_SMSSENDOK, replaced with GE_NONE.
      Actually check return value from SendSMS.
      Fix thinko in bitmap preparation.
      Report when error loading bitmap occurs.
      Fake success for reading of SMSC.
      Kill obsolete comment and fix english.
      Fix operator logos.
      Initial version of testsuite added.
      Initial version of testsuite.
      Initial version of testsuite.
      Add right output for logo test.
      Keep all result files in testit, new test for sending plain sms-es.
      Added short docs about ericsson phones.
      Support for Ericsonn a1018s.
      Correctly fill userdata.type
      Check return values for key pressing.
      Add make test target; it runs testsuite.
      Make ericsson support nicer by allowing serial_baudrate to work for AT 
      Change format of fake output to match commands needed by AT phone.
      Make SMS sending from AT phone actually work.
      Star of the county down (slighlty distorted) for testing ringtones.
      Update ChangeLog, make fake.c's output less confusing.
      Make testsuite match updated fake.c.
      Test prepared for ringtone. It will fail unless you fix ringtone support.
      Tests for picture sms-es. This is correct output according to mygnokii.
      Test of ems pictures. Those are "to be implemented" :-(.
      Introduce good warning about compilation failure.
      Add comments which parts of data structure are for whom.
      Never return success when what you have is failure!
      Only do basics tests; code is now too broken to handle anything advanced.
      Partly adapt to changes in SMS handling.
      Printing operation number is bad idea as those change too often.
      Reintroducing layouts, but well separated from main code and commented
      Reintroduce sms-sending support.
      Move atgen to new SMS handling. At least it compiles ;-).
      Text messages work, time to do pictures.
      Fix few two more items in layout.
      Use EncodeUDH in attempt to fix pictures.
      I'm also rewriting SMS subsystem by now.
      Fix "oplogo" messages, one less todo item in sms-layout.c, add dumping
      Kill duplicated code.
      Teach frontend about EMS picture messages.
      Another picture, usefull for testsuite.
      Fix emspicture test and add xpm test.
      Make xpm test actually pass.
      List "known working" commands on a1018s.
      Make it fail when someone mixes SMS_OpLogo with GSM_OpLogo.
      Fix test to use right picture.
      Fix SMS_* usage versus GSM_* usage, clean up bitmap setting/clearing a 
      EMS picture sending support
      One more test for picture messages.
      Fix ringtones in backend.
      Fix uninitialized variable and add ringtone support to CVS.
      Testsuite fixes. Hopefully this ringtone actually works...
      And changelog update...
      GSM_PictureImage replaced with GSM_PictureMessage
      GSM_PictureImage to GSM_PictureMessage conversion.
      iMelody support
      Add imelody tests to testsuite.
      Add [not-so-]missing break;
      These PDUs looked strange to my eye, fixed.
      Fix operator logos to be sent from .xpm files, and adjust testsuite to
      Comment out 2110 and 3110 support.
      Another xpm -- big enough for picture message testing.
      Add long sms-es and picture messages support.
      Fix length of last sms in multisms, add user-selectable text to 
      Testuite: add another test with bigger picture.
      Kill some code duplication?
      First uglyness I introduced in PictureMessage support: Right UDH this
      Kill debug message from expected output.
      It seems to me that NokiaText is slightly different from PlainText;
      Some junk was appended at the end. Better append 00 there. I tested it
      Tiny cleanup.
      Kill debug info from "right" output.
      Code seems to work, so fix testsuite according to code ;-).
      Kill few incorrect lines from gsm-filetypes: Always take image size
      Warn about bad test.
      EncodeUDH does not need UDH parameter at all, moved encoding of concat
      Now I know what +1 was for ;-) in EncodeUDH. It has only to be added
      Fix testcase to match; it is not clear what should be done in this
      This adds initial EMS animation support to libgnokii. There's no
      Killed leftover comment
      I changed EncodeUDH so that it returns pointer to header it
      Test for ems animation.
      Fix support for EMS animations in gsm-bitmaps (gsm-bitmaps is *really*
      Add right output.
      Finished animation loading in frontend, cleanups.
      Add possibility to manually specify concatenated message headers to be
      Add user option to add concat message header.
      Right output for concatsms test.
      Fix 8-bit sms messages.
      Tests for concatenated iMelody messages.
      Some more tests for concatenated messages.
      Add test for sending EMS pictures using --sendsms.
      Add short description of --keysequence.
      Some information about siemens phones.
      Resync fake.c with atgen.c, fix obvious problems with testsuite.
      Disable tests that are not currently working.
      If phone missbehaves, we do not want to segfault.
      Retrying is never right for AT phones; they do not have collision
      Set SMS memory type for AT phones, enable deleting messages.
      Cleanup/improve vcard/phonebook support
      Common vcard support, missing from previous commits.

manfred (11):
      SMS center reading support (Petr Cech)
      better error reporting between link and phone layer
      Added comment for nokia bug on reading SMS center no
      added filelocking for gnokiid xgnokii smsd
      added security functions
      added filelocking for gnokiid xgnokii smsd
      added filelocking for gnokiid xgnokii smsd
      added security functions
      bugfix for entersecuritycode
      added delete stub
      Oops wrong credits

osma (14):
      3110 series initial phonebook handling support implemented
      3110 phonebook support
      rewrite getsms code so it doesn't have a race condition (i.e. it doesn't
      prevent garbage being printed in debug output when doing getsms on a
      add function sm_block_ack() to statemachine, needed by nk3110 driver
      rewrite of fbus-3110 code: support different frame types (command and 
      remove hack from sm_block* that made it possible to call sm_block* in
      don't set handlers for message types that will never appear because of
      incorrect byte order in FBUSv1 description fixed
      support for RLP frames in nk3110 and fbus-3110, still untested but 
      more debug: notify of incoming acks
      support for making calls; so far, only voice calls have been tested
      increment sequence number when receiving ack from phone; this has the 
      detect messages with already-seen seqnos and don't handle them (but still

pavel (262):
      CVS repository root has been changed - please update your working 
      Cosmetic fixes only. Real fixes will follow :-)
      GSM network recognition support files added to the cvs repository - now we
      This is the first public version of the SPEC file for gnokii. SPEC files 
      DialVoice function skeleton added. No real changes :-)
      Updated to contain my patches for 6110 Series. Please test.
      Just a minor fix to make rpm happy :-)
      Updated to pre13. See mailing list for changes, just cleanup. One new
      Too much to be included here has been changed - see my mail in the mailing
      SetAlarm implemented
      German translation of gnokii messages added.
      SMS Sending in 6110 implemented, some minor changes.
      - version bump to 0.2.5-pre17
      Dutch translation of messages added.
      Finnish translation - shouldn't we create po/ directory?
      Error checking for DeleteSMS.
      Minor GSM Default Alphabet fix, ...
      Test to check CVS working correctly.
      TODO changes.
      TODO changes made.
      TODO changes - mainly as test of the correct CVS functionality. If this 
      EnterPIN in 6110 Series fixed and if/switch changes.
      SendSMSMessage changes for both 6110 and 3810.
      New testing environments added.
      Version number bump :-)
      small readme changes, nothing else.
      DialData changes for 3810.
      Minor changes - one testing environment added and many thanks to Serge
      DialData and different memory types added.
      Pixmaps for upcoming GUI.
      Pre-beta version of GUI - you must have gtk installed.
      Final commit today - both header and C file for Nokia authentication
      Pawel's SMS patch, Makefile a spec file changes
      AT+CGSN, AT+CGMR, AT+CGMM compliant with GSM 07.07 spec
      Version bump
      MemoryStatus changes from Gary.
      Infrared support for gnokii, hopefully nothing is broken by this...
      URL of gnokii-perl added.
      Ringtone support for 6110 added :-)
      Alarm support for GUI.
      *** empty log message ***
      Small changes, removing FIXMEs...
      TODO list cleaned up.
      GSM_ConnectionType added. There is a small amount of changes that it looks
      I removed every appearance of 0x01 at the end of requests and added this 
      Operator logos and CL icons patch... :-))
      "Test" file for logo uploading, (c) Mirka :-)
      gnokii.nol added to RPM
      Hmm, I must did --sendoplogo and --sendclicon in the sleep...
      Stripping binaries.
      Countries added to gsm-network.
      The function used for getting the current network status implemented.
      version bump.
      Minor changes...
      Some GSM operator's names fixed, some new operators.
      Minor operators' changes.
      gnokii IR HOWTO updated.
      Welcome to the (almost) last mega-patch before release 0.3.0. It contains:
      Czech messages minor changes...
      SMS megapatch for 6110. This can broke 3810 but Ithink Hugh will fix it
      Hmm, this should fix obvious bugs.
      Pawel's SMS patch with validity support.
      Hmm, --sendsms can not be working...
      Obvious fixes.
      Pawel's SMS Class patch.
      My extra patch integrated to development version. It includes xkeyb and
      setdatetime (set current time) patch from Reinhold Jordan
      Xgnokii update from Jano, xgnokii separated to its own directory
      version bump :-)
      Marcel's SendAck patch.
      Pawel's fix for long Outbox messages.
      Hmm, what a large patch :-))
      I forgot to add these files to previous patch...
      Version bump.
      Group patch for 6110 applied.
      Calendar patch version 0.1 :-)
      Jano's xgnokii patch.
      Version bump.
      Speed Dial support, some minor clean ups.
      Hmm, I'm stupid. Small fix (make clean;make clean will fail).
      RPM has some problems with - in version so I changed -pre marking to _pre.
      Some RLP support for 6110.
      Cleanup, 6110 RLP fixes - I made the same bug as Hugh did :-))
      --getdisplaystatus implemented.
      xlogos changes.
      Network information patch.
      Netmonitor support.
      Get Security Code.
      GetSecurityCode removed. We are not crackers...
      getopt patch included.
      Marcel's multi-message patch (not well tested).
      sendsms patch for getopt.
      Hmm, it is not what I need, but it worked :-)
      win32 patch for gnokii and xlogos.
      --identify patch
      Minor patch, only removing of one character...
      Cosmetic changes.
      xgnokii changes
      RLP code commented, formatting changes, sorry :-(
      - SendDTMF implemented for 6110 (thanks to Serge)
      Netmonitor for xgnokii.
      --reset patch and set/getbitmap
      misc fixes, mainly cosmetic, gettextizing the rest...
      I missed one fix :-)
      WIN32 Makefile changes
      Allow compilation of WIN32 stuff also on Linux.
      Cleaning compilation process.
      Cleaning, xkeyb now supports long keypresses.
      Misc WIN32 warnings.
      WIN32 fixes for Makefile.
      WIN32 compiling fixes.
      version change.
      new xgnokii.
      minor changes.
      sendloplogoviasms and .po files update.
      RLP_SendFrame implemented, now we should do user requests (Events) and XID
      version bump.
      Small typo fixed.
      --identify problem in 6110 solved
      Profiles implemented, some RLP stuff, State 0.
      New pixmap of 6150 and modified xkeyb for this pixmap.
      xgnokii's patch. We are on the right way, I think :-)
      README for compiling on WIN32 and associated gnokii.spec change.
      The first byte from datacall received.
      version bump.
      RLP state <4 implemented (not complete, but Nokia-compatible :-))).
      Marcel's serial layer patch implemented.
      xgnokii now supports sending SMS messages.
      New xlogos - support for Statup logos etc. Please test this!
      version bump :-))
      RLP code fixed.
      URL change.
      0.3.1 changes.
      Xgnokii now supports speed dial.
      Version bump.
      Long SMS support.
      +1 bugs fixed.
      WIN32 changes
      *** empty log message ***
      6110's write calendar note changed to be correct. CVS just work for me 
      minor WIN32 change. Args checking is not correct on these systems.
      ChangeLog added so we can track changes so even non-daily CVS readers can
      6110 and writing calendar notes fixed - thanks to The TDD
      - documentation of SECURITY functions added (Manfred Jonsson)
      XPM support added.
      Date of SMSC response fixed (Gary Reuter).
      ignore unsolicited NetworkInfo frames in 6110 (Gary)
      doc updates.
      I'm preparing the snapshot for those without CVS, so version bump.
      compilation changes, vCal support.
      version bump
      RLP implemented - datacalls possible (from 6110). What about 3810? Hugh?
      WIN32 changes, compilation cleanup.
      directory shuffling: xlogo -> xlogos
      minor RLP changes.
      mgnokiid is in bindir now (Marcel Holtmann)
      Marcel's name was badly spelled
      virtmodem.h cleaned-up, mgnokiid should be in bindir (Marcel Holtmann)
      Makefile added to the repository - now we can install xkeyb files (why in
      New configure stuff - checking for X.
      duplicated directory removed (rpm).
      version bump.
      WIN32 cfgfile reading patch
      RLP error handling, timers from Chris
      xgnokii patch from Jano, version bump
      Xpm library linking fixed
      Xkeyb integrated into xgnokii.
      wake-up logos reading/writing for NMT phones (Andrew)
      mkdir of dirs removed from %install section, make install takes care of 
      .po files renamed.
      - copyrights unified across almost the whole tree
      permissions on /usr/sbin in RPM fixed
      arguments checking for getlogo
      version bump.
      Ringtones better implemented.
      Ringtones sending via SMS.
      minor spelling fixes
      forgot to commit ChangeLog :-))
      pre13: RTTTL fixes mainly, I hate people who do not follow specifications
      mgnokiidev should be sgid and getegid should be used then.
      version bump
      spelling fixes.
      mgnokiidev should be sgid not setuid.
      FreeBSD and __ptr_t should be fixed now
      NLS support changes
      more FreeBSD-aware changes
      New german catalog added.
      dealer note support
      use strsep instead of strtok
      Ringtones via SMS fixed.
      logo changes
      hmm, I forgot to commit some files :-((
      allow reseting the startup text to null
      MEGA patch :-)) Jano's xgnokii added.
      We should probably get rid of configure from CVS soon...
      version bump.
      many things... :-)
      Some things already done.
      gettext-howto updated by Stanislav Meduna
      malloc.h is deprecated, we should use stdlib.h insead.
      minor comments changes
      doc changes, proper access rights for gnokii* and mgnokiidev binaries.
      checking for cpp
      version bump.
      minor RPM change
      TODO file updated
      misc comments fixes
      TODO file changed and some FreeBSD things.
      5110 keyboard for xgnokii
      version bump
      RLP changes.
      Gnokii is now compile-able on FreeBSD. Thanks go to Brad for his account.
      better 6110 resynsing.
      work around permissions of mkinstalldirs.
      Docs files moved around to get the clean install-docs target.
      xgnokii updated, installation stuff, install-docs is much cleaner now, 
      ringtones corrected, minor profiles fixes.
      Debian build system updated.
      pthread linking problem
      some things added to TODO file.
      New xgnokii patch, new docs etc. Please test heavily.
      Script for creating the distribution. Do not use it before reading it!
      Additional info for translators.
      cleaning of unixserial.h
      slovak .po file added
      workaround for older compilers
      support for older Linux systems, slovak language
      Final commit today - the ChangeLog file.
      And the very final commit - version bump.
      additional build fixes
      ready for final testing before release - I will clean almost everything 
      Minor fixes before 0.3.2
      New GSM operator in CZ.
      configure removed from CVS and other changes...
      setringtone implemented
      ringtone changes, display monitoring for 6110/5110
      My CVS tree got corrupted so snapshot is bad. Version bump to prepare new
      Can compile with DEBUG now.
      RLP changes.
      Slackware build system added.
      arch update for Slackware build system
      Cell Broadcasts support.
      cope better with lost frame sync byte in fbus-6110 (Brian).
      new option for --writephonebook and some null poiner checking added.
      Allow CB monitoring while in monitor mode.
      config.h support
      Pawel's config.h patch.
      Pawel's patch
      Polish message catalog
      Pawel's changes
      Manual page integrated into the main tree.
      Polish locales fixed.
      Minor changes in help, usage etc.
      Estonian translation (Hans Motsharg).
      Estonian translation
      minor fix to clean .gmo files
      Minor formatting fixes and ANSI C things.
      Version bump.
      doc patch
      Tomi's todologo.
      Pavel moved to Prague.

pkot (2050):
      Small fix for file saving
      autoconf note in INSTALL
      FreeBSD fixes (Anne Marcel Roorda and Daniel O'Connor)
      Small docs/administration updates
      configure script updates and added shared function for configfile reading
      Added 'static' word to variable declarations in common/fbus-6110.c and 
Makefile fix. (thanks to Pavel Machek)
      Lots of updates in common/mbus-2110.c. (thanks to Pavel Machek)
      Version bump.
      Fixes to mbus-2110.c to let it compile (by Pavel Machek)
      Fix for debian docs
      Fixed functions converting ascii to and from PDU
      Misc fixes in configure (Anne Marcel Roorda)
      Disabling xgnokii in configure when not found X11 or gtk-config. Xpm is 
      Added Unix98 PTYs support (Michael Mráka).
      Reverted a change in fbus-3810.c which broke compling with --enable-debug.
      Misc fixes and updates.
      Estonian .po file update (Hans Mõtshärg)
      Hopefully the last fix of my bugs ;-)
      Documentation updates.
      Fixed typo in utils/Makefile
      Documentation updates.
      Next doc and packaging scripts updates.
      More cleanups. This time mainly in the code.
      Forgot to add this file. ;-)
      Initial keypress sequence support. Disable compilation warning
      Fixed a typo in FAQ
      Added description of 6110 fbus and 7110 fbus protocols from Nagy Balazs 
and Marcin Wiacek
      Many cleanups in fbus-6110 code.
      Protocol documentation updates
      --identify should work ok now
      Fixed --identify and added Manfred's manufacturer patch
      Updated Estonian locale
      XPM configure/compile fix (Panagiotis Astithas)
      Changes needed to let unicode work
      One more include in gnokii.c needed
      Enabled authentication in 51xx models
      Few more cleanups on authentication
      FreeBSD unixirda.h fix (Panagiotis Astithas)
      Removed complation warning for xgettext (Panagiotis Astithas)
      Small Makefiles' updates
      Small #include updates
      Fixed some typos
      Cleanups and fixes in gnokii.c:
      Misc docs and Makefiles updates and cleanups
      Version bump
      Fixed writephonebook patch
      Fixed writephonebook once again. Someone kick me please...
      Fixed bug (introduced by me) in getmemory function. Now gnokii.c should 
      Fixed script. It failed in some cases when finding phtread 
library is ok now. Sorry for the mess... fixes
      *BSD updates (Bert Driehuis)
      Windows updates (Manfred Jonsson)
      Code cleanup - no warnings during compilation
      Solaris/*BSD '#if defined' cleanup
      DLR3 cable support
      Minor updates: fix for FreeBSD
      Fixed problems with grantpt
      Added logo files description (Bartek Klepacz)
      Documentation cleanup, fixes, corrections (Erik Rossen)
      Added possibility for viewing logos (currently nol and ngg) on console 
(Bartek Klepacz) fix (Erik Rossen)
      DLR-3P temporary fix. How should I do it better?
      Another fix (Erik Rossen)
      Fixed autodetecting of the cable type in 6110 and 7110 series. DLR-3 is
      Fix smsd to use StateMachine and let it compile.
      Manpages updates (Erik Rossen)
      Small fixes to hide compilation warnings and allow gnokii.c to compile
      Added sample chat script for 6210/7110 phones (taken from Maja 
      IrDA patch (Martin Jancar)
      Updated Debian packaging system (Erik Rossen)
      VERSION bump
      Updated Debian's changelog file
      7110/6210 updates (Marian Jancar)
      Small docs updates (Pawel Kot)
      8bit SMS handling in 3810 series - old structure yet (Tamas Bondar) update to cover latest Makefile updates (Pawel Kot)
      Fixed a typo in gnokii.c avoiding saving logo (Jan Havelka)
      Small fixes to let gnokii compile and work under solaris (thanks to Artur 
      AT commands for SMS handling support (Tamas Bondar)
      Updated protocol docs (from mygnokii)
      VERSION bump
      Solaris 2.7 fixes - should be harmless for other OSes (Michael Wiedmann)
      Fixed problem with undisplayable man-pages on Solaris (Michael Wiedmann)
      Moved sms.* files from my hard disk to CVS
      Initial support for 6100 series in the new structure (me)
      Updated FAQ to cover the fact that some features do not work temporarily
      Removed warning when compiling with --enable-debug (Pawel Kot)
      Generic AT support for the new structure (Manfred Jonsson)
      VERSION bump
      Generic AT support updates and cleanup (Manfred Jonsson)
      Makefiles fixes (Pawel Kot)
      3330 and 6250 support - I have no idea if it does work (mygnokii)
      Fixed (hopefully) timezone mismash (Sheldon Hearn)
      Fixed a typo in 6100.c (me)
      Removed recv() from IrDA initializing procedure (many people)
      Add hardware shakehand to the link layer (Manfred Jonsson)
      More cleanup in AT code (Manfred Jonsson)
      VERSION bump to pre30
      Added gnokii/xgnokii xpm logo (Gabriele Zappi)
      gnokii + 6210/7110 + IrDA HOWTO added (Simon Huggins)
      Added Slovenian translation (Bostjan Muller)
      Removed xlogos
      Cleanups from 0.3.3 (part1)
      Autoconf updates
      Debian scripts updates
      Slackware script updates
      Smsd fixes
      More cleanups
      New preview logos.
      Forgot to add the images
      Gnokii calendar changes from 0.3.3
      Xgnokii calendar updates
      Xgnokii WM fixes (Martin Lucina)
      Fixed bugs introduced during 0.3.3 merge
      VERSION bump to 0.4.0pre1
      Removed ChangeLogs. They were too obsolete
      Locale cleanups (Pawel Kot)
      Docs updated to 0.3.3
      Install xgnokii to /X11R6/bin
      Updated Slackware package build script
      Updated gnokii.spec to 0.3.3 version
      Moved error codes to a separate files
      Moved encoding functions to a separate file
      Small docs update
      New version of libsms. Not functional yet, but it reasonably stable API.
      Updates to work with new libsms
      3810/3110 support for the new structure (Tamas Bondar)
      Obsolete old structure, kill treads where possible and make shared library
      Start fiddling with 7110 and SMS
      Reindent and disable nls instead of exiting with error in case when 
libintl is not present in the system and wasn't explicitely disabled with 
configure --without-nls
      Version 0.4.0pre2
      Forgot about fbus support for 3110. FIXME: is it really needed?
      Update 2110 to a new libsms api
      Compile common/links/fbus-3110.c
      Removed pthreads from 3110 support. It may break it.
      Pavel! You haven't implemented slave_process() function!
      Let the gnokii compile :-) (Vladimir Zidar)
      Remove, not COMMON.o when cleaning
      Add new files. Remove old files
      DEBUG cleanups
      Preparing libsms to get to work. 6210/7110 SMS and SMS Folder updates
      Small cleanup with __unices__
      6210/7110 debug cleanups
      Shared library should me made/linked/installed properly
      Getting SMS in 6210/7110 does finally work in some cases :)
      Changed offset of DCS field to the right value in 6210/7110
      Fixing some problems with UDH and Unicode, but still doesn't work yet :-(
      Faster initialization for 6100 series (don't check for dlr3 cable)
      Removed a warning from 2110 compilation
      7110 and 6110 series phones introduce as Nokia
      smslib updates. begin work on sms in 6100 series
      Cleanup. Reading SMS for 6100 series. Not that it has some bugs more and 
does not support UDH yet
      Nasty bug with counting message length. Workaround applied. Needs fixing.
      Typo in default alphabet
      Added dau9p connection type for 6210/7110
      smslib cleanups, fixes and debugging
      Config file example update
      Bugfixes. I18n of the user responses. UDH support in libsms. Business 
Card UDH Type
      nk3110.c cleanup
      Begin work on sms sending
      reading unread SMS in 6210 from Inbox. Folder updates (Markus Plail)
      Another typo
      Grrrr... I should have check if I have fixed this typo
      First attempt to read Picture Messages. They should appear when you 
enable DEBUG. Nokia seems to break own standards. :/ (Markus Plail)
      smslib update. sms sending
      Better debugging for gcc with -ggdb3 (Jan Kratochvil)
      Checking for *printf functions, N_(x) for localization, generic 
      Cleanup, indentation, ANSI complaint preprocesor symbols (Jan Kratochvil, 
      Specifying SMSC number in --sendsms works again
      Simple frontend for SMS sending. I thouhgt it was already in CVS... 
(Gabriele Zappi)
      Misc docs updates
      Added sample config file (magic) for file command to recognize NOL and 
NGG files. More to come.
      Cleanup. Removed cvs logs.
      Cleanup. Be polite and introduce itself every time gnokii is called.
      Smslib update. Introduced new layout schema. Will break all sms handling 
except 6110 and 7110 series. All other support will appear soon.
      Version 0.4.0pre3
      Seems I missed one version in VERSION
      Update to libsms and new structure
      Update for libsms
      Bugfixes. Update to 0.4.0pre5
      Typos I think
      Cleanups. Call divert support for at and 7110 series
      Be more friendly for localization.
      Fixed fatal linker error -- global symbol conflict of writephonebook (Jan 
      Updates and fixes to config reading (Jan Kratochvil)
      Hide a warning when compiling nk2110.c
      Make all internal gnokii.c functions static
      unixserial updates (Jan Kratochvil)
      Docs updates for a new functionality
      Version 0.4.0pre6
      Moved obsoleted files to obsolete directory
      Misc cleanup. Some usefull functions
      Do not send SMS twice in 7110/6210
      More cleanups
      libsms update. Will break sms reading/sending on all models not using 
libsms. libsms is getting now a middle layer. More updates soon. Cleanups.
      Version 0.4.0pre7
      AT emulator updates -- use statemachine. Cleanups. (Tamas Bondar)
      Fix AT emulator for real ;-)
      libsms update. Improved reading support.
      Text of the GNU GPL added
      Disable compile warrings
      Reading SMS in 6100 series
      Prepare to AT SMS support
      Phonebook updates:
      Gnokii IrDA connection docs update (Manfred Jonsson)
      libsms update. Initial support for non-PDU SMS
      Remove annoying '\r'
      Reading SMS in AT mode
      6100 series updates
      New CREDITS entries
      Bug in fbus.c confirmed by Chris. Cleanup after the fix
      Allow to read all phonebook entries easily (Simon Huggins)
      Getting back SendSMS to work.
      Character set setting in AT mode (Manfred Jonsson)
      Reading SMS for 3110 series (Tamas Bondar, me)
      gnokii 0.4.0pre8
      Cleanup in 7110 code
      Reverse mapping of the GSM default alphabet (BORBELY Zoltan)
      Help functions for strings encoding/decoding/copying (BORBELY Zoltan)
      Converted getbitmap and profile handling functions in 6100 series 
(BORBELY Zoltan)
      Converted setbitmap function in 6100 series (BORBELY Zoltan)
      Converted time, alarm and profile handling functions in 6100 series 
(BORBELY Zoltan)
      3110 series getsms fixes (Tamas Bondar)
      Make clear to use connection=serial instead of connection=irda in case of 
      Fix an offset recounting problem for 2110 and 3110 series
      SMS sending for AT mode. It does nt work yet, but putting it into CVS 
      writecalendarnote for 6110 series (BORBELY Zoltan)
      Fix in handling phonebook subentries in 7110 series
      Dump unhandled frames
      Calendar handling fixes (BORBELY Zoltan)
      Version 0.4.0pre9
      Compile fix
      Updates for SendSMS() in AT mode and other fixes in SMS related code
      SMS Status function for 7110 series
      Ugh. I introduced a but that made 7110 series not initializing
      New dump logging facility for libgnokii (BORBELY Zoltan)
      FAQ update
      Avoid names conflict. Rename Bozo's eprintf() to dump()
      Updates to protocol description.
      Simplified dumping function handler (BORBELY Zoltan)
      Nokia 3330 protocol description update
      Update SMS layout in phone drivers (there was a change in gsm-sms.h)
      Be able to read SMS from diffrent folders (broken by the previous change)
      SMS Status for 6210 series. Minor fixes and cleanups in folder handling
      Updated protocol description for 7110 series (SMS Status)
      Fixed not working 'make install-docs' (reported by Stefan Leichter)
      Big cleanups. Code review part 1. Prepare to 0.4.0
      Locking serial device functions
      Big cleanups. Coed review part 2. Prepare to 0.4.0
      Smsreader for 7110 series
      Add configuration option for locking
      Sample chat file for HSCSD connection (Przemek ¦widerski)
      Version 0.4.0pre10
      setenv() is BSD 4.3 function. Don't use it under Solaris
      New CREDITS entries
      Handle the case when 'use_locking' is not present in the config
      [G|S]etSMSCenter for 6110 series (BORBELY Zoltan)
      smsreader fixes
      Version 0.4.0pre11
      More fixes for smsreader in 7110 series. Still does not work though :/
      DeleteSMS for 6100 series
      Misc libsms updates. Mainly delivery report fixes
      Be ready for 0.4.0
      Fix nasty typo in sendsms()
      Correctly allocate/free RawData (BORBELY Zoltan, me)
      Correctly use RawData in SendSMS()
      Fix device locking problems (Manfred Jonsson)
      Exit when unable to create lock
      BORBELY Zoltan changes:
      Fixed next 2 potential segfaults:
      Respect use_locking = no in gnokii.c (Manfred Jonsson, Sindunata)
      Don't miss pre12 release ;-)
      NetMonitor for the new structure and 7110 series (???)
      Silly memsetbug fixed
      Docs updates
      SendSMS fixes
      NetMonitor for xgnokii
      AT updates: allow connection=irda and other fixes (Manfred Jonsson)
      Remove unnessesary entries from gals[]
      Allow 8210 and 6310 to use irda connection
      Fix 7110 with dlr3 connection (Manfred Jonsson)
      SendSMS/SaveSMS fixes for AT mode (Hannes Schulz)
      New CREDITS
      Get rid of the 7110ism from the nk6100 driver (BORBELY Zoltan)
      Netmonitor for 6110 series (BORBELY Zoltan)
      Cleanups and fixes for 7110 series and libsms (Markus Plail)
      Getting xgnokii back alive: SMS and logos (Markus Plail)
      Get rid of unneeded LinkOKs (Manfred Jonsson)
      SECURITY FIX: mgnokiidev grants group write access to the given file. 
Restrict its work to /dev directory. Not perfect solution yet though (BORBELY 
Zoltan, me)
      Correctly choose revision and model name legth in 7110 series
      SECURITY FIX: previous solution was incorrect and contaned some bugs...
      Correct initialization in xgnokii - fbusinit() returns GSM_Error now
      Correct GetIMEI in nk6100.c
      More xgnokii fixes
      SECURITY FIX: more restriction on mgnokiidev
      SECURITY FIX: rewrite mgnokiidev
      Version 0.4.0pre13
      Fixed a problem with a missing headers (Paulius Bulotas)
      Small cleanups
      Another fix for the headers (Paulius Bulotas)
      Dial Voice (BORBELY Zoltan)
      New Serbian operator (Sladjan Andjelic)
      Compliation fixes (Jan Kratochvil)
      Data calls for 6110 series back alive (Jan Kratochvil)
      Infrastructure for more SMS features (Markus Plail)
      SMS support for xgnokii with smart detecting changes in the SMS status 
(Markus Plail)
      BORBELY Zoltan:
      'Accesories connected' message back alive ;-) (BORBELY Zoltan)
      More xgnokii SMS fixes and updates (Markus Plail)
      More fiddling on frames dumping (BORBELY Zoltan)
      Security functions for 6110 series (BORBELY Zoltan)
      BORBELY Zoltan:
      BORBELY Zoltan:
      Added ChangeLog
      Version 0.4.0pre14
      Missed part from Jan Kratochvil's patch. No idea why it didn't get it...
      BORBELY Zoltan:
      6110 series fixes for 3210/3310
      6110 series fixes for 3210/3310
      6110 series fixes for 3210/3310
      Makefiles' fixes
      Makefiles' fixes
      Call Divert for 6110 series
      Call Divert for 6110 series
      More updates for 7110 protocol for call diverts
      Cleanups in dump code
      Cleanups and documentation updates from Bozo
      Few more cleanups
      Replace AF_LOCAL with AF_UNIX when needed (Marcus Pallinger)
      Allow to build static library (Marcus Pallinger)
      More fixes for Solaris (Marcus Pallinger)
      Fix folder name max length (me)
      Updated ChangeLog
      Fix SendSMS problems in 6110 series (BORBELY Zoltan)
      Fix SendSMS problems in 6110 series (BORBELY Zoltan)
      libsms update: function for filling SMS struct with default values and 
some cleanups (me)
      Initial 6510 driver (Markus Plail)
      SMSD update: small fixes (BORBELY Zoltan)
      Reindented xgnokii -- it really needed this.
      Nokia 6310 is also here :-)
      win32 and other fixes (Marcin Wiacek and others)
      xgnokii keyboard handling fixes (BORBELY Zoltan)
      6510 driver update (Markus Plail)
      Support Nokia 3360 (Kevin Thayer)
      gnokii 0.4.0pre15
      Kill inlines
      Fix a problem with incorrect LDFLAGS during configure
      win32 updates and some minor fixes
      get rid of obsolete utils.[h|c]
      Add fbus-common.h
      Move linuxirda.h
      Cleanups (BORBELY Zoltan)
      More FBUS fixes (BORBELY Zoltan)
      phonebook from 7110 series fixes (Markus Plail)
      IMEI correctly read in 6110 series (Markus Plail)
      xgnokii updated (Markus Plail)
      Updates to address GNU GPL requirements
      Cleanup linuxirda.h
      Updates to make cygwin compile
      We moved to
      More accurate INSTALL file (Robert Steinhulser)
      ChangeLog updates
      xlogos and xkeyb dirs are removed from the CVS
      Started to document libsms
      Fix overflows when storing SMSC/remote number
      Replaces ugly ifs from gsm-bitmaps.c::GSM_IsPointBitmap() with a switch
      Really fix GetBCDNumber overflow
      Add missing breaks after default entries (reported by Feico de Boer)
      Include sys/time.h only when available (unices + cygwin). Reported 
problem by Feice de Boer
      Add missin comma (Feico de Boer)
      A fix for VC: dprintf is a printf when WIN32 is defined and 
PrintfDateTime is missing then (Feico de Boer)
      VC++ compability and minor fixes (Feico de Boer)
      Check for stdarg.h include (Feico de Boer)
      Replace 'Copyright' with 'License' in the spec file (Rui Miguel Silva 
      gnokii 0.4.0pre17
      Fixed wrong check in smsreader
      * smsd updates
      Some strange problem with xgnokii linking
      Fix HAVE_LONG_DOUBLE for autoheader >= 2.50
      Fix the problem with encoding international numbers
      Remove in make distclean
      Build system updates, cleanups and other minor fixes
      Make use of the DESTDIR variable to be able to install gnokii under the
      Replace unknown with a sender number for the smsreader when message body 
does not match given pattern (Bostjan Muller)
      Remove duplicated reply_buf
      start to fix Unicode problems with SMS (reported by Konstantin Smirnov)
      Added copyright info
      Share the call divert code between 6110 and 7110 drivers
      Version 0.4.0pre18
      Kill all GE_SENDSMSOK. Use grep, Pavel. ;-)
      Version 0.4.0pre19
      Add GPL preamble to tcp.[ch]. Fix the coding style in there
      Don't use 'connect' as a variable name
      Give the consistant information about --with-gnugetopt
      Support 3360
      Cleaning up bitmapcode. Rewrite bitmaphandling in gnokii.c
      Updated TODO
      Finished (for now) clean up of the bitmaps in gnokii.c
      Count UDH length correctly
      Saving logos works in 6110 series now
      Estonian translation updated
      Missing \n in the Estionan translation
      Fix NOL support for 6210 series
      Fix sending logos
      Handle the case when operator does not allow to send the SMS in 6110 
      win32 update (Feico de Boer)
      Nokia 8310 seems to have the protocol similiar/identical to 6310/6510
      More detailes on 8310
      We support also 8310
      gnokii 0.4.0pre20
      Telfort is known now as O2 (Feico de Boer)
      Change gnokii --help output stream
      More verbose reporting during phone recognition (Friedrich Lobenstock)
      Support Nokia Card Phone RPM-1 (Friedrich Lobenstock)
      *** empty log message ***
      Rewrite of the SMS subsystem. 7110 driver cleanups
      Clean SMS fields in data struct when retrieving multiple fields
      AT emulator did not compile with DEBUG on
      Remove DEBUG as it produces nasty compiler warnings with --enable-debug. 
Use --enable-debug when you need it
      Correctly use SMSCTime and SMSC in gnokii.c
      Added MAINTANERS file
      Better sms handling with 7110 driver. Picture messages support. Not fully 
working yet
      Validate SMS in 7110 driver
      Be more careful with datetime fields
      Grrrr... 2 typos in one line. Not good. Fixed the previous fix.
      More updates to 7110 driver regarding SMS reading
      My 6210 can read now correctly all SMS I have
      Remove the debug output
      Follow the convention: struct fields begin with the capital letter
      Mention in INSTALL
      Small cleanups in libsms
      Cleanup UDH stuff in gsm-sms.c
      Fixed Makefile to install for all install* targets
      Copy message status from rawsms to sms_api
      Typo/thinko when parsing UDH
      Skip UDH when reading 8bit message
      Code cleanups -- remove most of the compile warnings
      Fix offsets in SMS 7110 driver
      Allow GSM_PrintBitmap to output to any stream
      Use correct UDHs
      Add some useful defines
      Libsms update. Extract sms-nokia.[ch].
      Forgot to add sms-nokia.[ch] files. Sorry
      More cleanups in libsms. Macro for returning an error. Always free the 
      Be sure to include config.h explicitely in compat.h
      Don't use data->RawData in sms layer. 6210 is capable to send SMSes
      Fix gnokii.c to correctly get SMSC number when sending SMS
      Make SMS sending in 6510 driver work. We use black magic for this
      6510 driver should be capable to send any plain SMS
      Read SMSC number in sendlogo() in gnokii.c
      Changes in MessageCenter struct. Update all drivers and apps. Make SMSC 
handling for 6510 driver work
      Handle error responses when reading SMSC in 6510 driver
      Fixes for SMSC reading for 7110 and 6510 drivers
      Updated FAQ
      Don't get SMSC info twice when sending logo
      Operator logos sending works again
      Kill some uglyness from ISDNCauseToGSMError()
      Update AT driver to new SMS layer on reading -- not fully working yet
      Change --getmemory to --getphonebook
      Mention memory types for --getsms in the manual page
      Fix mobile terminated messages reading in AT series
      Enable SMS sending in AT series (SaveSMS is broken at the moment)
      Change the type of the ValidityIndicator in GSM_SMSMessage struct
      Remove debug dprintf()s
      Update fake driver to match SMS layer
      Remove all SMS layout related things
      Fix AT and fake SMS sending
      Head for 0.4.0
      Update documentation
      Report errors in more verbose way in gnokii.c
      Fix memory types for 6510 driver
      Minor fixes for SMS reading in 6510 driver
      gnokii 0.4.0
      Add missing break for concatenated messages reading
      Cleanups in 6510 driver
      Without the ValidityIndicator set my SMS get delivered empty. Still some 
bugs: I got some trash at the end of the message
      Without the ValidityIndicator set my SMS get delivered empty. Still some 
bugs: I got some trash at the end of the message
      Info on 6310 and 9210 phones
      Try Nokia 7650 with nk6510 driver
      FAQ updated
      Add the sanity check to SendSMS
      Cleanups in the error handling
      Allow to give SMS send timeout in the config file
      Output --getphonebook in more userfriendly manner; use -r or --raw for 
the old behaviour
      i18n of all remaning strings in gnokii.c
      Convert some printfs to dprintfs in gsm-sms.c
      More i18n in gnokii.c
      Add vcal.c to be generated when creating the tarball
      gnokii 0.4.1
      Moved logos, ringtones and vCards from Docs/ to more appropriate place
      Don't use data->SMS in the phone driver
      Use SMSC number in SMSSend() in AT driver
      Update spec file to reflect in there
      Set SMSC Number/Remote Number block length according to the real length
      Indentation changes
      Don't initialize the link for --foogle
      When some characters from the SMS body are not from the default alphabet, 
encode them in the unicode
      A typo in the latest change
      When some characters from the SMS body are not from the default alphabet, 
encode them in the unicode in smsd
      Avoid potential compilator warning on assigning caller group number
      When some characters from the SMS body are not from the default alphabet, 
encode them in the unicode in xgnokii
      Add 7190 to the supported models list (Terry Moreland)
      We need more room for the port length in xgnokii
      * Introduce new connection type: DLR3P
      Strongly suggest to do make install after make
      Update 6510 docs
      Version 0.4.2
      gnokii 0.4.2a
      Don't use stdout as the diagnostic output
      Support decoding of the extension of the default alphabet
      Support for sending characters from the gsm default alphabet extension in 
      Distinct between currency and euro symbols based on the locale set
      Typo in the comment
      Add Nokia 3410 to the supported list
      Be more up-to-date
      Don't use 0x64 frames where it is not supported in nk6100 driver
      Use unicode in the newer phones for the phonebook in the nk6100 driver
      Don't use hardcoded values
      8210 does not support PM_AUTHERNTICATION
      Don't use harcoded values
      Fix a segfault in nk6100 with xgnokii
      Install xgnokii by default under the same location as xgnokii. Change the 
location with --with-xgnokiidir
      test.vcs is actually vCalendar, not vCard ;-)
      state already in incoming functions
      Read xpms from the correct location
      Make static variables static, make them extern when needed
      Variable should be in the header file, not in the source file
      Typo found by Stefan Leichter
      Respect CFLAGS from the environment
      Fix the previous update. Enforce -ggdb3 -Wall when using --enable-debug
      Supress compilation wearnings from nokia-decoding.c
      Reflect SMSD changes in the main ChangeLog
      gnokii 0.4.3
      Add few more models for the irda support
      Nokia 8290 is known to work with nk6100 driver (Roger)
      Nokia 8290 info
      Nokia 8290
      Fix default number reading with the smsc info
      Point to the manual page when wrong memory type is used with --getsms
      Begin API changes
      Changing API goes on. Cleanups
      Fix gnokiid --help
      More verbose output when initialize fails
      Workaround xgnokii segfault when reading the phonebook
      spec file fixes
      Comment out require_dcd by default
      Don't exit after the first loop in the writephonebook
      Even more consitency in cfgreader API
      Fix cfg api change in gnokiid
      Remove unneeded break
      Change the api provided by gsm-api.h and partially by gsm-sms.c
      Update VERSION not to be confused with the bug reports
      New API for the bitmap functions/structs/defines
      Change API for gsm-call
      xgnokii should youse correct xgnokiidir (Tor Petterson)
      xgnokii should youse correct xgnokiidir (Tor Petterson)
      Add base bluetooth support (Marcel Holtmann)
      Fix the bug when disabling bluetooth
      Change API for Nokia SMS
      Change gsm-encoding API
      Bluetooth recognition really works now
      Use autoconf/automake tools to detect NLS
      Check for lex in configure script
      Don't loop forever on incorrect xgnokii initialization
      Fix incorect longoptions values in gnokii.c::sendsms(). Reported by 
Martin Kozelsky
      s/g_printf/g_print/ (Paul Vriens)
      Use po/ generated by gettextize
      o make initialization on some phones (not supporting 0xd2 frame)
      We were checking for lex twice
      Fix the initialization in the nk6110 driver
      Added ppm2nokia script
      Add NLS constants to acconfig.h
      Get rid of the annoying warnings when running autoconf
      Fix Slovenian translation. No, I don't know Slovenian at all ;-)
      Workaround for the gettext used in RH 7.3 Expect better solution soon. 
(Mariusz Mazur)
      More fixes in the build system (NLS related) by Mariusz Mazur
      Typo in SMSD postgres module
      FreeBSD compatiblity fixes
      MacOS X compatibility (Ruotger Skupin)
      I got Nokia 8148 to work on nk3110 driver :-)
      When creating latest patch for FreeBSD I did an error that caused core 
dumps in the statemachine. Fixing it
      * Build IrDA support only on IrDA-capable Linux systems
      Fix 3310 phones series phonebook name saving
      Fix 3310 phones series phonebook name saving
      Fix SMS reading for the AT series
      Avoid using // in the install path
      Add missing functions from winserial.c (Mark Lakata)
      Avoid using alloca(3)
      Incorrect function in encode_unicode() (Hu Gang)
      Note about running gettextize on CVS version
      Docs updates
      Reflect API changes
      Switch gsm-error.h to new API schema
      FAQ update: mention require_dcd and gettextize
      New Estonian translation (Hans Motshärg)
      Updates MacOS X README (Ruotger Skupin)
      Correctly set memory_type_strung in gnokii.c::writephonebook() (Jan de 
      Pass the retval to the gnokii.c::usage()
      * don't return -1 but 1 when mbtowc() or wctomb() fails (Jan de Cuveland)
      Try to avoid some overflows -- a long way to go yet (Jan de Cuveland, 
Pawel Kot)
      Use instead of configure in make_dist
      gnokii 0.5.0pre1
      Fix potential segfault in gnokii.c::writephonebook() (Jan de Cuveland)
      doc updates - describe install targets and make a note on the config file
      Entry location was pronted instead of the group id in the 
gnokii.c::getphonebook() (Ruotger Skupin)
      Fix warning where char defaults to unsigned char (Debian bug #162206)
      Typos in et.po (Ulrich Hopp)
      Fix incorrect encoding of extended alphabet characters. Pointed out by 
Peter Kolmisoppi
      Add AT Bosch support (Ladislav Michl)
      Implement SetCharset for AT series (Ladislav Michl)
      CBUS cleanups and updates (Ladislav Michl)
      Recognize DeliveryReport type in nk6100.c. Thanks to Martin Krupicka
      Terminate decoded unicode string with \0
      Fix the phonebook saving in xgnokii (Markus Plail)
      Few more messages translated in pl.po
      Replaced AM_GNU_GETTEXT with AM_GNU_GETTEXT([external]) in 
(Mariusz Mazur)
      gnokii 0.5.0pre2
      Small changes to to work harmfully with new getextize
      Update FAQ
      Update gnokii-hackers-howto
      Compability fixes: detect ptr_t, move the things into the right place
      Introduce a New API (tm)
      New API in gsm-api.c
      New API for cfgreader
      Reorganization in the shared code
      New API for gsm-bitmaps.h
      New API for gsm-call.h
      New API for gsm-encoding.h
      New API for gsm-error.h
      New API for gsm-filetypes.h
      New API for gsm-networks.h
      New API for gsm-ringtones.h
      New API for gsm-sms.h
      New API for nokia-decoding.h
      New API for sms-nokia.h
      New API in gsm-bitmaps.c
      New API in gsm-call.c
      New API in gsm-encoding.c
      New API in gsm-error.c
      New API in gsm-filetypes.c
      New API in gsm-networks.c
      New API in gsm-ringtones.c
      New API in gsm-sms.c
      New API in nokia-decoding.c
      New API in vcal.lx
      Cleanups in the gettext support
      New API for vcard.c
      Convert include/data/* to new API
      Export functions required by nokia.c
      Fixes in gsm-call interface
      New API for nokia.{ch}
      New API for nk7110.{ch}
      Export some things needed by phone drivers for the encoding things
      New API for nk6510 driver
      New API for nk6100 driver
      New API for the fake driver
      New API for nk6160 driver
      Use just 1 header (gsm-api.h) in gnokii.c
      Use just 1 header (gsm-api.h) in smsd
      Use export data/virtual.h as the external API
      Use just 1 header (gsm-api.h) in xgnokii
      Use just 1 header (gsm-api.h) in gnokiid
      Format error output from the cfgreader (<lf> missing at the end of the 
      Fix type mismatch from fbus_initialise()::fbus.c
      Fix incorrect order for SEND_MESSAGE_BLOCK and SEND_MESSAGE_WAITFOR 
      Fix smsc timestamp with getsms in AT driver
      Unify SEND_MESSAGE_BLOCK and SEND_MESSAGE_WAITFOR across the phone drivers
      Small typos
      Fix segfault on getsms with nk6510 driver
      ladis takes care of bosch at driver and cbus driver (and some other 
      Add po/Makefile target so the compilation should succeed everywhere
      Nokia 7650 can't be handled with nk6510 driver
      cbus/dancall cleanups (Ladislav Michl)
      Fix compile warning
      Make the API more consistant. Prepare to release 0.5.0
      gnokii 0.5.0pre3
      Add missing include file (contributed by Ladislav Michl, not added by 
Pawel Kot)
      Move ppp examples to sample/ppp/ directory
      Add gsm-filetypes.o to
      Fix install-docs target
      <X11/xpm.h> is deprecated since XFree86 4.2.1
      Compile unixirda, unixbluetooth and fbus-phonet unconditionally
      Fix coredump on reading clock in xgnokii
      Fix Docs/Makefile
      Quick fix for the bluetooth compile
      Fix fbus-phonet.c compilation on non-Linux systems
      Fix the warning on asprintf on newer Linux systems
      Zero the gn_sms mallocs in xgnokii_lowlevel (Ulrich Hopp)
      Add --getnetworkinfo to gnokii
      Correctly set CFLAGS with --enable-debug
      Handle correctly date/alarm in xgnokii
      Don't segfault with uninitialized data->sms_status in nk6510
      gnokii 0.5.0pre4
      The most pleasent thing. CREDITS update. Beat me if I forgot you :-)
      Move mkinstalldirs to config/
      Some spellings
      Update README and prepare to 0.5.0
      Update xgnokii version to quite current date
      Update Debian build scripts
      Update gnokii.spec
      Fix a stupid bug in configure script. When X headers were not found and 
      Fix sms_free_deleted() (Ulrich Hopp)
      Indexes of the messages list in xgnokii were switched (Ulrich Hopp)
      Bug found and fixed by Ulrich Hopp:
      Fix a comment in gsm-error.h
      Be a sainter then a pope. Paranoia checks. We have some nasty and weired 
bug here.
      Updated Estonian translation (Hans Motshärg)
      Correctly handle memory types in gnokii.c::writephonebook() (Pat Sewall)
      Bussiness spells business actually
      Add --getlocksinfo for gnokii and nk6100 support for it (Bertrik Sikken)
      Increase max calnotes number to 1024
      Fix FreeBSD build (Alexander V. Ribchansky, Peter Kolmisoppi)
      Change default smsc timeout and fix the sample gnokiirc to reflect 
changes in cfrgreder.c
      Change default smsc timeout and fix the sample gnokiirc to reflect 
changes in cfrgreder.c
      Change default smsc timeout and fix the sample gnokiirc to reflect 
changes in cfrgreder.c
      Revert the changes in cfgreader.c
      Another fix(?) for sms sending with nk6100
      Fix segfault on nk7110 sms reading
      Fix segfault on nk7110 sms reading
      Update translation files
      New versions of config.guess, config.rpath, config.sub, install-sh, 
      Fix reading caller icons in nk7110 and nk6510 drivers
      Make --getlogo caller more convinient: switch 'caller group number' and 
'logofile' arguments
      Fix(?) speeddials reading in nk7110 and nk6510 drivers
      Bug found and fixed by Uli Hopp.
      Fix vCalendar file reading
      Fix calendar notes write support in nk7110
      Fix calendar notes write support in nk6510
      Fix calendar info reading and calendar notes deletion in nk7110 and nk6510
      *.bmp is not necessarily a startup logo
      Fix multiple deletecalendarnote with gnokii and nk7110 and nk6510
      Show how to compile smsd under FreeBSD (Peter Kolmisoppi)
      Add another error handled for writing phonebook in nk7110
      Initial support for WAP Push sending in libsms (Martin Krupicka)
      Fix sms deletion for xgnokii (Ulrich Hopp)
      Mark read messages in xgnokii as read (Ulrich Hopp)
      Correct winserial.h include in tekram driver (Polik)
      Give the working config examples in gnokii-IrDA-howto (Simon Huggins)
      Refer to unixirda.c not unixserial.c on IrDA connection
      Be consistant with return values from gnokii
      Install sendsms on make install
      Sort SMS alphabetically in xgnokii (Uli Hopp)
      Save SMS to mailbox in xgnokii (Uli Hopp)
      Fix the order of the library linking
      gnokii 0.5.0pre5
      Updates Germany operator names (Ruotger Skupin)
      English grammar corrections in smsd's README
      Fix ReplyGetCharset segfault in AT driver
      Fix phonebook reading when ucs2 encoding is not available in at driver
      Define gn_elog_handler as NULL in xgnokii, gnokiid and smsd
      Note that /dev/ttySX is the Linux notation
      Fix at driver to not segfault when writing the phone entry with xgnokii
      Osma Suominen converted nk3110 driver to life, made it compile and 
started to work on it
      Fix writing phonebook entries with at driver and hex gsm alphabet
      Autoupdate po files
      Add ladis to MAINTAINERS
      gnokii 0.5.0pre6
      Don't output unnessesary messages without debug
      Ease a bit compilation procedure on MacOS X and update MacOS X docs 
      Avoid infinite recursion on installing locales from xgnokii (Malte 
      Protocol info on 3410 phones (Bertrik Sikken)
      Slovakian Globtel became Orange
      Fix segfault when saving SMS to mailbox
      Operator names changes
      nk6510 updates:
      Fix sms sending in at driver
      Use tekram.h with WIN32
      VC6 does not define O_RDWR
      Typo (?) in nk6510 driver
      Export gn_network networks[]
      VC6 does not have mkdir()
      Correct headers in gnokii.c for WIN32
      Undef ERROR when defining own ERROR() macro to avoid conflicts
      New operator in Singapore (Fabrice MARIE)
      Fix incorrect casting to char
      Propagate sms number from gn_sms_raw to gn_sms on getsms (Osma Suominen)
      Propagate sms number from gn_sms_raw to gn_sms on getsms (Osma Suominen)
      nk3110 fixes: handle memory types more nicely (Osma Suominen)
      Marcus Godehardt as the win32 port maintaner
      gnokii 0.5.0pre7
      Remove keepalive code from nk3110. Useless in this form right now. (Osma 
      Move the globals from nk3110 to te driver instance (Osma Suominen)
      Prepare for the Bluetooth support. It DOES NOT work yet
      1. Remove a line that seems totally unnecessary - it checks the
      Sanity check for data->raw_sms in nk3110.c::IncomingSMSHeader() (Osma 
      Rename 'class' field to 'm_class' (message class) from sms structs to 
avoid conflict with C++ name space
      Remove debug dprintfs
      Set number type in gnokii.c:sendringtone() (Anton V.Dorofeev)
      GN_ERR_INVALIDLOCATION is invalid, not empty location (Osma Suominen)
      Revert latest statemachine changes (Osma Suominen)
      Add bluetooth support to nk7110 driver
      AT driver also is Bluetooth capable
      AT driver works over Bluetooth tty interface
      Fix C++ namespace clashes: try, this, new (Marcus Godehardt)
      Rfcomm channel has uint8_t type (Marcel Holtmann)
      Fix string -> bdaddr_t conversion in cfgreader
      Use socket interface when the bluetooth connection is correctly 
configured in .gnokiirc and tty interface otherwise
      MacOS X README update (Ruotger Skupin)
      Align configure optional packages descriptions
      gnokii 0.5.0pre8
      Don't sent the initial sequence with FBUS over Bluetooth (Marcel Holtmann)
      Remove unly #ifdefs. The cases are handled in unixbluetooth.c and 
      We need this ugly ifdef in fbus.c (Osma Suominen)
      Move null terminating of the decoded strings to gsm-encoding.c
      Don't send the initial sequence with FBUS over Bluetooth and initialize 
just once (Marcel Holtmann)
      Sync po files with current sources
      gnokii should compile cleanly on boxes without bluetooth
      Comments updates and whitespace fixes
      gnokii 0.5.0pre9
      Add duncall.txt
      Cleanups in smsd code
      Nokia 6360 confirmed to work (Scott Hepler)
      More fixes to nk3110 sms code (Osma Suominen)
      Final(?) reorganization of the include hierarchy
      Deprecate u8, u16 and bool types in the exported headers
      Small cleanups in the include
      Add make install target for includes subdir
      Fix missing/incorrect includes
      Move win32/gnokii_vc6 to gnokii/MSVC6
      Add missing headers
      Nokia 6610 works with nk6510 and at drivers (Jorge Van Hemelryck)
      nk6100 should support Nokia 5100
      Try to avoid 'invalid multibyte sequence' error from xgettext
      Get rid of --rpath
      Get rid of the missing parethensis warning
      Add includes for fbus functions in nk6160
      Whitespace fixes
      Headers cleanup
      Headers cleanup
      Headers cleanup
      Headers cleanup
      Headers cleanup
      Try to avoid #ifdef __unices__
      Some more error handling in nk3100 (Osma Suominen)
      More header cleanups
      gnokii 0.5.0pre10
      Let configure check for <sys/file.h>
      Use #include <gnokii.h> instead of #include <gnokii/*.h>
      gnokii 0.5.0pre11
      Don't require pthreads for gnokii
      Detect stdint.h include in configure
      Fix DLR3P support for nk7110 driver
      gnokii 0.5.0rc1
      Fix stupid typo in the FBUS Bluetooth support (Marcel Holtmann)
      s/Janík/Janik/ in translatable strings
      Don't use u8 type in the exported headers
      Switch black and white in BMP handling (Polik)
      BMP handling fixes: no segfault with --viewlogo, assume oplogo on 
      s/Reporting-HOWTO/Bugs/ (Helge Deller)
      Add the next case of the error handling to phonebook writing in nk6510 
      Nokia 3650 info
      Edit.xpm is not used in xgnokii_calendar.c
      sms_dump_raw is only debug function
      gnokii 0.5.0rc2
      Support for pkgconfig added
      Use major and minor versions and solibs for libgnokii
      Updates to spec file. RPM 4.x required
      Get rid of HAAVE_BLUETOOTH in the exported header
      Another typo
      Information about ldconfig, /etc/ and such after issuing 'make 
      Report 'Bluetooth: no' in te configure summary when bluetooth libraries 
are not found
      More updates to the spec file (Tom G. Christensen)
      Typo in gnokii.pc
      Move gnokii.pc to the devel package in the spec file
      gnokii 0.5.0rc3
      Include <sys/types.h> in compat.h
      s/UpperCase/lower_case/ in api
      Cleanups in the exported headers
      Add new ids for bluetooth over phonet for nk6510 driver
      Initialize Bluetooth in correct way
      Bluetooth support for nk6510 driver over FBUS
      Don't loop forever with irda/bluetooth connection
      Proper Bluetooth support for the FBUS mode
      Add the needed header to atbus driver
      Add the sanity check
      Read the Bluetooth device address from the port config variable
      Define uint8_t for MSVC6
      Fix gnokii.h for Solaris
      Typo (Marcel Holtmann)
      Say 'no' in configure output when IrDA support is not enabled
      Detect gethostbyname() in configure
      Avoid warnings in compilation on Solaris
      Translate Bluetooth address in much nicer way
      Remove unneeded #ifdef HAVE_BLUETOOTH
      No need to generate include/gnokii/data.h from include/gnokii/ 
(rename the file)
      Don't modify const variable
      Correctly link xgnokii
      Hide rfcomm_cn from the config file (Marcel Holtmann)
      Another typo found by Marcel Holtmann
      Update gnokii.h for FreeBSD (Panagiotis Astithas)
      gnokii 0.5.0rc4
      Bluetooth docs updates
      Fix irda link connection
      Fix SMS sending
      Remove unused variable
      Avoid compiler warnings
      Avoid compiler warnings
      Fix SMS reading when there's an UDH in the message
      gnokii 0.5.0
      Missing <stdarg.h> include for va_list in gnokii.h
      Fix segfault when using locking and bluetooth connection
      Use /var/run instead of /var/lock directory for locking on Solaris
      Exit with code 1 when gnokii is called with incorrect options
      gnokii 0.5.1
      Build bz2 archive with make_pkg
      Estonian translation updated (Hans Motshärg)
      sendsms utility should use --getphonebook instead of --getmemory (Ville 
      Use INSTALL_DATA from the configure script in the Makefiles (Ville Skyttä)
      Make SMSD install FHS compliant (Ville Skyttä)
      Let the postgres installation script create user, database and index and 
connect to the database (Ville Skyttä)
      Rollback the pq installation script change
      Added French translation (Olivier Kaloudoff)
      Fix logic inversion error when terminating the connection
      Error messages cleanups
      Let INSTALL instruction match real procedure
      gnokii 0.5.2
      Cleanup code paths
      gnokii --help should work if there's no config file (suggested by Pavel 
      Avoid warnings when detecting irda headers
      Be sure to have all libgnokii flags in gnokii.pc
      Allow to input SMS with more then 160 characters
      Fix sending concatenated text messages
      Return correct type value from phonet_send_message()
      Handle the error in nk6510 driver when number with incorrect characters 
inside (eg. space) is attempted to be saved
      Strip the spaces in the number to be saved in the addressbook
      Update README to reflect API changes
      Add missing manual pages for executables
      Install new manpages with make install
      Small cleanups
      Change separator of date-time field in vCal from 't' to 'T' -- it was 
confusing Mozilla Calendar
      Fix vCal support: between key and colon there can be whitechars (as it is 
done by Mozilla Calendar)
      Experimental support for LDAP addresbook
      Use #defines instead of magic numbers when handling phonebook
      Don't clear gn_phonebook_entry when parsing vCard/LDIF file. Ommit latest 
\n inside each LDIF entry
      Handle 'empty block' error in writephonebook() for nk6510 driver
      Add LDIF support for phonebook; more reliable writephonebook()
      Really add gn_memory_type2str()
      Use INSTALL_DATA instead of INSTALL for xgnokii (Ville Skyttä)
      Fix stupid bug in deletesms() in nk6510 driver causing incorrect message 
to be deleted
      Add gn_phonebook_entry_sanitize() and gn_number_sanitize()
      Add utf8 and base64 support (Martin Goldhahn, Pawel Kot)
      Use base64 encoding for non ascii entries in ldap addressbook -- for 
Mozilla (Martin Goldhahn, Pawel Kot)
      Small code reorganization: separate base64 and utf8 functions, rename 
utf8 functions, avoid compiler warnings
      Bumb libgnokii version
      Add a file with a history of the API changes
      Add missing include
      Few improvments in script for building the tarballs
      gnokii 0.5.3
      Fix the date in the README
      Bump the version number for win32 port
      win32 update: fix compilation warnings
      Fix the argument order in base64_encode() caller
      Fix gnokii.c:deletesmsfolder(): incorrect struct field was examined
      win32 update: read() needs #include <io.h>
      gnokii.c: comment out useless code
      win32 update: use \033 sequence instead of \e
      win32 update: fix compilation warnings
      win32 update: fix compilation warnings
      win32 update: fix compilation warnings
      win32 update: fix compilation warnings
      win32 update: fix compilation warnings
      win32 update: fix incorrect paths in libgnokii.dsp
      win32 update: add ldif.c to libgnokii.dsp
      win32 update: *.dsp files need \r\n line terminating
      win32 update: gnokiid.lib needs to be in $(ProjDir) not in $(ProjDir)\lib
      gnokii 0.5.4
      win32 update: *.dsp files need \r\n line terminating
      gettext 0.12.x requires MSGID_BUGS_ADDRESS variable in po/Makevars
      Nokia 6100 support
      Fix concatenated sms support for unicode sms
      Update French translation (Olivier Kaloudoff)
      gnokii 0.5.5
      Nokia 6250 has irda
      gnokii 0.5.7
      Update make_dist script to inform about generating tar.bz2 tarball
      Add Nokia 3510i to the supported phones list
      Correct id for Nokia 3510i
      FAQ update
      s/rttl/rtttl/ as of ringing tone text transfer protocol
      Add make call command support for at driver (Igor Popik)
      Reflect the changes on
      Apply patches from patches/ when preparing the tarball
      Include common/vcal.c in the release tarball
      Add at_decode and at_encode function to atgen driver doing the right 
thing for the given encoding (Hugo Hass)
      gettextize does not require AC_OUTPUT(intl/Makefile)
      Update INSTALL to match contents
      Update INSTALL to match contents
      Coding style
      Update autogenerated files to more recent versions
      Revert the last change to
      Get gnapplet.sis for the tarball and install it then present
      Update autogenerated files to more recent versions
      Prepare to version 0.6.1
      Formatting issues
      Added Docs/README-Symbian
      Forgot to set the release date
      Use libtool --tag=CXX for newer autotools and crosscompile/distcc/ccache 
      Fix FreeBSD build with pkt.c (Shawn Kennedy)
      Understand escaped semicolons in the phonebook csv input
      Function name change
      Allow to write empty name and number to the phonebook
      Fix a comment
      * gnokii updates
      Add null pointer checking to links/* files
      Update Slackware package build scripts
      Clean strings before using them in phonebook reading (Dmitry Astapov)
      Fix mixed name/number entry fields usage (Peter Grandi)
      Allow to open any config file
      Fix Windows build -- link gnapplet to libgnokii.dll
      Check the retval from char_unicode_encode() and pnok_string_encode()
      Revert gn_cfg_read() signature changes and mark it as deprecated.
      Bump libgnokii version to 2.1.0
      Introduce LIBGNOKII_VERSION (Helge Deller)
      Fix nk7110 driver writephonebook broken by the latest unicode fixes
      Add known error core for operator logo saving
      Don't refuse to work with Nokia 6100 in other configuration then 
      Add Windows IrDA support (Phil Ashby)
      Add info about possibility to have smaller binaries with MSVC (Phil Ashby)
      New CREDITS
      Whitespace cleaning
      Detect libical on configure (Pawel Kot, Martin Goldhahn)
      Detect libical on configure (Pawel Kot, Martin Goldhahn)
      Document API changes
      Handle correctly empty calendar entries
      Handle correctly empty calendar entries
      Update gnokii --help output
      Update INSTALL to reflect libical changes
      Revert libtool CXX change. It was silly and all problems related to this 
are my fault. We don't need it at all
      Add direct.h autodetection
      Typo and a minor update
      Extract !HAVE_IRDA to a separate file
      Various irda driver updates: cleanups, making it work with cygwin (Pawel 
Kot, Phil Ashby)
      Add devices/irda.h header I forgot to commit along with irda changes
      Finish smsd libtoolization: use *.lo objects instead of *.o
      Don't force the installation mode (Ville Skyttä, Pawel Kot)
      Add vCal write support when there's no libical in the system
      Make af_irda.h system header
      TODO: we have irda support for win32
      Include only valid headers
      Fix win32 includes
      Fix a typo (Phil Ashby)
      Use instead of
      Remove broken link, translate to Polish
      Remove empty xgnokii section
      Replace FAQ with a current one
      Remove obsolete parts
      flex generated file is now called gnvcal.c not vcal.c
      Deprecate gnokii-debug target
      Updated xgnokii help
      We use .la objects. not .o
      phonet_open() returnes bool, not void
      Remove not used variables
      Remove not used variables, add required includes
      gnvcal.c (generated by flex) is not for WIN32 target (well, this is FIXME)
      gettimeofday() and timersub() depend on HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY and 
      Add int types defined in stdint.h or inttypes.h on systems without these 
      Add missing headers
      MSVC has limits.h needed for INT_MAX
      MSVC has sys/stat.h needed for struct stat
      Remove debug level as it collides with gnokii DEBUG
      gnokii win32 release should be multithreaded model (not singlethreaded)
      Add common/links/gnbus.c and common/vcal.c as compilation sources for MSVC
      gnokii builds again with MSVC6
      Update INSTALL with enviromental variables for configure script 
      Add macros needed to --with-included-gettext to work correctly
      Correctly add linking libraries where needed
      Notice libiconv as the source of our m4 reallocatable macros
      Add Martin Goldhahn to CREDITS
      Add m4 macros to allow harmless build on all (?) platforms
      Fix iconv() warnings. Use ICONV_CONST
      Change the condition to be more sane. int cannot be equal to LONG_MIN or 
to LONG_MAX. Compare just to INT_MAX
      Fix compilation warnings
      should be at /share/doc as FHS says
      Use correct encoding on SonyEricsson (encode everything) -- Hugo Hass
      Use correct make name in the banner sayin to run make install
      gnokii 0.6.2
      Build atsoer.c under MSVC
      Protect atsoer.h with _gnokii_atsoer_h, not _gnokii_ateric_h
      Remove no longer needed win32.bat
      Build intl/ only when it's needed
      Use correct declaration of locale_charset()
      gnokii 0.6.3
      Add more workarounds for SonyEricsson (Hugo Hass)
      Fix incorrect bracketing in gnapplet driver (Greg Alt)
      When AC_PATH_X returns empty set of x_includes, but X11
      Use pg_config instead of hardcoding path in smsd
      Initialize error variables in gnokii.c. These were not initialized in case
      Use existing locale of the HTML help in xgnokii (Ville Skytta, Pawel Kot)
      Fix MSVC debug build
      Add Nokia 6800 support
      Enlarge room for text in 'Overwrite file?' dialogs to 255 characters
      Fix incorrect set of operator_logo_width in Nokia 8310 (Giorgio Rusconi)
      Make gnokii compile under NetBSD (Richard M Kreuter)
      Mention Nokia 6800 as supported
      Clear phonebook entry before parsing an input into it
      Make gnokii --writephonebook --find-free work
      Don't loop infinitely while waiting for user's answer when reading
      Implement end keyword for --gettodo, --getcalendarnote, 
--deletecalendarnote and --deletephonebook
      Update gnokii.1 manpage (Reiner Steib)
      Fix typos
      Fix gnokii --deletephonebook with 'end' keyword
      Update gnokii-ir-howto: mention Nokia models it describes, add note about 
USB adapters and fix some typos
      nk6510 supports Nokia 6230 (Oliver Jusinger)
      Fix the problem with exiting when the device is locked and the config 
file tells to use locking. In gnokiid case it caused segfault
      gnokii 0.6.4
      Estonian translation updated. Added xgnokii_xring.c to (Hans 
      Correctly read SMS datetime in nk6510 driver
      Add the ability to set datetime with gnokii --savesms
      Add the FAQ entry about correct win32 configuration and the relevant 
option in gnokiirc
      Add date validation
      Remove API-Changes. Noone updates it and it is misleading at the moment
      msgmerge all po files
      Don't forget to update copyrights
      Fix nk6510 todo writing (Balint Reczey)
      Formatting (coding style and output format
      Make the retransmission policy optional. You can turn it on/off in the 
config file using sm_retry variable. It just disables retransmission of the 
frames in case of timeout. The retransmission is disabled by default
      Make the retransmission policy optional. You can turn it on/off in the 
config file using sm_retry variable. It just disables retransmission of the 
frames in case of timeout. The retransmission is disabled by default
      The names of the files have changed
      Add  to libgnokii.a target
      In xgnokii, in the logo manager, in the operator drop down list, notice 
the country origin for each operator (to let choose the right operator in case 
of the names conflict). Suggested by Daniele Forsi
      Use all parameters for AT+CPMS command: where to read, delete, write, 
send, receive short messages (David Vrabel)
      Make configurable to choose where to expect new messages for smsd (David 
      Skip leading '+' in the numbers of unknown type (David Vrabel)
      Add the ability to search the network code knowing its name and country 
of origin
      Allow to set the correct operator logo when saving it with logo manager
      Don't crash in xgnokii with the locale set (with the dot)
      Finally fix the issue with xgnokii locale. Thanks to Daniele Forsi
      Fix gn_network_code_find() function (Daniele Forsi)
      Added gnokiid AT command set documentation (Daniele Forsi)
      gnokiid: use correct time field from the sms structure (Daniele Forsi)
      Fix printing year > 2004 in the debug output for SMS
      Handle new frames in nk6110 driver reported Daniele Forsi
      Correctly handle --disabled options to configure
      Fix off-by-one potential bug in findcrlfbw() [bug #12373] (Jens)
      Fix an overflow within at driver when reading the phonebook encoded in 
AT_CHAR_UCS2 [bug #12375] (Jens)
      Fix vcard writing which appended a newline character at the end of each 
entry [bug #12367] (Pawel Kot)
      Fix formatting
      Advice to use --smsc option to --sendsms when smsc number cannot be read
      Remove unnecessary switches on smsc->format and smsc->validity in nk6110 
driver [bug #12338] (Pawel Kot)
      Escape cr, lf, ';', ',', '\' characters in the phonebook entires for raw 
and vcard types [bug #12217] (Pawel Kot)
      Remove unused variables
      Remove unused variables. Reformat the code.
      Remove unused variables
      Fix a typo (% -> %s).
      Formatting fixes
      Formatting fixes
      Aldd the ability to read the configuration from memory (let the file 
reading things do the application) (Bastien Nocera)
      Remove forgotten debug printf()
      Update copyright info
      Update copyright info
      Update copyright info
      Update copyright info
      Update copyright info
      Fix the code formatting and use defines instead of magic numbers, fix 
exit paths, don't hardcode /usr/src/linux path, but use /lib/modules/[uname 
      Update copyright info
      fix debian smsd build
      Update copyright information
      Update copyright information
      Update copyright information
      Update copyright information
      Update copyright information
      Update copyright information
      Update copyright information
      Add more models to blacklisted for irda/fbus in the nk6510 driver
      Update irda problem information
      Update README: new relase, new tested models, third-party applications, 
release note
      Copyright issues seem to be resolved right now
      Prepare release 0.6.5
      Sources patching doesn't work right now
      Update slack-descs
      Fix off-by-one bug in xgnokii sms number handling; submitted by 
anonymous, bug\#12827
      Update gnokii.spec
      * updates to new gnokii version
      Update Linux binary packages build scripts
      Update gnokii.spec
      Update gnokii.spec -- -n option missing
      Added gnokii.ebuild based on Gentoo mainstream
      Fix whitespace
      Add Nokia DKU2 separate module for Linux 2.4
      DKU2 is now a separate module, not the kernel patch
      Add Nokia DKU2 separate module for Linux 2.4
      Remove unneeded stuff from 2.4 dku2 driver
      Add Nokia 6170 to the supported model list
      Fix the segfault with gnokii --getfile when no local_filename is given 
and remote_filename does not contain '/' character (eg. it was given with '\' 
      Add progress information for GetFile() in nk6510 driver
      Fix whitespace
      Estonian translation from Hans Motshärg
      Set the default model in the sample config to some more recent model. 
Give some examples of the model setting
      Regenerate po files
      Reformat the code for calls handling
      Reformat the code for calls handling
      Return call date and time as subentries and show them in gnokii
      Handle invalid memory types in nk6510 driver
      Unify error messages in unixserial
      Updates to Polish translation
      Updates to Polish translation
      I commited incorrect file for the Estonian translation
      About window formatting
      Updated Polish translation
      Prepare win32 for the next release ;-) We forgot about few last ones
      Don't use lvalue casting (gcc 4.0 compatibility)
      Add missing includes for add_slashes() and strip_slashes()
      Fix compile warning on non linux
      Use return on all exit paths in NK7110_IncomingCommstatus
      Remove unused variables
      Prepare 0.6.6 release
      Update all po files
      Updated Polish translation
      Bump libgnokii version
      Fix build script
      Remove SlackBuild-xgnokii on make distclean
      Don't remove SlackBuilds when preparing a tarball
      Updates to SlackBuilds:
      Say pq/ not pq/ in README
      Nokia 6020 support (Chris Debenham)
      Synchronize FAQ with the webpage
      Nokia 6185 support
      Update supported model list
      Update cables entry in FAQ
      Update FAQ
      Don't user strndup (Marcus Pallinger, Pawel Kot)
      Upgrade to newer libtool
      Mention CA-42 cable
      Add configure option to disable unix98 pty test for clean Gentoo ebuilding
      Gentoo requires gnokii-${VERSION}.ebuild name
      gnokii 0.6.7
      Add sample of serial port setting for gnokiirc in FreeBSD
      Kill unneeded break
      Add comments to capabilites to easier recognize phones
      Read phonebook names as unicode on unicode capable phones in nk6100 driver
      Read and write calendar notes as unicode on unicode capable phones in 
nk6100 driver
      Let the driver introduce itself in the same way in 2.4 as in 2.6
      Update DKU-2 documentation
      Add sanity check to vcal converting code
      Pretty print configure --help
      Add missing line feeds
      Change the definition to match declaration
      New model id for Nokia 6230 (Richard Wallman)
      o avoid infinite loop on misconfiguration: when xgnokii doesn't
      Fixed German translation (Jens Seidel)
      Remove leftover from testing
      Remove leftover from testing
      At least in 2.4.27 kernel and later generic_read_bulk_callback and 
generic_write_bulk_callback are not exported so need to define them locally
      Update supported model list by nk7110
      Update supported model list by nk6510
      Swap CR and LF in at emulator as they were incorrectly mixed; it let's 
gnokiid work with gnokii AT driver :-) (Daniele Forsi)
      Add support for Nokia 6230i for DKU2 driver (Del)
      Fix string length calculating in at_encode()  (Daniele Forsi)
      Fix off-by-one bug in get_next_token(); found by Dave Godfrey
      Add support for wap push notification indicators recognition
      model id for Nokia 6021
      Added configure script to customize kernel sources and kernel modules 
directories for dku2 driver
      Update README-DKU2 for the new configuration instructions
      Adjust Makefiles to use configure variables
      Make more strings translatable in gnokii.c; move help entries into the 
correct locations (reported by Daniele Forsi)
      Add Nokia 6170 ids to the nokia_dku2 driver
      Update main README with DKU-2 and win32 information
      Add some function description in the header files
      Whitespace fixes
      Add \n at the end of the printable string
      gnokii 0.6.8
      When preparing the tarball generate configures for nokia_dku2 modules
      Fix a typo
      Add /net to CFLAGS for --with-bluetooth in the configure script
      error out when trying to set a memory type that's beyond what is 
supported by the AT driver
      gnokii: don't print empty entries in --getphonebook (Bastien Nocera)
      gnokii: only print an 'invalid index' error when the 'end' keyword wasn't 
used, or we managed to get the real end index (some phones don't report the end 
index) (Bastien Nocera)
      exit from char_ucs2_encode() infinite loop on the null termination 
(Bastien Nocera)
      Allocate bigger buffer for model and manufacturer in at driver (Bastien 
      Initialize state->device.device_interface
      Add xgnokii.desktop (Ville Skytta)
      Add 6021 model to nk6510 driver
      Fix xgnokii.desktop categories
      fix whitespace
      fix whitespace
      Update information about gnokii on MacOS X (Marcus Pallinger)
      Updated French translation
      File operations id-based for Nokia 6610i
      Handle more file ids
      We changed API sligtly
      Add 'FILES' section to the manual
      Point to replace dir1 and dir2 wuth real paths
      Updated Polish translation
      Minor fixes in comment
      Fix fr.po
      Use const gchar instead of gchar as the type changed in glib2. Use 
g_get_home_dir() instead of getenv("HOME") in GUI_SaveXConfig()
      Update gnokii sample config with more detailed information
      Add Nokia 6680 to nokia dku2 patches
      Sync with some of Chris changes
      Whitespace cleanups
      Move vendor and product ids to a separate header file
      Updates to DKU2 driver
      gnokii 0.6.9
      Nokia 3120 support
      Nokia 5140i support
      Typo (reported by Stuart)
      Find libical at sourceforge
      Remove leftover after debugging. Thanks to Stefan Sassenberg for spotting
      gnokii 0.6.10
      xgnokii requires now glib-2.0 and gtk+-2.0
      CVS access has changed on savannah
      Make xgnokii strings translatable
      Patch from Daniele Forsi:
      non Nokia phones are supported by AT driver -- express it more verbosly
      xgnokii: avoid coredump on the empty ringtone list
      Nokia 6235 over IrDA support
      nk6510: fix number encapsulating in the FBUS frame: when the number was 
too long the trailing digits where overwritten
      support for caller groups in ldif output (str at - patch \#4794
      gnokii --putfile should use binary open() mode (taken from bug #15031)
      Fix calnote alarm reading (Dan Oetting)
      Fix building on GNU/kFreeBSD (bug #14389)
      Make mathcing of ldif fileds case insensitive (bug #14689)
      Use more fields from Mozilla ldif (bug #14689)
      Use first ldif subentry number as the default number (bug #14689)
      With multiple entries for --writephonebook when no locations are given 
don't write them all to the same location
      Add utility
      Added LDFLAGS when linking libgnokii libraries (Luke Kenneth Casson 
      Add Nokia 6101 support
      Get rid of irda phones[] list. Use either autodetection (first device in
      savannah again changed their urls
      End time and location support for calendar in nk6510 driver. Few tweaks 
for these fields in gnokii
      calnote2_decode is nk6510 internal function
      calnote2_decode is nk6510 internal function
      Support for memo calendar type.
      Map calendar entry types for nk6510 driver to libgnokii types
      In gnokii don't output year for the alarm in the birthday calendar entries
      Fix the order of calculating alarm date
      Output calnote location (virtual and physical) in gnokii --getcalendarnote
      Fix calculation of the calnote location in nk6510 driver
      Support for external calendar parameters for xgnokii
      Dial pad for dial voice dialog in xgnokii
      Remove 6110mini.xpm -- no longer used
      Add reminder support to nk6510 driver
      Fix trailing whitespace
      Add memo support to iCal output
      Don't translate keypad labels
      Change libgnokii parts compilation order
      These strings should not be translatable
      Bump xgnokii version
      Added default preview image for logos
      Fix MakeCall in nk6510 driver -- incorrect number length was given
      Don't hardcode preview pixmaps names in xgnokii_logos (except for default)
      Use TRUE/FALSE instead of 0/1
      Fix Subscribe frame handling in nk6510 driver: don't wait for reply frame 
(it won't come), subscribe to channels where it makes sense
      Support for MakeCall (dialvoice) for some nk6510 driver phones like Nokia 
7600 or 5140i
      Fix two response frames meaning for make call handling
      Approach 0.6.11 release
      Updated Polish and French translations
      Fix again makecall. Not return an error on 6230. Note that international 
numer dialling doesn't work
      Fix FBUS initialization for slow reponding devices (like Nokia 6020)
      Added xgnokii pkg-config file
      Change xpms filenames
      Move phone pixmaps to gnokii-artwork package
      Move phone pixmaps to the separate package (gnokii-artwork)
      Mention gnokii-artwork package
      xpm phone pixmaps are no longer in xgnokii dir
      Revert last update of Polish translation
      Prepare for 0.6.11 release
      Update debian packaging scripts and gnokii.spec
      gnokii 0.6.11
      Update Debian build scripts
      Return correct error code when saving too loong ringtone. More verbose 
output for getting ringtone
      Extend GN_RINGTONE_MAX_NOTES to 1024 (Alexey I. Froloff)
      Remove compile warnings. Remove unneeded check
      No more .so files
      Avoid xgnokii segfault when gnokii-artwork is not installed
      Fix typo: s/propery/property/
      gnokii 0.6.12
      gnokii 0.6.12
      Increase size of the ringtone notes number
      Increase max sms and smsc phone number to 20
      Handle extender calendar parameters writing
      Fix typo (bug #16355)
      Fix dku2 Linux 2.4 kernel driver
      Update dku2 driver docs
      Update dku2 driver to compile with 2.6.16 kernel
      Add dku2libusb device driver -- driver for dku2 cable using libusb -- 
ported from Alex Kanavin's OBEX USB patch (Pawel Kot)
      Add Alex Kanavin to credits
      Avoid double free on lockfile unlock
      Symbian phones are note capable to use nokia_dku2 driver -- exclude their 
ids from the driver
      Fix use model/product name in AT driver
      Remove 2 seconds delay after getting phone info
      Be friendly to older compilers
      Add Nokia 6265 support (Artur Souza)
      Make dku2 libusb driver work with Symbian devices (Alex Kanavin)
      Move series60 support to nk6510 driver. Gnapplet driver supports now 
symbian model.
      Add timegm() function for the systems that do not have it
      Rollback statemachine changes. They went in by accident
      Fix Pavel Janik mangled name
      Add support for caller groups in vcards (Daniel GOllub)
      Fix segfaults with dku2libusb driver when no device is connected
      I do also tests with 6610i
      Fix dku2libusb driver broken by latest fix ;-)
      Add memory type sanitization for --getsms in at driver
      Allow the application to set encoding
      Fix SMS decoding in nk6510 driver. Length taken from the incorrect field 
could lead to some segfaults, but probably was invisible in most cases
      Add support for connection = dku5 setting
      Fix struct gn_statemachine usage
      Avoid using sprintf(buf, "%s...", buf, ...) as it doesn't work on some 
      Add more Nokia phones ids (Series40)
      Add missing part of fixing sprintf() usage
      Add MS Visual Studio 2005 support (Jari Turkia)
      show the entries when there is no name given (for example in missed calls 
or dialled numbers)
      support date fields in phonebook export and format them sanely in the raw 
      global gnokiirc-file is looked under %SYSTEMROOT%, looking from current 
working directory is a bad idea (Jari Turkia)
      locale charset win32 problem: return current code page as codeset, also 
makes multibyte-functions work; there is pretty much nothing else that can be 
done to the issue (Jari Turkia)
      snprintf fix: there seems to be some a nasty side effect in MSVC 
vsnprintf causing a couple of ugly strings. This makes the snprintf work 
similarily to unix ones (Jari Turkia)
      The string length of strings with multibyte chars is not calculated 
correctly by strlen() (Daniel Gollub)
      Exit the loop on timeout with gnokii --getphonebook
      Prepare for 0.6.13 release
      Fix nk6510 driver getfiledetailsbyid off-by-four bug
      Use GNOKII_API instead of API
      Fix kernel module headers
      Don't fail on win32 with use_locking=yes
      Save caller group as businessGroup in ldif phonebook export when present
      Fix segfault on filesystem reading
      Fix encoding issues on 64bit architectures (Daniel Gollub)
      Fix whitespace
      Fix compiler warning
      Add --config and --phone options to gnokii options.
      Add libgnokii functions to load config from the alternate file
      Split gnokii functionality across files
      Fix storing caller groups in ldif output
      Use -Wno-pointer-sign to reduce number of warnings during compilation
      Don't warn about deprecated interfaces for gnokii compilation
      Disable max_args checking in check_args -- with config options this check 
was not reliable
      -Wno-pointer-sign is already autodetected in configure
      Fix argument number checking for gnokii parameters
      Fix segfault on getting phonebook with entries with custom ringtone
      Discourage gnokiid usage for real modems
      Fix short options (-p -c) for gnokii
      Output correctly sms date in debug mode
      Better format output on shared library loading error in smsd
      #include <unistd.h> for sleep()
      Unused variable
      Fix model setting for --identify in AT driver
      --config and --phone can be used just once
      gnokii: print error messages when no config file or no phone section is 
      When configuration loading fails print config file and config phone 
section if given
      Fix compile warnings and use correct usage functions
      Fix gnokii ringtone functions arguments parsing
      Update ringtone functions usage
      Fix profile options reading
      getoptize wap options
      fix problems with exporting symbols from shared libraries/plugins with 
newer gcc versions
      Revert compiling by default all modules. Leave just libfile
      Avoid missing symbols in plugins. Part2
      Also WriteSMS needs to be exported
      -fvisibility=hidden flag is supported since gcc 3.4 (Brian Wallis)
      Add Nokia 6280 support (Kostas Peletidis)
      Add Nokia 3220 support
      Handle new type of phonebook number for new phones
      Autoreconnect smsd in case of the phone being disconnected
      Add the note that ./configure --disable-shared makes smsd not compile 
      Don't prepare distribution specific things
      gnokii 0.6.14
      Don't prepare distribution specific things
      Handle new type of phoneboo number for ldif and vcard output
      Be more complaint with vcard 3.0; use type=pref for the main number
      Add Nokia 6136 support
      Fix gnokii --setdatetime segfault
      Fix gnokii --deletephonebook incorrect argument number counting
      Add #include <limits.h> needed for MAX_INT on various platforms (Magnus 
Henoch, Petr Hruska, Kuba Tyszko)
      Add default (/usr/local) paths for FreeBSD (Petr Hruska)
      Print phonebook entry number in case when there's no subentry (Petr 
      unistd.h is not on all platforms; try to include only from compat.h (Jari 
      MSVC needs #include <stdio.h> in snprintf.c (Jari Turkia)
      MSVC fixes: string cannot be splitted with #ifdef (Jari Turkia)
      termios.h is not on all platforms; try to include only from compat.h 
(Jari Turkia)
      Add missing includes for MSVC after splitting gnokii into several files 
(Jari Turkia)
      MSVC fixes: string cannot be splitted with #ifdef (Jari Turkia)
      Initialize caller groups with GN_PHONEBOOK_GROUP_None, not 0 (Petr Hruska)
      Implement --setdatetime for AT driver (Petr Hruska)
      Implement --setdatetime and --getdatetime for AT driver (Petr Hruska)
      Initialize error variable in case of incorrect config file in SMSD
      Fix typo
      Update MSVS project files (Jari Turkia)
      Fix overflow when printing SMS date
      DCS fields in in other location in SMS Submit (waterser forrest)
      Use correct size of the user data in nk6510 driver (waterser forrest)
      Fix problem for the devices accepting only two memory types for AT+CPMS. 
Current implementation made these devices not work with gnokii (Daniele Forsi, 
Pawel Kot)
      Add new phonebook entry types
      Revert "message size fix" as it was incorrect
      For concatenated messages send the smallest part at the end.
      Fix logo options segfaults
      Fix --setlogo, --getlogo descriptions to be more strict.
      Use sizeof(wchar_t) instead of hardcoded 4 for the size of exactly one 
(Alex Villacís Lasso)
      Fix gnokiid build (includes missing)
      Make email addresses a bit spam resistant
      Update CREDITS file
      Update DKU2 documentation -- mention libusb driver, update Chris email 
      Update known bugs
      Add information about gnapplet not working on SymbianV3
      Update maintainers
      Add spam filter
      Various docs updates
      FAQ update: planet ccrma kernel incomatibility
      Small whitespace fixes
      Try to fix SMS reading for some locales (like Chinese). nk6100 driver 
still to be fixed -- I don't have handy mobile to try how to do it
      Make email addresses a bit spam resistant
      Fix --getringtone parsing options
      Update config/* files along with new Ubuntu version
      Another fix of parsing arguments for --getringtone
      Don't loose filename in --getringtone
      Define INT_MAX where it's not defined
      Avoid redefining _GNU_SOURCE
      patch #5464 by Scott Tsai
      Fix va_list calls from previous commit
      Add --enable/disable-libusb and --enable/disable-libical options to 
configure script (Michele Noberasco)
      Add AC_GNU_SOURCE to to supress autoconf warnings
      Add support for extended phonebook attributes in libgnokii (note: it 
makes libgnokii ABI backward not compatible
      Remind about running irattach for irda connection
      Add support for gnokii for reading extended phonebook
      Change type of caller_group from int to gn_phonebook_group_type
      Update TODO list
      First initialize, then use
      TODO: change structures to be dynamically allocatable
      gnokii --enterchar exits after first failure
      Add network code to --monitor output (Jari Turkia)
      Require parameters that are supposed to be numbers to be numbers
      Better support for Nokia 3200
      Update information
      smsd reconnect only after timeout
      Add support for concatenated messages with 16-bit refrence number
      Fix previous commit: 0x04, 0x06, 0x07 types are still not supported
      Make declaration match the definition
      Make atgen compile with C99 non-compiant compilers
      Update win32 build files (Jari Turkia)
      Provide replacement for va_copy() macro (Jari Turkia)
      Add --disable-irda and --disable-bluetooth options to configure
      Replace gettextize with autopoint
      Add support for Nokia 6233
      Fix libgnokii version
      fix segfault on reading empty SMS locations with certain gsm modems (bug 
#17971) (Yves PERREY)
      Avoid freeing statically allocated memory
      Update INSTALL file
      Fix thinko. Thanks Daniele
      Make --getsms arguments for on FreeBSD (bug #18532)
      Handle result from calloc and free memory when it is not needed
      Be more verbose in dku2libusb initialization. Some cleanup in dku2libusb 
      Add PM_XGNOKIIBREAKAGE and PM_FULLPBK capabilities as well as 
      Add support for blacklisting models known to be broken by xgnokii usage
      Remove irda blacklisting code from nk6510 driver (it's now in xgnokii)
      Add URL with breakage details
      Update xgnokii changelog
      Add Linux 2.6.18 compatibility to nokia_dku2 module
      Add Nokia 6155 support
      Minor updates to manpages
      There is no need to bind a bluetooth sockets
      exit when given phone model is not in 5110, 5130, 6110, 6130, 6150
      Add Nokia N70 ids
      Ask to contact with regard to protocol at the mailing list
      Add Bluetooth support for win32/MSVS 2005 (Pawel Kot, Jari Turkia)
      Update WIN32 readme (Jari Turkia)
      Small code cleanups
      Fix header includes order. Remove unnecessary assignment
      Add DTMF support for AT driver (Jeremy Laine)
      Don't free used interface
      Fix encoding to UCS2
      Avoid warnings on compilation
      Fix calculating of user data length on concatenated SMS (Alain Degreffe, 
Pawel Kot)
      AT+VTS? shoud read AT+VTS=?
      on_sms callback should have a pointer to the statemachine (Jeremy Laine)
      Add missing parameter to on_sms
      Allow to enter PIN code not from the terminal (rob_w)
      Fix array overflow (prusnak at suse dot cz)
      waitcall, todologo and ppm2nokia moved to gnokii-extras repository
      Fix winsock2 check (Jari Turkia)
      It's not an error when statemachine is in the Initialised state
      fix segfault on contacts handling in AT driver for long names (Baurzhan 
      allow to write more than 1 calendar note at a time (Carles Pina i Estany)
      Use model = symbian, not model = series60
      Name the config file which was used in the debug mode
      Pretty printing
      Improve INT_MAX detection
      Initial Samsung support (Ingmar Steen)
      Updated Swedish translation (Daniel Nylander)
      don't invoke additional fcntls when with_async is set to 0
      Remove code not used for few years already
      Fail with configure when there's no (f)lex installed nor common/gnvcal.c 
is present
      Remove all distro specific things from the packaging script
      Improve memory usage in atgen driver: a) initialize variables on driver 
initialization b) fix findcrlf() usage
      Supress compile warnings
      Add atsam.c to win32 build (Jari Turkia)
      Fix win32 build
      Add extended phonebook support to public API. Add file types to public API
      Add support for extented phonebook
      Update Polish translation
      Fix Polish translation
      Regenerate translation files
      Don't use fprintf but dprintf for debug messages
      Add translatable strings
      Update translation
      Fix --getphonebook XX n end where n > 1. Thanks Daniele for noticing.
      Prepare for 0.6.15 release
      Add additional comment
      --monitor delay requires an argument, not --monitor once
      Update Polish translation
      Update translations
      sendsms utility can now read phonebook from the phone memory
      Prepare of 0.6.15 release
      Update build instructions
      Mention our wiki site
      Prepare for the next changes
      Fix Solaris compilation (fcntl and friends)
      Provide own implementation of strndup() for non-GNU systems
      Avoid compilation warning on WIN32 in gnokii-other.c
      define _GNU_SOURCE only if it's not defined
      Upgrade also xgnokii VERSION
      Update windows project setup file to include sample config file
      gnokii 0.6.16
      Prepare for 0.6.16
      Fix --divert options parsing
      - introduce use_locking field to config structure and fill it from the 
config file (okki, Pawel Kot)
      Add sample udev rules file for Nokia DKU-2 cables
      Really add 6233 to nk6510 driver
      Fix first run of sendsms when no -forceSMread or -forceMEread flag is 
      For connection type dku2libusb treat port as the number of DKU2 USB 
endpoint. This is useful when you have more than one DKU2 phone connected to 
the computer. Numbering goes from 1 upwards
      Initilize model[]
      Fix error handling on phonebook reading
      Update Polish translation
      Autoupdate translations
      Update Polish translation
      Prepare for 0.6.17 release
      This release changes libgnokii API
      Fix typo
      pretty print dprintfs
      libgnokii version numbers from Makefile should differ from gnokii.h
      Start the next release
      add sample gnokiirc for windows
      Mark SMS messages as read/unread/sent/unsent where possible in AT driver 
(Bastien Nocera)
      Add void *callback_data argument to callback functions (Bastien Nocera,
      Add void *callback_data argument to callback functions (Bastien Nocera,
      Add void *callback_data argument to callback functions (Bastien Nocera,
      Detect getline() presence and provide its substitute (Guido Falsi, Pawel 
      Add N70 id and new endpoint addresses for nokia_dku2 module
      Use GN_CALL_MAX_PARALLEL instead of hardcode (Bastien Nocera)
      Add more sanity checks for sms reading (Bastien Nocera)
      Fix battery level reading (Bastien Nocera)
      Add support for call notifications (Bastien Nocera)
      Add support for getActiveCalls in AT driver (Bastien Nocera)
      Fix SMS outbox reading (Clemens Fruhwirth)
      Don't segfault in AT driver if data->battery_unit is not allocated 
(Bastien Nocera)
      Hide 'dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules' 
      Extend cell broadcast callback with gn_statemachine argument
      Update callback functions in gnokii to match current libgnokii
      Add support for multipart SMS receiving for smsd's MySQL backend
      ecze -> Alain Degreffe
      smsd mysql supports also multipart for outgoing sms
      Fix splitting long messages (Robert Gerlach)
      Update translations
      Add missing #include <stdio.h> for FILE definition (Guido Falsi)
      Fix some random removal
      Fix minor problems: possible overflow of sms text length in outbox, 
define MAX_SQL_CMD_LEN in the correct header, don't use gn_xlog_print()
      Fix gnokii internal function names
      Add support for SMS notifications in AT driver (Bastien Nocera, Pawel Kot)
      Fix in unsolicited messages handling in atbus driver
      Remove unused variable
      Add support for occurrences field in calendar (Keith Packard)
      Account for phonebook blocks not sent due to limited packet (Keith 
      When sending the broken-down address fields, the whole set of them 
      Treat Postal entries as addresses (Keith Packard)
      Keith Packard:
      Avoid duplicated phonebook subentries (Keith Packard)
      Speed up reading calendar entries (Keith Packard)
      Add function to libgnokii for checking available connection type
      Some minor overlook
      Make SMS notifications more protable and move specific Nokia stuff to 
      Another unknown frame guessed
      Fix incoming SMS notifications parsing. Fix memleaks. Add debug output
      gnokii 0.6.18
      Update according to recent Ubuntu version
      Match declaration with definition
      Define u_int8_t where not present
      Start preparation for the next release
      Fix base64 encoding (closes
      Fix base64 encoding issues, part2. Thanks to raorn
      Read reference id from sendsms reply (at and nk6510 drivers) and from 
delivery report (nk6510 driver)
      Fix getallfiles (Richard Lewis)
      Don't allow empty '-L' argument for Xlibs (closes (Alin Nastac)
      Return non-zero error code when --writephonebook fails (closes
      Try to avoid xgnokii freeze on exit for blacklisted phones. This is not a 
fix, just nasty workaround. Closes
      Bump xgnokii version
      Avoid misleading debug info for dku2libusb connection
      Fix segfault for sendsms in nk6510 driver
      Nokia 6300
      Initialize networkinfo structure for --getnetworkinfo (jra)
      Sony Ericsson phones can't do CREG=2 (only CREG=1), so just skip that and 
only do COPS in getnetworkinfo (jra)
      Some phones allow SMS location 0
      gnokii 0.6.19
      Add support for Nokia 6070 and 2630
      Add a note to report bugs to the most recent version
      Add error handling in gnokii security commands
      gnokii --getprofile requires ringtone_list being allocated
      Simplify Makefiles, remove obsolete targets
      Improve error messages while parsing config file
      Fix buffer size calculating in AT_WritePhonebook (Daniel Burr)
      Enhance error handling for parsing config
      Small cleanups
      Input an SMS to send beginning from the new line
      Fix compilation warnings
      Fix SMS-SUBMIT parsing in at driver
      Remove gn_file_text_save() from libgnokii API and use local writefile() 
in gnokii
      Add gn_sms2mbox() function to libgnokii to convert SMS to mbox compliant
      Update --getsms usage
      Simplify code
      Improve error handling
      Add sanitiy checks for write()/fwrite() calls
      Add some comments on the function purpose
      Remove comment no longer up-to-date
      Make atbus link driver buffer for incoming messages being dynamic size 
(was static table)
      Some whitespace cleanup
      Calculate phonebook size for SonyEricsson phones: they don't respond with 
memory stats to AT+CPBS. Calculate by reading and counting all entries (which 
is fast -- just one command)
      Calculate phonebook size for SonyEricsson phones: they don't respond with 
memory stats to AT+CPBS. Calculate by reading and counting all entries (which 
is fast -- just one command)
      Use standard paths for docdir and localedir
      Fix SetDateTime for SonyEricsson, which requires timezone to be added
      Add Nokia 6822 support (Malte Schunemann)
      Prevent strip_slashes() from stripping non-slashes
      Update installation information
      Be more specific with the error message
      Questions about Nokia n and e series
      Use macros in non-gcc specific way
      Print error about missing phone section
      Make DKU-5 connection initialisation working again
      Doing it the previous way was incorrect in any way. If fixing it do it 
      Add 6300 id
      gnokii 0.6.20
      Update xgnokii desktop file
      Improve DKU-5 initialization stage
      version 0.6.21cvs
      Fix desktop file according to spec
      Change download location of gnapplet.sis
      Final tweak of the desktop file
      New error code GN_ERR_ASYNC
      Support async way of sending SMS. The following behaviour was reported
      Portugal TMN introduces itself as P TMN
      Fix thinko
      After freeing memory set a pointer to NULL
      Add ids for Nokia 6030 (Rishi Pathak)
      Avoid memory corruption with getsms/delete sms in at driver after 
incoming sms notification (
      Update scripts
      Replace sprintfs(), strcpys() with snprintfs() all over the place 
(Bastien Nocera, Pawel Kot)
      Add more information about supported and not supported models by gnapplet
      use GN_* constants instead of sizeof because destination is a pointer to 
char (noticed by Daniele Forsi
      New Portugal translation from Pedro Silva
      Add ids for Nokia 3110 classic (Jens Wilhelm Wulf
      Install gnokii.pc with install-devel target and not install one
      Make BlueZ connection non blocking on read()
      Be careful with return value from read()
      gnokii 0.6.21
      Start 0.6.22 work
      Make Portuguese translation actually work
      Make install and install-devel targets work as they should
      Install xgnokii.pc with install-devel, not install
      make install-devel should enter xgnokii dir
      Make CNMI mode argument configurable in at_driver_instance
      I didn't notice 0 as possible value to CNMI. Fixme in the future
      Don't fallback to default memory type if desired one is not available
      Add new specific driver for Motorola phones
      Reset link layer status when resending message. Extend buffer for the 
reply as a workaround for libusb problem
      Add Motorola driver to windows build
      Add MS Visual C++ 2008 support
      Export delivery report status as enum, not only text
      Fix overflow
      Increase initialization timeout
      Don't free driver instance too early
      Read buffer should be of multiplication of 64 size
      Add missing includes
      Add function to return connection name
      gnokii 0.6.22
      Docs changes I forgot to commit
      Update documentation
      Don't include packaging directory in the release tarballs
      0.6.23cvs cycle
      Advice not to put own phone number in gnokiirc
      New spec deprecates Encoding key
      Print picture message from libgnokii just in debug mode
      Print picture message from libgnokii just in debug mode
      Don't allow to build without debug
      Switch build system to automake
      Reflect automake changes
      IDEA is Orange PL for 2 years
      Update Polish MNC list
      Update gsm network list according to (using script by Jakub 
      Avoid to use hardcodes. Prefer defines instead of harcoded values
      Avoid using #ifdef WIN32 in the function body
      Include sys/stat.h and direct.h not only with WIN32
      Allow silent (make -s) build. Taken somewhere from Internet
      Correct FBUS sequence number initialization (Burkhard Soehne)
      Add missing includes on glibc 2.7 (closes (Alin Nastac)
      Avoid xgnokii segfault on calendar fetching
      Remove deprecated gn_cfg_read() function
      Add WIN32 more compatibility
      Note Ladis Michl work
      Add script that helps building gnokii CVS on win32
      Getrid of XGNOKIIDIR
      Directory name has changed
      File module depends on db.h
      Fix Postgres SMSD module compilation
      Install manpages with make install
      Add --disable-smsd option to disable smsd compilation and installation 
(Fred Lefevere-Laoide, Pawel Kot)
      Forgot to commit this change with --disable-smsd change
      Minor tweaks
      automake 1.8 seems to be enough
      Avoid dlerror() usage. It's not needed anymore
      Define SMSD version in Mention gnokii version within smsd 
      make install-devel is no longer valid
      Trailing \n with --sendsms was not calculated into sms length but it was 
added into sms text; as the result if \n was 161st char in the sms and it was 
the last one we were telling user that just one sms will be sent and we sent two
      Initialize call table with Idle state for checking active calls. 
Formatting issues
      Print out rf level even if gnokii structures are not initialized
      Guess what the frame could mean
      Print more verbose information
      Print more verbose information when handling sms retrieval
      Add call notification handler in nk6510 driver
      First attempt to fix problem with getting folder list on some Series40 
      xgnokii no longer provides VERSION file
      Duplicate smsd log output in xdebug
      Add more debug information when deleting SMS from the phone
      Add xgnokii docs to the tarball with dist target
      For unknown reason before running wget there was empty gnapplet.sis file 
created and --no-clobber option caused not to retrieve an actual file
      gnokii 0.6.23
      while( -> while (
      Prepare new API for config handling. It will allow third party 
applications to use own configuration
      make dist should contain getopt/ directory
      Try to make an impression that sll phones are supported
      Fix Polish characters encoding in ChangeLog (now UTF-8)
      gnokii 0.6.24
      Add Docs/ files to the dist tarball
      Let exit on any error
      tm_mon in tm struct starts with 0 (Wiesław Ochmiński)
      Allow to use --entersecuritycode with another gnokii command (Pavel 
      All specialized functions return gn_error
      gnokii 0.6.25
      Add information about port setting with connection=dku2libusb
      Support 4-bytes cell id (at driver and gnokii output).
      Better handle empty +COPS responses
      Add comments on reason of putting separate GetMemoryStatus implementation 
into atsoer.c
      Avoid 'duplicated message' error with concatenated messages on 
smsd-mysql. More verbose debug for smsd.
      Handle registration status notifications in AT driver
      Handle no '\n' sign at the end of the config file
      Don't allocate memory for comments for in-memory config representation
      Comments may start at any position in the line
      Detect when no default recipient number is defined and print appropriate 
      Print out LAC and CID as decimal as well
      Handle swapped LAC bytes for +CREG response
      Add separate files for LG and Sagem phones
      Fix phone names in comments
      Add new files to compilation and distribution
      Correctly refer to phones in the comments
      gnokii 0.6.26
      Bump smsd version
      Advance progress indicator for file download in place (Yoni Rabkin)
      Advance progress indicator for file download in place (Yoni Rabkin)
      Advance progress indicator for file download in place (Yoni Rabkin)
      Print SMSD version on configure output
      Advance progress indicator for file download in place (Yoni Rabkin)
      Add callback function for advance progress indication
      Fix comment typo
      Update translations
      Updated Polish translation
      Initialize networkinfo
      Avoid segfault on phonebook entry with empty last name on samsung. 
reported by verm
      Update Nokia DKU2 rules sample file for udev
      Update Polish translation
      Undef HAVE_SNPRINTF for win32 MSVC/MSVS
      Fix encoding issues
      Update TODO
      Fix exporting issues (fixes win32 build)
      Get rfcomm channel autodetection code from gnome-phone-manager
      Detect empty/invalid SMS locations in nk6510 driver
      Add unconditional divert type (reason)
      Better handle call divert in at driver. Cleanup divert functions in at 
      More cleanups with divert functions
      Add recent smsd updates to main Changelog
      Fixes potential stack corruption with long phone names; fixes #23941 
      Don't use variable after it is freed
      Align --showsmsfolderstatus output -- folder abbreviation can have up to 
3 chars
      Be  more verbose when the phone doesn't support PDU SMS mode in AT driver 
(Carles Pina i Estany)
      Replace SMS reading implementation for Series40 3rd Edition and later 
      Fix S40_30 mode for getsms(): we might fallback into it earlier and 
therefore ValidateSMS() could succeed.
      Do some reply_simpletext() refactoring to make it more readable
      Implement --shell option that will allow to run more than one gnokii 
command inside one session
      Write an information whether gnokii will be compiled with or without 
readline support on configure output
      Write an information whether gnokii will be compiled with or without 
readline support on configure output
      Exit on unsuccessful initialization (fixes segfault with --shell command)
      Change --shell prompt to 'gnokii>' to make sure it's not confused 
(suggested by Daniele Forsi)
      --shell command does not set argv[0]. don't display it when it's NULL
      Add comments to gnokii_strsplit() changes
      Make phonebook work on all Samsung phones (not just these with extended 
phonebook support). Make extended phonebook configurable. FIXME: detect which 
phones support extended phonebook.
      Move config.rpath from config/ to toplevel (it is missing with build from 
      Add iconv.m4 and codeset.m4 for older distros to be able to build CVS 
      Remove unneeded defines
      Whitespace cleanup
      Nokia 3110c needs explicit information on SMS being retrieved using files
      Print out an overrun frame when detected
      1. Map-struct functions support now timeout.
      Cleanup whitespace and compilation warnings
      Sagem was reported to encode numbers (bug #24116)
      Use -N instead of -r in addition to -O option to make new wget happy
      Update Polish translation
      usb_open() on DKU2 device just once -- otherwise it doesn't work on 
      Samsung SHG-L760 was reported to respond to some commands without echoing 
the original request
      SMS folder abbreviation may be 3-char
      Extend max SMS folder name length
      Make some cleanups to recent SMS changes
      Whitespace fixes
      Readd acx_pthread.m4. Without it smsd build fails on Ubuntu 8.04 with:
      Sanity check: check fgets() retval
      Regenerate translation files
      Update TODO
      Update Polish translation
      gnokii 0.6.27 to be released tomorrow
      Use firefox as default browser for xgnokii, not mozilla
      Default smsd module should be file module
      Update copyright date
      Print more verbose messages on device locking problems
      Add GN_ERR_LOCKED error code
      Update obsolete error message
      Starting new release cycle
      Update Polish translation
      Fix groff warnings
      Motorolas use mostly MT memory type for SMS
      Attempt to fix Mac OS X build
      file plugin should link with glib (fixes Mac OS X build)
      Add missing include
      Mark declarations as extern and not inline
      Link explicitely additional libs (fixes Mac OS X build)
      Use mysql_config5 instead mysql_config if it's available (fixes build on 
Mac OS X)
      gcc doesn't handle well -framework option
      Don't link plugins with -no-undefined
      Fix typo
      Fix mysql detection
      Fix again mysql detection
      Strip trailing '\r's when parsing vcard files
      Need more space for printing folder name
      Fix incorrect usage of snprintf
      warning: ignoring return value of ‘asprintf’, declared with attribute 
      Use = instead of == in configure to be compliat with sh syntax (Guido 
      Enable Bluetooth support for FreeBSD
      Fix segfault on sending long sms
      Fix the warning message
      Fix the warning message
      Initialize reg_notification and reg_callback_date
      Remove outdated information
      Fix segfault on deletesms with S40_30
      Sanity checks for number of messages in folder. Increase max sms number 
in folder to 1024
      Set PM_SMSFILE for 6300
      Fix --getnetworkinfo on some phones (Siemens S55) with unregistered SIM
      Fix retval of char_ucs2_encode()
      Fix string type argument length passed to the phone. Affects just 
non-ascii input strings
      Autodetect bluetooth channel for gnapplet
      Don't use default rfcomm channel since we use autodetection.
      Cleanup the code. Don't omit closing the file on exit path
      Give a hint on orphaned config lines
      Set To headers instead of From headers when saving to mbox outbox messages
      Add missing includes for the gn_lib_init() function (Baurzhan Ismagulov)
      Add options to disable smsd/postgreq smsd plugins compilation (Alin 
      Use --disable hint instead of --enable for autodetected features
      Update gnokii --version
      Revert accidentally committed changes
      Avoid segfault with --getphonebook in AT (bug #25378)
      Call description should be printed into stdout like all other --monitor 
output and not stderr
      Fix compiler warning
      No need for strndup -- make it compile under FreeBSD < 8 (Guido Falsi)
      Smsd prints short version on startup
      Don't fallback to S40_30 mode on every error
      Implement GetSMS for fake driver for testing reasons
      1. Assign random reference ids for sent messages. Previously was always 0
      deprecate -l option for --sendsms; gnokii will now detect itself long sms
      more efficient way to get all sms
      remove make_dist script; it's not used anymore
      fix counting messages when getting multiple messages
      cache GetBattery in AT Driver as it is extensivly used by --monitor and 
doesn't change too frequently
      with multipart messages always send the smallest part as the last one
      correctly decode non-ascii characters in default alphabet messages
      if AT+GMM fails try AT+CGMM (Huawei E220 doesn't support +GMM but 
supports +CGMM); fixes #26039
      generate reference number for SendSMS in fake driver
      when sending multipart SMS return reference numbers for all the parts
      return correct number of entries for --getsms
      SMS status is sometimes not returned in nk6510 -- check for incoming 
frame length
      Remove leftover dprintf
      Free sms->reference as it is not used
      Remove ancient files. They are no longer distributed with the tarball 
      Remove obsolete files
      Update build instructions
      Update MAINTAINER information
      Remove short term TODO. They are on wiki and we forget to update the file
      Typos in CREDITS. Gosh\! We should have updated this file\!
      Don't lie about quality online documentation. We suck on documentation.
      Remove xgnokii online documentation. It's outdated
      Remove xgnokii online documentation
      Removed file
      Remove reference to xgnokii docs
      fix French translation
      avoid infinite loops in --getsms
      Add more details on bug reporting
      #include <ical.h> is deprecated. Please #include <libical/ical.h> instead.
      cleanup whitespace formatting
      More readable debug output
      Print version just once with --version and --help

plail (217):
      xgnokii calendar/contacts fixes
      Support for 6310/6510 operator logos (partially) added
      Fixed remote number being read twice
      Fixed IMEI reading
      Ported writing calendarnotes from mygnokii and some fixes
      Added an option to (de)activate SMS reading and tuned the calendar a bit
      added GetSMSnoValidate and fixed folder handling in 7110 code
      Update 04.04.2002
      added GetSMSnoValidate and fixed folder handling in 7110 code
      added GetSMSnoValidate and fixed folder handling in 7110 code
      extend GetBCDNumber by a parameter (maxlen) to avoid memory coruption
      Fix using bitmap types from different places (gsm-sms.h and gsm-bitmap.h)
      extend GetBCDNumber by a parameter (maxlen) to avoid memory coruption
      added GetMemoryStatus
      * speeded up reading contacts (skip locations after all contacts are read 
(according to memory status))
      * xgnokii updates
      strsep function provided if not present
      use strsep instead of strtok
      * strsep function provided if not present
      Enabled netmonitor in xgnokii
      fix segfault when reading more than one message in a row
      added writing of non GSM_Number subentries
      xgnokii fixes:
      added extended phonebook support
      * 6510 series updates
      updated to work/compile with the new SMS subsystem
      fixes for SMS reading
      reactivate text before picture messages
      reactivate 'text before picture' messages
      Read Recurrence from phone
      Added Recurrence to calendar
      * 7110 series updates:
      added getsecuritycode
      minor calendar fixes
      added getsecuritycode
      added getsecuritycode
      calendar recurrence fixes
      * gnokii updates:
      add --getsecuritycode to the man page
      initial version
      minor calendar fixes
      minor changes
      major SMS layout update, parse the message instead of hardcoded values
      Add 6310i to the list of supported phones
      Major cleanup in P6510_SendSMS, almost all magic numbers are gone now, it 
works here (6510)
      * 6510 series updates
      some SMS fixes: no more magic numbers when sending, speed up reading 
multiple messages, fix handling of different memory types in INBOX
      * 6510 series updates
      extend writephonebook buffer from 99 to 254
      added writephonebook functionality
      typo in P7110_WritePhonebookLocation
      raise GSM_MAX_PHONEBOOK_SUB_ENTRIES to 10, needed for 6510 series
      added nk6510_SIM_Inbox_Number, ugly but necessary at the moment
      * gnokii fixes
      copied writecalendar functionality from 7110, pretty much the same
      some small fixes, RF and battery level mainly, deleted functions which 
will never work (security functions), add startup functions
      * 6510 series updates
      add profile reading
      * 6510 series updates
      add speed dials reading/writing
      * 6510 series updates
      add initial code for keypress emulation and radio commands, delete some 
testing code from clock functions, add GetStartupGreeting and GetAnykeyAnswer 
(not really usefull yet, as there are no command line switches yet)
      * 6510 series updates
      fixes to my last commit, sorry
      should have been in the last commit, sorry again.. not my day
      changes date/time subtype
      o fix date/time reading
      * 6510 series updates
      minor fixes for long phonebookentries
      fixes for long phonebookentries
      * 6510 series updates
      fix SMS reading
      * xgnokii fixes:
      make RF/battery level behave more correctly on 6110 phones
      fix date/time display
      * xgnokii fixes:
      delete duplicated entry, add 8310 to the list of supported models
      update to reflect recent changes
      remove PM_NETMONITOR for 6510 series phones
      o move GetUnreadMessages from gsm-sms.c
      o fix GSM_ReadSMSnoValidate
      o add GetSMSnoValidate
      replace GOP_FindUnreadSMS with GOP_GetUnreadMessages
      minor fixes to make SMS reading work again
      * 6510 series updates
      added Len Trigg
      reset Bitmap->Name before reading callergroups
      add DeleteSMS to API
      add DeleteSMS
      change behaviour of DeleteSMS to be consistant with GetSMS
      change deletesms() to reflect changes in API
      add DeleteSMS to API
      rename DeleteSMS to not conflict with new API
      * 6510 series updates
      ignore validity when sending SMS for the moment, as it does not work
      remove unused variable
      o re-add IncomingSecurity
      * 6510 series updates
      define P6510_MSG_SECURITY 0x08
      o add IncomingSubscribe/Subscribe
      #define P6510_MSG_SUBSCRIBE 0x10
      * 6510 series updates
      add GOP_Subscribe
      minor fixes
      display SMSC number if no name is found, make SMS sending work again
      adapt DelSMS to new API
      do not return (none) when SMSC has no name, but NULL
      * 6510 series updates
      stupid typo
      fix SMS reading, add Validity to SMS sending, minor fixes
      fix displaying of picture messages
      * 6510 series updates
      add URL to phonebook entries (6510 series only)
      return GE_EMPTYLOCATION when there is no op logo to read, add 
IncomingWAP, change default group to No Group when reading contacts, SMSSend fix
      change default group to No Group when reading contacts
      add GSM_URL
      #define P6510_SUBCLO_DATE_UPD_RCVD 0x0e
      * 6510 series updates
      minor cleanups and fixes
      update to be up-to-date with what`s implemented
      6510 protocol updates to be up-to-date with what`s implemented
      cleanups and fixes to work with 6510 type logos
      define GSM_MAX_BITMAP_SIZE 1000
      some cleanups and fixes to work with 6510 type logos
      add setting bitmaps
      * gnokii updates:
      fixes for 6510 series
      fix setting speeddials
      minor bitmap fixes
      * xgnokii updates:
      add ID
      fix reading messages from IN/OUTBOX (ugly)
      add --gettodo
      add nokia-decoding
      * gnokii updates:
      fixes for SMS and ToDo reading
      make InsertFolderElement less error prone
      add ToDo writing
      add ToDo handling
      minor fixes, add ToDo writing
      * gnokii updates:
      translation update
      removed unused variable
      add WAP handling (only reading/deleting so far)
      add WAP handling (only reading/deleting so far) and deletealltodos (no 
support in gnokii.c yet)
      * gnokii updates:
      add 6310i and 7650 to the list of supported phones
      add deletealltodos, writewapbookmark, writewapsetting, activatewapsetting
      add deletealltodos, writewapbookmark, writewapsetting, 
activatewapsetting; fix smsstatus
      update to latest changes
      hopefully fixed identify
      fix Inbox status reading and UDH on GSM_Submit messages, remove 
      7110: fix Inbox status reading and UDH on GSM_Submit messages, remove 
      remove GetUnreadMessages
      fix DeleteSMS
      change Time to SMSCTime
      add DeleteSMSnoValidate
      fix deleting SMS messages
      add DeleteSMSnoValidate, fix xgnokii SMS reading
      add alarm/date/time writing
      sort the functions: incoming above all corresponding get/set functions 
      change PNOK_FBUS_SendSMS to _EncodeSMS, change phone drivers accordingly
      change PNOK_FBUS_SendSMS to _EncodeSMS, change phone drivers accordingly
      extend/add SaveSMS functionality for 6110/7110 series
      extend/add SaveSMS functionality for 6110/7110 series
      make ValidateSMS more robust, remove message checking when receiving a 
SMS IncomingFolder)
      make ValidateSMS more robust
      make ValidateSMS more robust(6510/7110)
      phonebook: name can be assigned to both bitmap and phonebook entry
      fix // style comments
      change strncpys to snprintfs
      remove translatable strings from dprintfs
      fix data->SMSFolder mess (GetSMS/GetSMSStatus)
      fix data->SMSFolder mess (GetSMSStatus)
      remove SMSFolder workarounds in GetFolderChanges
      remove unnecessary GSM_Data declarations
      change some stdout to stderr, fix getwapbookmark output, remove SMSFolder 
hack from getsms
      * 6110 series updates:
      implement WAP (all but writing settings)
      implement WAP (all but writing settings)
      implement WAP (all but writing USSD settings)
      Get rid of the global GSM_Data in xgnokii_lowlevel.c
      remove data->Bitmap = NULL assignment as it should be obsolete now
      fix delete SMS messages, fix problems with date when exporting SMS 
messages, remove all // style comments
      SMSC numbers can be longer than 12 -> changed to 14
      add create/delete folder
      add create/delete folder, savesms (may be dangerous)
      * 6510 series updates:
      update to latest changes
      add gn_sms_pack_date_time
      use real date/time when saving SMS messages
      * libsms updates:
      initial dialvoice support
      6510: initial dialvoice support
      fix the three bugs reported by Paul Vriens on the ML
      fix the three xgnokii contacts bugs reported by Paul Vriens on the ML
      fix calendar notes deleting for 7110/6510 series, date/time problems, 
recurrence display
      xgnokii: fix calendar notes deleting for 7110/6510 series, date/time 
problems, recurrence display
      fix number loss when changing SIM to phone and contacts being saved 
although cancel was pressed
      xgnokii_contatcts: fix number loss when changing SIM to phone and 
contacts being saved although cancel was pressed
      7110: netmonitor fixes
      hopefully proper unicode support
      adapt to new unicode code
      adapt to new unicode code
      proper unicode support in gsm-encoding
      unicode fixes
      add alarm status reading
      add keypress emulation
      6510: add alarm status reading\n, 7110: add keypress simulation\n, 
unicode fixes
      Typo new -> is_new

thrull (2):
      added -w option for --sendsms for wap push sending support & some library 
changes, please view ChangeLog for details
      new file for wappush support

uid66843 (113):
      Fix a typo causing formatting error in gnokii.1 (Torsten Kunkel)
      Credits to Torsten Kunkel
      Handle argument correctness to gnokii.c:getphonebook()
      gnokii --help showed incorrect --writephonebook usage
      New error code for writing phonebook in nk6510 driver
      gnokii --writephonebook was interrupted on the first error
      Don't build unixirda.c, unixbluetooth.c and osxbluetoooth.c under WIN32
      Fix indenting
      Update country and operator codes and names from 
(Krzysztof Koziarek, Pawel Kot)
      gnokii --writephonebook does not return an error with the last line 
(which is empty)
      Remove unused variables
      Set data->phonebook_entry->empty when the location is empty in AT driver 
(Igor Popik)
      Operator and country name search should be case insensitive.
      Use  detected by configure instead of hardcoded gcc in smsd Makefile 
(Guido Falsi) -- taken from FreeBSD port
      Do make install only in the dirs whre there's something to install; 
inspired by FreeBSD port patches
      Let make gnokii-debug in common/ with debug and xpm enabled.
      Add gnokii_strplit() and gnokii_strfreev() functions to ease AT commands 
parsing (Igor Popik)
      Implement GetNetworkInfo for AT driver (Igor Popik)
      gnokii 0.5.8
      Supress compilation warnings
      Update smsd's README with some module clarification
      Don't segfault on xgnokii incorrect initialization
      Nokia 3510(i) is supported
      Install po/ directory with make install (Guido Falsi)
      Remove internal debug dprintfs()
      Fix memory leaks reported by valgrind
      Added KNOWN_BUGS file
      Fix 6100 firmware version that got broken with gnokii
      Update po files
      Update config/ files to the more recent versions
      Try to avoid segfault with large phonebook reading
      Fix incorrect gnokii behaviour when reading large calendar
      Fix incorrect gnokii behaviour when reading large calendar; document the 
API changes
      API for libgnokii changes. Bump the version number
      Supress compilation warnings
      copy packaging/Debian to debian when creating a release tarball
      Remove Nokia 6100 support. It is known to break phones
      Nokia 6100 has problem even with newer firmware
      gnokii 0.5.9
      Last minute update to debian control file
      gnokii 0.5.9
      Include *.a and *.la into -devel rpm
      Correctly use gn_ringtone->notes_count; this is unsigned char
      Replace with
      Removed notice about mygnokii as it is not longer mainained; gammu seems 
not to be compatible with sendsms script
      Sync Debian buildscripts with Debian mainstream
      Improvements to make install variants
      Improvements to make install variants
      Support for delete phonebook entry in at, nk6510 and nk7110 drivers and 
gnokii (Igor Popik, Pawel Kot)
      Ron Yorston:
      Ron Yorston:
      Fix the problem in gsm-encoding.c char_ucs2_decode causing memory 
corruption. The problem was triggered with phonebook reading and AT driver. The 
entry name was UCS2 encoded and outputed in hex form. The length of the string 
was 64 where max name length is 61. As char_uni_alphabet_decode() returned 1 on 
NULL string, all 64 characters were written causing overwrite of the number.
      Fix char_ucs2_encode (Igor Popik)
      Don't require to fill in any subentry -- name and number are just enough 
(nk7110 and nk6510 drivers)
      gnokii is not Nokia only
      Fix incorrect call of PackBlock (Reiner Steib)
      Update README:
      First part of manpage update
      Avoid crash in AT_DeletePhonebook
      Set default preview browser in xgnokii to mozilla (was netscape before)
      More updates to the manpage
      Reorganize gnokii --help output
      Reorganize gnokii --help output
      Support for AnswerCall and CancelCall in at driver
      gnokii 0.5.10
      Added Nokia 5210 information
      Try to handle correctly sms empty location in at driver
      Use actual encoding in at drvier when reading network info (Igor Popik)
      Remove leading space from the model info in the at driver
      Use __unices__ instead of unices
      Small manpage update
      Set memory type and location defaults to the sane values with 
--writephonebook (ME, 1)
      Let gnokii be compatible with itself: handle X_GSM_* fields from vCard 
      Add short description of --getphonebook raw format (Reiner Steib)
      Fix spelling: OCASSION->OCCASION to make calendar import work correctly 
(Pawel Kot, Costin Grigoras)
      Fix nk6510 driver when the phone stores more then 50 entries -- previous 
fix missed some chunks
      Let xgnokii use SM/ME for simcard/phone memory in phonebook export (like 
      Support for repeat/recurrence for calendar meeting and call subtypes
      Calendar reading changes:
      Refix ;-) xgnokii export of the addressbook data (Reiner Steib)
      Correctly read bitmap names from the phone
      Forgot to commit GN_CALNOTE_MONTLY definition (for repeat/recurrence 
      Move decodephonebook() from gnokii to libgnokii as gn_file_phonebook_raw()
      Use gn_file_phonebook_raw() instead of ParseLine() in xgnokii (finallyjoe 
ChangeLogjoe ChangeLog)
      More detailes and correct information on raw phonebook format in the man 
      Describe subentry types in the natural language (sorry for my English 
;-)) not in C (suggested by Reiner Steib)
      Typo (found by Reiner Steib)
      Add memory types description to the gnokii manual page (Reiner Steib)
      Spelling: s/dialled/dialed/. This may be controversial but consulted with 
Hugh. We want uniform spelling across gnokii
      From: Ron Yorston
      Report Nokia 7250i in the docs as not working with nk6510 driver
      Update info on at tested phones
      Set logo sizes and battery level correctly for Nokia 8310
      Sort models
      AT driver: it the phone doesn't report used/total memory, return 
      Proper checking of GetMemoryStatus return value in xgnokii
      CREDITS update
      Pawel Kot does care also of nk6510 driver
      Send me the postcards too :-)
      Extend reported copyright by gnokii and xgnokii to 2004
      Disable nls support when neither xgettext nor msgfmt is found
      Formatting code
      New Polish translation (Daniel Koc, Pawel Kot)
      gnokii 0.6.0
      gnokii 0.6.0
      wctomb second argument should be wchar_t (0) and not char * (NULL)
      It appears that we had backward compatibility problem since
      Whitespace adjustments
      Update TODO
      Update gn_phone_model[] from (BORBELY Zoltan, Pawel Kot)
      manpage: mention default caller groups (Reiner Steib)

uid66849 (29):
      caller group name and ringtone will be shown
      uninitalised stack variable in IdentifyPhone
      libtool support added
      mingw cross compilation fixes
      use replacement libintl when required
      use replacement libintl when required
      __declspec(dllimport) is required if someone using a win32 gnokii.dll
      utf8 handling without nl_langinfo(CODESET)
      utils libtoolized
      configure generated po/Makefile twice
      fix incorrect escaping in
      better win32 dll support
      intl\localcharset.c added to the MSVC makefile
      subentry number field enlarged
      playringtone won't play an endless note
      "gnokii --playringtone will make your phone silent" bug documentated
      getsmsc will use the correct smsc name len
      getnetworkinfo always terminates the result
      smsd libtoolization finished
      add support for DeletePhonebook in the 6100 driver
      GNOKIIDLL_IMPORTS required on win32 platform
      reflecting smsd libtoolization in packages
      debugging support no more is a compilation option
      reset character encoding/decoding state
      better unicode encoded sms length calculation
      bump the version number
      require flex at rpm build time
      gnokii accepts range in --deletephonebook
      wctomb() second argument should be 0, not NULL

uid68500 (2):
      Fix & document alternative range of ME->computer seqnos (0x00-0x07) for
      3110 series seqno fix documented


libgnokii and core programs

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