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Business / Financial Benefit from UK

From: Aqeel Ahmad Chughtai
Subject: Business / Financial Benefit from UK
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 09:30:40 +0300


Mr. Aqeel Ahmad Chughtai
Aberystwyth, Wales, UK.
Email: address@hidden

Kindly Pardon me if this my letter would be an embarrassment to you for I am 
Mr. Aqeel Ahmad Chughtai, a Balochistan tribeman writing you from Aberystwyth, 
United Kingdom and I am presently on Political Asylum in the UK where I and 
several other Balochs sought refuge from the oppressive regime of the Iranian 

I am a council leader for one of the three refugee camps here in Europe, 
represents nearly 12,000 Balochs who have never received official refugee 
status because the EU Parliament only signed the U.S. Refugee Convention with 
the stipulation that United Kingdom and other European countries would not 
recognize non-Europeans as refugees.

As a result, Balochs admitted into the UK have no rights, and no International 
agencies have been able to secure permission from the European Union to provide 
protection for the refugees, hence the UK Government have refused to grant me 
and others Political Asylum and they have gone further with threat to deport us 
back to Iran and I know that if this is done I would be killed if I step into 
Iran just as several students were killed recently during demonstration. I work 
to protect the welfare of displaced Balochs at great personal risk. My efforts 
have raised worldwide awareness of life in the makeshift camps where 
overcrowding, mass poisonings, beatings, and lack of medical supplies, water, 
and electricity cause hundreds of men, women, and children to die of cold, 
hunger, malnutrition, and communicable diseases.

The happy news here is that some public spirited philanthropists who would not 
want their identities made public called us after the unique and historical 
London Conference, which lasted for two days ( 26th & 27th of April 2003) told 
us that they have deposited the Sum of US$32Million with a Financial 
Institution in favour of the Balochs who are scattered all over the world and 
only I and or any person I nominate can claim the money from the Financial 
company and the money should be used mainly for purchasing of foods, 
pharmaceutical drugs, Clothings etc for thousands of our people suffering all 
over the world.

I am therefore using this medium to solicit for your assistance. Your contacts 
were obtained  by me during my enduring search for a reliable and competent 
person that would claim this money for us from the company where it was 

There is a POWER OF ATTORNEY which I would  send alongside copies of my 
National Identity cards / Passport to you that would enable you claim the money 
from the Financial Company on our behalf. Upon your agreement and readiness to 
assist us claim the money (US$32Million) from the Company, 20% of the total 
money would be your share for all your anticipated assistance, while 5% would 
be for any incidental expenses that you might incur in the process of claiming 
the money and transferring it to your Country, while the balance of 75% would 
be used to purchase Drugs, Clothing, Foods etc as earlier stated above, as I 
and a council leader of the people would find a way to travel down to your 
Country to make joint purchases of the above stated items.

I wish to repeat here that we have unshaken Confidence and trust in you and 
also wish to remind you of the TOP SECRECY this transaction requires, as we 
expect your positive response through this email address as stated above you 
can only reach me through this  above email as my movement is presently 
restricted by law covering Asylum Seekers, our movements are also restricted 
from travelling outside this Zone and Country for now, but  after receipt of 
your positive response and you wish to discuss with me I might give you a 
secret telephone number where you can reach me. On receiving your positive 
response we hope to finish this transaction within one week as a lot of our 
people are dying from diseases and hunger.

Expecting  your URGENT Positive response and thanks in advance.

Waalaikum salam,
Mr. Aqeel Ahmad Chughtai                        

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