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Re: --sendsms fails on T68

From: Trevor Hawkins
Subject: Re: --sendsms fails on T68
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2003 15:28:45 -0700

Looks like the problem was AT+CSCA not returning the leading "+" on the
T68 even though there is one on the phone itself.

This little hack in gnokii.c fixed up my problem with T68 and 6310/6190
continue to work.  Of course I could just spec the SMSC on the cmd line,
but eventually I will be sending messages from inside my own program...

This is from the function sendsms in gnokii.c:

if (!sms.smsc.number[0]) {
                data.message_center = calloc(1,
                data.message_center->id = 1;
                if (gn_sm_functions(GN_OP_GetSMSCenter, &data, &state)
                        /* normally, just save the SMSC number */
                        if (data.message_center->smsc.number[0] == '+')
                        /* for T68, prepend the plus to fix things... */
                        else {
                                sms.smsc.number[0] = '+';
                        sms.smsc.type = data.message_center->smsc.type;
                        fprintf(stdout, _(" ***** got SMSC = %s
*****.\n"), sms.smsc.number);



On Thu, 2003-07-03 at 14:13, Trevor Hawkins wrote:
> Hi,
> When running "gnokii --sendsms" on my Sony Ericsson T68 over an rfcomm
> link in AT mode, I get "+CMS ERROR: 500" unknown error every time.  The
> attached file contains the full output in debug mode.
> When I run --sendsms on my 6310i, also over Bluetooth in AT mode, it
> works perfectly.  So, I took the data that gnokii sends to the 6310i (in
> the +CMGS cmd) and manually sent it to the T68, by using the +CMGS
> command in minicom -- and this works perfectly:
> -----------------
> at+cgmi
> ERICSSON                                                                      
>                                        OK
> at+cmgs=25
> > 07917150979603F011000B916140565790F90000AA0CF4F29C0E6A97E7F3F0B90C^Z
> +CMGS: 192
> OK
> ----------------
> In other words, the T68 will send SMS messages fine, but only if I use
> minicom to manually enter the +CMGS data that gnokii creates for the
> 6310i.  The PDU strings gnokii creates are different, at the beginning. 
> For example, with text "test message" and my number/SMSC, the 6310
> sends:
> 07917150979603F011000B916140565790F90000AA0CF4F29C0E6A97E7F3F0B90C
> whereas the T68, with the exact same text/destination/SMSC will send:
>   0691077569390011000B916140565790F90000AA0CF4F29C0E6A97E7F3F0B90C
> and they both have the same length (AT+CMGS=25 for both), even though
> the one string is shorter.  This was all done with the phones using the
> same SIM card and SMSC.  Note that "--savesms" works perfectly fine on
> the T68.
> I started going through the gnokii code but I don't really understand
> the SMS data format and didn't see anything obvious.  I have a suspicion
> that it is related to the SMSC representation on the T68, as this looked
> to be the only thing grabbed from the phone in atgen.c?
> Anyways, if anyone can help me get the T68 sending from gnokii that
> would be hugely appreciated.  Thanks in advance and thanks for the
> wonderful program.
> Cheers,
> Trevor
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