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Re: smsd dies. no errors no core dump

From: Papa San
Subject: Re: smsd dies. no errors no core dump
Date: Fri, 04 Jul 2003 10:05:44 +0200
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Thanks Bozo,

I use a nokia 5110

I should have said, It crashes intermitent.

About 8 times a day average. Can run upto 32 hrs in weekend but then it didn't send or receive. I can also die the minute after I restart. More or less, I check every 5 minutes Seems when it not used for more than 30 minutes a incomming or outgoing sms can make it die.

I'm happy to try a "pre" version on CVS.
I checked the cvs on savannah (web interface) but I dont think I understand. You recently made a fix somewhere? It says the files in smsd are between 4 week's and 4 month's old.

I did the ./configure --enable-debug but it didn't change any file in the smsd directory. Recompiled smsd anyway

I suppose it's more close coupled with gnokii than I assumed at first. I should therefore probably recompile gnokii itself aswell.

I will see If I can download all files from cvs  and  recompile the lot .




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