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ms-dos and gnokii/sending sms

From: Teemu Enkerro
Subject: ms-dos and gnokii/sending sms
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 20:10:11 +0000

Hi, i am building this home surveilance system which would be based on my anchient 486/dos 6.22, i don´t want to install linux cause i have some software already running on dos in it, but i would like to attach my 6150 nokia for sending out alert/message in form of SMS message or to have the machine call to me. Well, the problem is that i ain´t much of a coder, and i don´t know much about linux, so i was wondering if there´s a utily for dos available for sending SMS (because there was some message while ago in which somebody told he was making a C program for dos for sms message), if there´s not, can gnokii be compiled to dos, and how is it made?


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