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Operator logo 78 x 21

From: Vaclav Dobsicek
Subject: Operator logo 78 x 21
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 10:52:39 +0200

Hi there.

I'm unable to send "large" (78x21) operator logo through Gnokii. I'm not sure, whether Gnokii is capable of this at all. Anyone has experience with this?

gnokii --sendlogo op XXXYYYZZZ logo.nol

Sending operator logo.
SMS Send failed (error=23)

With sending "normal" (72x14) logos I haven't problem.

In addition, I'm not sure, if the logo have right format - I tested three ways to create it and I got different result (header and footer)
1st way: save Operator logo from LogoManager 1.2.8 (Large canvas)
2nd way: save Operator logo for 62xx from Cellular essentials
3rd way: from BMP to PPM through IrfanView, then from PPM to NOL through ppm2nokia

Anyone know specification of NOL format at least ??? I was searching internet for few days, but without success...

Thank you for any help or whatever.

P.S. Sorry for my english :-)

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