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Re: 3300 questions

From: Marcin Skotis
Subject: Re: 3300 questions
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 12:36:55 +0200

Thank you for immediate answer, but maybie you were to fast reading my
Question 2:

> > 2) Does gnokii or any other application (can be ms-windows) can make a
> > call (GPRS kind) for me? Some say that it's not possible, others say
that it
> > is and another say that it even has a modem in it - I'm really confused.
> No. For the data calls you need pppd under Linux. Gnokii project does
> provide the software modem for the phones that don't understand AT
> commands (Nokia 6110 and family and Nokia 5110 and family). The only thing
> we can add is to create some dialogs: 'Make a data call', 'Make a GPRS
> connection' in xgnokii.

I know that I've got to use pppd, but some people say that it's impossible
to connect to internet (make data call or send fax) with nokia 3330. And
about that was my question. Is it possible to connect to internet (make AT
emulation with gnokiid and use pppd) ? This question put another way :-) :
"Does gnokii provide software modem for nokia 3330?"

Question 3:

> > 3) Is' there any possibility to build only a connector to original Nokia
> > cable DAU-9 or DLR-3P (because I can  get both) and plug it into 3330?
> I don't think so. 3330 has under battery connector. I have the separate
> cable for this model.

Ok. I've got a uder battery connector but without all max232 stuff. From my
nokia now come four wires - GND FBUSTX, FBUSRX and MBUS. Normally I would
have to build a circuit myself, but I wonder if I could use one of the
original nokia cables and connect it simply to four wires from my 3330.

Thanx again.

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