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Re: compile on FreeBSD5.0 stable...

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: compile on FreeBSD5.0 stable...
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 10:29:59 +0200

>>> address@hidden 22 July 2003 10:15:24 >>>
> FreeBSD defines the BSDish types (u_char, u_int and friends) only if
> you aren't using _XOPEN_SOURCE. I don't remember exactly, but we had
> to include <sys/file.h> on some platforms. It's a pity, but

Solaris probably.

> use u_int, so it cannot be included. Try to compile the attached
> on a FreeBSD 5.x box (the compilation problem introduced in FreeBSD
> The OpenBSD case is a similar problem.

Won't it affect compilation on FreeBSD < 5.0 ?

> We cannot fix it easily, because we have to unify the defines on all
> source files first, otherwise we get a lot of redefinition errors.

Okay. Let's collect all available enviroments where we are able to
So these are:
 - Linux (we have plenty different environmets here, but let's ignore
at the moment)
 - FreeBSD 4.x
 - FreeBSD 5.x
 - OpenBSD
 - NetBSD (???)
 - Solaris 7
 - Solaris 8
 - Mac OS X (are there different versions?)
 - win32/cygwin
 - win32/mingw
 - win32/MSVC6

Anything else?


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