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3210 and xgnokii

From: Vax Headroom
Subject: 3210 and xgnokii
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 14:42:39 +0200

   Hi all...
First time in this list: I've checked in the old email to see if 
someone has got the same problem, but it doesn't seem so...
   So, what's happening: I'm trying to use my 3210 with a FBUS cable. 
It works perferctly with the command line gnokii interface, but, from 
versions 4.x to the latest 5.2.0 I wasn't able to efficiently use 
this handset with xgnokii. The latest version I can use is an old 
0.3.3... Nowadays I've installed the 0.5.2 of gnokii and the 0.3.3 of 
xgnokii (from binary RPMs on various RH machines)...
   Here is the problems:
1) It doesn't fetch SMSs from the phone. I haven't see any way to 
force it to download them, while the older version simple got them on 
program startup.
2) Is there some configuration option to set ??? I don't know as, 
with those newest version, I cannot enter the option menu, as xgnokii 
simply waits (forever ???) while getting the SMS center (or so it 
   Am I doing something wrong ??? From the documentation it doesn't 
seem, and, don't forget this, the gnokii CLI works fine for me.


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