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RE: Please help me

From: Christian Hack
Subject: RE: Please help me
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 16:04:02 +1000

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> Sent: Tuesday, 29 July 2003 3:55 PM
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> Subject: Please help me 
> Hi every one
> I am new to gnokii , I am trying to integrate Nokia 5110 with 
> a microcontroller . I used gnokii.c code there is no response 
> from the mobile. I tried in the PC environment and compiled 
> and tried to used that code but I am not able to get any 
> response from the phone. Please help me . how I can proceed.
> Thanks in Adavnce .

For a start, lose the stupid Incredimail crap. You'll get more responses
if you do. I certainly ignored your first message because of it. There
isn't any need for a stupid "attention" stamp. - if people are going to
help they will regardless or whether or not you have a great big red
stamp on it. Oh and when you're uninstalling the Incredimail crap, plain
text is nicer than HTML for mailing lists AFAIAC.

So are you sure your cable works? You aren't exactly clear whether or
not it worked in the PC environment. Trying it with a commercial program
like Logomanager would be a start. At least you can then rule out
hardware. Then start looking at the basics like baud rate, start, stop
bits etc. If you are running on a micro it's possible that it's baud
rate isn't exactly right depending on the crystal you are using. In my
experience PC (16550) type serial ports are much more tolerant to minor
baud rate errors etc than micros.



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