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RE: nokia 5110 message problem

From: Christian Hack
Subject: RE: nokia 5110 message problem
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 22:32:12 +1000

> Hi every one
> I am new to gnokii , I am trying to integrate Nokia 5110 with 
> a microcontroller . I used gnokii.c code there is no response 
> from the mobile. I tried in the PC environment and compiled 
> and tried to used that code but I am not able to get any 
> response from the phone. Please help me . how I can proceed.

Hmmm. Seems you are still struggling to get rid of Incredimail although
as mentioned you have cut the size down a little. I'm pretty certain
it's an Outlook add-on. If so, you should be able to simply choose plain
text from the Format menu when you compose the email.

Anyway, in response to your repeated vague question, here's my answer
repeated again (but slightly edited):

So are you sure your cable works? Trying it with a commercial program
like Logomanager would be a start. At least you can then rule out
hardware. Then start looking at the basics like baud rate, start, stop
bits etc. If you are running on a micro it's possible that it's baud
rate isn't exactly right depending on the crystal you are using. In my
experience PC (16550) type serial ports are much more tolerant to minor
baud rate errors etc than micros.

If you are having trouble understanding it because English isn't your
first language then no problem but please ask for clarification rather
than simply repeat your question. 

CH - who's otherwise having a pretty crappy day if you couldn't already
tell :(

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