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Re: Knokiisync reading 6310i

From: Dimitris Stasinopoulos
Subject: Re: Knokiisync reading 6310i
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2003 19:35:12 +0300
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On Sunday 03 August 2003 18:30, Simon Waters wrote:
> Got an error compiling syncview on including gnokii.h that va_list had
> omitted type parameter... hunted around and decided to "include
> <cstdarg>" immediately before the "include <gnokii.h>". My C++ isn't up
> to knowing is this was the smart thing, but it did subsequentially
> compile with only a few warnings here and there. Is this a gcc 3 thing?
> (gcc 3.2.3).

Propably. Please email the complete error from the compiler.

>Starting knokiisync it complains about the ldap source, tracked this
> down to the LDAP source defined in "KDE Control", this was something I
> played with before, but never figured out what it was suppose to do. I
> think it should let you save address books back to an LDAP server
> instead of file? kaddressbook was starting with the same errors if you
> ran it from a shell, so I think this is nothing to do with Knokiisync.

Indeed. KnokiiSync knows nothing LDAP, this is completely KAB related.

> Knokiisync now starts okay, and can read the Kaddressbook.
> Attempts to talk to 6310i failed with crash, changed character set to
> iso8859-15 (? - random guess), it stopped crashing, but still doesn't
> read phone. Only error is it moans about a stale ttyS0 lock file in
> /var/lock. Occaisonally it flashes some sort of dialogue window on top
> of the sync window (possibly two) but they appear and disappear almost
> instantly.

If the contacts in the phone are stored using plain English, then use 
ISO8859-1. Else, you must experiment to find out which is the correct 
encoding for you. Check your locale.

Also, make sure that you have selected the proper memory type. In most 
cases, you should selecr "Phone" (this is when you only use the phone's 

> knokiisync 0.3.0, KDE 3.1.3, gnokii 0.5.0, using the serial cable to
> talk to the phone. GCC 3.2.3

I would personally recommend that you get a USB bluetooth dongle. Using 
bluetooth, my entire phonebook is read in about 3 seconds (60 entries). 
Using a cable, you might see times up to 1 second per entry.

>  Simon, so close yet no contacts download to my phone.

Hold on, you'll make it eventually :-)


Klingon multitasking systems do not support "time-sharing". When a Klingon 
program wants to run, it challenges the scheduler in hand-to-hand combat 
and owns the machine.

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