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encoding USSD string? (AT+CUSD)

From: Trevor Hawkins
Subject: encoding USSD string? (AT+CUSD)
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2003 16:56:16 -0700


I am attempting to use the AT+CUSD command with a Sony Ericsson T68i to
send USSD strings to the network.  I would like to use functions from
gsm-encoding.c to put the USSD string in the right format.  

We currently use gnokii SMS decoding functions from the atgen.c driver
and gsm-encoding.c for our project and they work great.  Thanks to all
contributors for the great software.

According to GSM 07.07, the string needs to be in the format:
(1)  if <dcs> indicates that GSM 03.38 [25] default alphabet is used:

        (a) if TE character set other than "HEX" (refer command Select TE
Character Set +CSCS): ME/TA converts GSM alphabet into current TE
character set according to rules of GSM 07.05 [24] Annex A

        (b) if TE character set is "HEX": ME/TA converts each 7 bit character
of GSM alphabet into two IRA character long hexadecimal number (e.g.
character  (GSM 23) is presented as 17 (IRA 49 and 55))

(2)  if <dcs> indicates that 8 bit data coding scheme is used: ME/TA
converts each 8 bit octet into two IRA character long hexadecimal number
(e.g. octet with integer value 42 is presented to TE as two characters
2A (IRA 50 and 65))

The T68i has no <dcs> option, according to the AT command spec:
        Set command: AT+CUSD=[<n>[,<str>]]
And all other SMS functions use the default GSM TE character set, i.e.
AT+CSCS="GSM" is phone's default.  

To read SMS, I am calling hex2bin() on the PDU and then
sms_data_decode() which decodes the 7bit SMS text with
char_7bit_unpack() followed by char_ascii_decode().  

I believe the USSD string should be in the format desribed by (1a), i.e.
for T68i: default GSM alphabet.  So, I have simply tried reversing the
SMS read (minus headers) to create the USSD string.  I call:
char_ascii_encode() [optionally], char_7bit_pack() and then bin2hex(). 
This makes a HEX string but when sent to the phone via AT+CUSD, it
always returns "ERROR" after a couple seconds, no matter the string.

If anyone could tell me if I am on the right track or if this even makes
sense, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


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