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Re: nokia 5110 again

From: krishna prabhakaran
Subject: Re: nokia 5110 again
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 06:08:53 -0700 (PDT)

hi again
can somebody pleaseeeeeee help me on this ......
thanks krishna
hi all
i am usinga nokia 5110 and a dau 9p cable with it and just trying to send and recive messages from it in C language .i developed the code in C with complete reference from libgnokii and docs\prtocols\nk6110.txt. i first send a request to get the sms center in the following format from the PC  to NOKIA 5110 the frame being as follows
1e 00 0c 02 00 size  00 01 00 33 64 01  followed by, frames to follow ,seqno,padding byte ,chk1,chk2
but after sending this frame i get no reply back from nikoa told to 'karthik' (new user having problems with 5110 on 26th july) i keep on retransmitting this particular frame till i get any kind of response so that the possibility of frame being lost is eliminated here .but i could not get any response back from nokia 5110.
could anyone tell me why it is no.where i might be wrong   
the protocols are taken from docs\protocols\nk6110.txt
thank u

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