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IrDA FBUS in Pascal

From: Marko Udvanc
Subject: IrDA FBUS in Pascal
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 10:38:05 -0700
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I plan to implement IrDA FBUS interface in Pascal.

I have already a working class for communication over IrDA with use of AT Commands, but for me to be able to get full Phonebook on Nokia 6310i,
the communication must work over FBUS protocol.

I am doing this in Virtual Pascal 2.1 and currently working on OS/2 executables. (VP can make also Win32 exe and also has some Linux support)

Now I need to know, what is with this initialization sequence?

32 x 0x55, 0xC1 and "1C000C02000A0001000D000002014000"

Is this needed because of the phone (FBUS?) or is Linux IrDA functioning on some lower level of the IrDA protocol?

For the AT command on OS/2 I don't need any initialization, I just directly send AT commands and receive the response, like over COM Port.

It would be a great help for me if someone could send me an example of communication over FBUS, for example getting the battery level.

In the Doc there are msg. type 0x17 and 0x0A, 0x02, 0x00, so if I'm correct the whole package would be something like
"1C000C1700080001000A02000140" and both checksums

then I should get one acknowledge from the phone and then the response and then I should send one acknowledge, right?

The main thing is to get this working for one simple command like, battery level, all the others commands are then easy.


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