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7210 and nokia dku-5 datacable

From: Andrew Mulholland
Subject: 7210 and nokia dku-5 datacable
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2003 04:31:51 +0100
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I've got a nokia 7210, (output from *#0000# is:)
V 4.18
(c) NMP.

I've got linux recognising the dku-5 datacable

sloth:~# lsusb |grep Nokia
Bus 003 Device 002: ID 0421:0800 Nokia Mobile Phones 

sloth:~# insmod
vendor=0x421 product=0x0800

<snip from dmesg>
drivers/usb/serial/usb-serial.c: USB Serial support registered for
usbserial 3-1:0: Generic converter detected
usb 3-1: Generic converter now attached to ttyUSB0 (or usb/tts/0 for
PM: Adding info for usb-serial:ttyUSB0
drivers/usb/core/usb.c: registered new driver usbserial
drivers/usb/serial/usb-serial.c: USB Serial Driver core v2.0

sloth:~# ls -la /dev/ttyUSB0 
lr-xr-xr-x    1 root     root            9 Sep  7 03:20 /dev/ttyUSB0 ->
sloth:~# ls -la /dev/usb/tts/0
crw-rw----    1 root     dialout  188,   0 Sep  7 04:17 /dev/usb/tts/0

I setup my .gnokiirc under the assumption that the 7210 was more or less
identical to the 6610, so it would be ok to identify it as such a phone.
sloth:~# cat .gnokiirc 
port = /dev/ttyUSB0
model = 6610
initlength = default
connection = serial 
bindir = /usr/sbin/
serial_baudrate = 19200
smsc_timeout = 10

I have tried without any smsc_timeout specified, and also with "dlr3p",
or "dau9p" as my connection type, neither make a difference.

sloth:~# gnokii --identify
GNOKII Version 0.5.0
Timeout: aborting command ``/usr/lib/gnokii/gnokii'' with signal 9
/usr/bin/gnokii: line 16:  2193 Killed                  timeout $TIMEOUT
$BINARY "$@"

I'm running it under debian/gnu linux (unstable)
so the following version of gnokii is installed:
sloth:~# gnokii --version
GNOKII Version 0.5.0
Copyright (C) Hugh Blemings <address@hidden>, 1999, 2000
Copyright (C) Pavel Janik ml. <address@hidden>, 1999, 2000
Copyright (C) Pavel Machek <address@hidden>, 2001
Copyright (C) Pawel Kot <address@hidden>, 2001-2003
Copyright (C) BORBELY Zoltan <address@hidden>, 2002
gnokii is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License, and
you are
welcome to change it and/or distribute copies of it under certain
There is absolutely no warranty for gnokii.  See GPL for details.
Built 17:06:56 May 25 2003

I'm currently running 2.6.0-test4 kernel, but get the same behaviour
under 2.4.21...

is anyone able to help advise me on how to get this thing working?

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