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Re: Hanging and return codes

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: Hanging and return codes
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 20:53:49 +0200 (CEST)

On Mon, 22 Sep 2003, Torstein [iso-8859-1] Bjřrnstad wrote:

> a while now.. apart from a few problems compiling po (which i was able
> to fix).

Please give more detailes on this.

> Today, however, SMS'es weren't received.. and after a small check i
> found out that gnokii has shouted the following:
> Event 0 failed with return code 11!
> Event 0 failed with return code 11!
> *snip*
> Event 0 failed with return code 11!
> Event 0 failed with return code 11!
> The phone had 5 new messages, but gnokii wouldn't read them. Shutting
> down and trying to restart gnokii gave the following error.
> "GSM/FBUS init failed! (Unknown model ?). Quitting."

This is either xgnokii or smsd.

> Shut down the phone, and restarted it, and gnokii was able to start
> again.. And things seem to work fine (apart from a few duplicates of
> all the messages on the phone)..

What is your config?

> Is there a list of all the return codes, and what these error messages
> mean? Tried searching, but weren't able to find anything useful..

See include/gnokii/error.h

> And.. a second question..
> Is there a way to send faxes using gnokii? Like how you can send faxes
> using sms from a normal phone..

No, not yet. but I think it shouln't be hard. Just implement sending with
message type = fax. (see include/gnokii/sms.h)

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