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Re: Wrong cable for 5110?

From: Stephen Baillie
Subject: Re: Wrong cable for 5110?
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 15:53:08 +1000

> I'm using a homebrew MBUS cable from
> on a 5110 with pretty good
> success. Mine has a busted LCD but works fine for SMS which is all
> I use it for. Occasionally though I do seem to need to reboot the
> phone though. I just manually poll the 5110 via a command line
> gnokii every 5 minutes

Yeah, all I want with this one is SMS access.  You've got both receiving
and sending working then?

> Can you connect a null modem through to another PC and check that
> data is coming out of the correct serial port?

I don't seem to have a null modem cable on hand, but I'm sure I can find
one around somewhere, or at least borrow one from a friend.  Thanks for
the suggestion.

> Doesn't sound normal to me - sounds like corrosion. Some isopropyl
> alcohol should help or perhaps some light scratching to remove the
> build up of crud.

It looks intentional, actually - the seventh connector (counting left to
right where the cable plugs in) actually has a slightly different length
hole in the plastic casing.  The cable definitely has 7 pins though. 
The seventh connector on the phone looks exactly like the two either
side of the charger socket.  What does yours look like (or has that bit
been soldered over)?

> Because I didn't have the correct connector I simply soldered direct
> to the phones connector. It was only 2 wires.
> I did have some initial problems, but they disappeared for no
> apparent reason.

Now that would be nice, much though I dislike non-deterministic results!



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