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RE: gnokii vs smsd

From: Christian Hack
Subject: RE: gnokii vs smsd
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:58:03 +1000

> Now that gnokii is talking to my phone, I'm wondering how people are
> using SMS connectivity.
> It seems that gnokii takes a while to initiate the connection to the
> phone - does smsd avoid this overhead by maintaining a connection?
> How many calls per minute can gnokii/smsd handle?
> Can you mix incoming and outgoing calls in gnokii from separate
> processes, or does this confuse it?
> How often does smsd check for new incoming SMSes?
> Any specific answers, anecdotes on how you use gnokii/smsd or
> recommendations appreciated.

I'm not sure whether I mention in my earlier posts or not. I just have a
cron job that runs a custom script which calls gnokii via a command line
like "gnokii --getsms IN 1" and just pipe it's output back into my

I poll every 5 minutes and it seems to work fine apart from the
occasional lock up. I have seen this with GSM modems quite often and can
live with it.

Can't really answer any of your specific questions, sorry.


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