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Re: DataCall -> PC (ISDN, Modem)

From: Aart Koelewijn
Subject: Re: DataCall -> PC (ISDN, Modem)
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 12:12:46 +0200 (CEST)

Op 2003-09-28 om 21:52 schreef Ekkard Gerlach:

> * Aart Koelewijn schrieb:
> > (see your login.conf). Now, if your pap/chap-secrets files are ok you
> > should get a automatic login without a login prompt.
> >
> my pap/chap-secrets seem not to be ok. The called PC claims:
>  The remote system is required to authenticate itself
>  but I couldn't find any suitable secret (password) for it to use to do so.
> Changing "auth" in login.config to "noauth" I get a ppp-connection
> with IP's like in /etc/ppp/peers/demon-gnokii  described:
> Okay (First SUCCESS, I was glad ..!)
> But I urgently need auth, of course, because of security!
> I put name entry from /etc/ppp/peers/demon-gnokii into
> pap-secrets and chap-secrets of both pc's but the called
> PC claims the same.
> Which name have I to set? The name of the linux-machine?
> I think not, I think I can take any name.

I use the names my computers have in the local network. This means the
server has two names, one for the local network, one official name with
the official IP for the outside. For this you have to use masquerading.

So on the laptop in my chap-secrets there is a line:

# client        server          secret          IP addresses
laptop-name     servername      "password"      empty

And on the server there is a line
laptop-name     servername      "password"

And on both I have in /etc/hosts:     full-server-name        short-server-name     full-laptop-name        short-laptop-name

You must have such lines in chap-secrets, I'm not sure if you also need
the lines in hosts, but I think so, anyway, for me it works.

> Is it necessary to put the name with IP into /etc/hosts?
> BTW: can I force mgetty to accept DataCalls only from one MSN, the
>      MSN of my handy?

I think this can be done in /etc/mgetty/dialin.config. In my case I can
not use this as the MSN is not transmitted with a data-call, only with a
speech-call. I don't know why.

So, you are almost there, have fun.


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