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From: Gregg Suaning
Subject: possible?
Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2003 11:50:46 +1000

Dear gnokii-users,

I'm a newbie at this so forgive my supreme ignorance. 

I run a program in Australia to make technology accessible to the
handicapped. In our latest list of projects, we need to build a
replacement mobile (cell) phone keypad that can be used by a blind
person - big keys, possibly auditory feedback, etc. because phones are
getting too small these days for blind people to use them. 

What we have in mind is to use a Nokia 6310 (could switch to another if
necessary) placed in a handbag or belt case and use bluetooth to talk to
the phone via a microcontroller-based keypad (we want to avoid high cost
items like PDAs). Ideally a bluetooth headset would be used in lieu of
the telephone itself. Not yet sure if to devices can talk to one phone

We're new to bluetooth but as far as we can tell, we can only dial a
number on a telephone if we're using it (or pretending to use it) as a
modem via ATDT commands. 

Is what we want to do possible? Anyone got any suggestions or HOWTOs we
could read to get us started?

Thank you for your help.

Gregg from Australia.

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