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Re: win32 & correct gnokiirc configuration

From: G Quinday
Subject: Re: win32 & correct gnokiirc configuration
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2003 22:16:45 -0400

What kind of cable do you have? In the 6160 driver connection = serial
means m2bus connection. You can try connection = dau9p and dlr3p too.

I can not be sure what type of cable I have. I got it on E-Bay for about $3.00. It is RS-232 on one end and has 7 pins on the other. I know the Nokia Phonebook duplicator works with it. I have tried changing connection to both dau9p and dlr3p with no luck.

What should I have for the port = line? I currently have "port = com1". Should it say "port = /dev/com1" or something to that effect? I am running on winXP.


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