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Re: gnokiid-0.5.4 problems - 5110

From: Jon Wikne
Subject: Re: gnokiid-0.5.4 problems - 5110
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 14:27:31 +0200 (MET DST)

Hi again,

> The last version I tested was 0.5.0pre2 and it's worked fine on
> my 6110.

What changes (if any) have been made since then? Does 0.5.4
work for you?

> The 0.3.x architecture was quite different than the current
> one. I think this cause some timing problem which was hidden under
> the 0.3.x.

Could well be.

> I bet these problems can be provider dependent (which
> equipment your provider use on the opposite side).

In my case, in a dialup context I am mostly my own ISP
(although not GSM provider), so the equipment at the other
end is well known:

*) USR Sportster Flash modem
*) Old PC (300MHz PII CPU)
*) Linux kernel 2.4.22
*) mgetty-1.1.16
*) pppd-2.4.1

However, I have also tested this with a dialup service
my employer provides, technical details unknown. The results
are the same.

-- Jon

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