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Re: Nokia 6150 pty error (an Sharp Zaurus)

From: Martin Bürbaum
Subject: Re: Nokia 6150 pty error (an Sharp Zaurus)
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 21:40:47 +0200
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BORBELY Zoltan wrote:
> Ok, this is a perfect strace output.
>> [...]
> Ok. It seems (from the previous letters) zaurus supports the /dev/ptmx
> interface, but its traditional pty devices are quite sparse.
>> [autotools and aclocal]
> These tools are required only if you are compiling a cvs version. Its
> purpose are to generate a configure and include/ files. BTW
> you can generate it on another machine, e.g. on your desktop machine.

I don't think compiling gnokii myself will help me much now doesn't it?

A big problem is that i don't have a linux system around, but this will
change in the next few days or so.

> BTW it seems the zaurus version was cross compiled, and this is the
> reason it doesn't use the unix98 ptys.

The Zaurus is a strongarm device. Maybe this is the reason.

Where is the difference between ptya0 and ptyp0 (symlink possible)?
And is there a way to create ptypx devices?
makedev seems to be missing on the zaurus too, but i will search a bit.

And in general: any idea how i can get gnokii to run ;-)

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