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help: SMSD errors

From: Charmaine Tian
Subject: help: SMSD errors
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 14:52:26 -0700

Hi, I got two kinds of errors in receiving SMS using SMSD(nokia 6510, smsd
0.5.5, Lunux 2.4):

1) duplicate SMS: when more than one SMS coming in around same time, half of
the SMS are received twice or more times with the following error messages:
"Event 1 failed with return code 18!"

Example: sending 5 SMS to the modem phone, SMSD receives all 5 SMS, but
returns error 18  for 2nd and 4th SMS, re-read these two SMS, then generates
error 18 for 2nd SMS, and re-read the 2nd SMS. As a result, 1st, 3rd, 5th
SMS are received once, 4th SMS received twice, and 2nd SMS receive three

2) after running a while, SMSD repeatedly generate the following error
message, and don't receive new SMS:
GN_OP_GetSMSFolderStatus at line 406 in file lowlevel.c returns error 14

Could somebody enlighten me how to fix these errors? Thanks in advance.


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