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Re: PHP interface...for GNOKII not SMSD

From: Paulo Orvalho
Subject: Re: PHP interface...for GNOKII not SMSD
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 11:59:16 +0100

This is how a get so far , it sends the sms but no response in browser if it suceeded or not...
If someone can help thanxx..
//Gnokki PHP Sender by Paulo Orvalho
//20 minutes
//Gnokii command line
$gnokii = "/usr/bin/gnokii";
$command ="echo $message | ".$gnokii." --sendsms $phone";
         passthru($command." 2>&1");
//Gets the output
//$output = str_replace("\xa","",$output);
echo"<a href="" color=\"#000000\">BACK</font></a>";
//Email for comments or any help ...
// Any help would be very nice... Thankxxx

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