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Testmodus 6310i

From: jposvic
Subject: Testmodus 6310i
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 21:24:42 +0100
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Hi everybody,

i'm using an 6310i (V 5.51 NPL-1) and i want to make the netmon-menu accessible.
But, i know, with gnokii 0.5.5. this is not possible...

Therefore, i've analysed some unlock-software ('dcd4tool' for instance) and i
found an interesting frame, that turns my phone into testmodus:

Baud: 9600 Bits: 8 Stop: 1 Parity: Odd
Length: 6: 1F 00 10 7F 00 70
Length: 14: 1F 00 10 15 00 06 00 04 04 01 04 00 01 18

After that, my phone makes an reset and the display shows 'TESTMODUS'.

My Questions are:
- What kind of modus is this?
- ...and can i'm using him to bring the netmon-menu alive?

regards, jan

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