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small bug

From: Vincent Glotzbach
Subject: small bug
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 13:56:01 +0100

Hi people,

I couldn't find a place to post a bug report, so I'll do it here.

I found an annoying small bug in the source for both 0.5.4 and 0.5.5.

Somebody forgot a break; after line 3074 in gnokii/gnokii.c (that's in
0.5.5) which results in both the vcard and the ldif being given when one
does a `gnokii --getphonebook -v`.

for clarity : There should be a break after 
        gn_phonebook2vcard(stdout, &entry, location);

I came accross it when trying to sync my 6310 with evolution, but since
importing .vcf files gets boring after a while I'm thinking of writing a
gnokii plugin for multisync which brings me to my second question : Is
somebody already doing this and if so, where do I sign up?

hope this helpes
Sometimes one cannot escape living with the burden of regret
Vincent Glotzbach
vglotzb at cs dot || vglotzb at glotz-its dot nl
gpg public key at

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