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Schloissnig's Bluetooth for OS X works for me

From: Timo Metsala
Subject: Schloissnig's Bluetooth for OS X works for me
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 12:41:11 +0200
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in case someone is interested in successful test reports: I modified
gnokii 0.5.5 (*) according to the Bluetooth "patch" for Mac OS X, and 
now gnokii can see my Nokia 6310i (v5.51) through the bluetooth link, 
and at least operator logo sending worked fine.

I'm using OS X 10.3.1 with Bluetooth version 1.4.1 and the internal
bluetooth hardware of a 17" PowerBook G4.

Thank you Siegfried for the patch! I was going to try to write BT
support for gnokii in OS X myself, but luckily I googled once more and
found your patch..

Timo Metsälä

(*) 0.5.5 doesn't compile in OS X "as is", but the missing libiconv
thingy is trivial to correct and a quick look to CVS showed that it is
corrected in 0.5.6.

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