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Re: nokia 3200 support?

From: Bostjan Muller
Subject: Re: nokia 3200 support?
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2003 10:11:25 +0100
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* On 05-12-03 at 19:38 Pawel Kot (address@hidden) wrote:
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> On Fri, 5 Dec 2003, Bostjan Muller wrote:
> > No, I do not have the cable - nokia 3200 only has an usb cable (at least
> > that is what I was told at the store and the price is a bit high for me
> > to buy).
> > Can I get some sniffs/dumps for you, so you would be able to get any
> > info about it (can you tell me what to do - and how to do it - I havent
> > done anything like it before)?
> That's much harder then. I think someone already tried to sniff irda
> communication but that's not an easy issue and I haven't done it before.
> Anyone any hints for that?

Hmm I do have windogs on one machine. With nokia data suite for 3200
mobile phone. (It also uses IR). Could that help in any way? Or maybe if
there is some info in the package, someone might be able to reverse
engineer some data from there?

> > No AT also did not give me any success. 3200 as it seems does not have
> > an internal modem - it does respond to some AT commands - it responds to
> > AT, ATI1-9 (as far as I checked), but does not work with ATD* AT+CGMI...
> Oh well, it is _any_ success ;-)

Hehe well might be any... if all I want is an obedient phone that says
OK a lot, but does nothing else ;)
> pkot
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Regards/Lep pozdrav

Boštjan Müller
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