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Re: Nokia 30 & Nokia Card Phone

From: blooz
Subject: Re: Nokia 30 & Nokia Card Phone
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 16:04:47 +0100
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Sankaranarayanan Mahadevan ha scritto:

Can you give me the steps / pointers to use gnokii to
develop SMS gateway?


I did the following steps, I hope are usefull for U..

install gnokii :
   download the tar.gz from
   untar - configure - make - make install
   copi the gnokiirc from Docs/sample to ~
compile the smsd daemon (with 0.6 version : make make make install) in the folder smsd
   create the database (I use mysql) using the scripts in the same folder

   run smsd -d databasename -u userforsms -p pwd -m mysql&

   now every sms income whas inserted into the inbox table of Db
   to send simply insert in the outbox table a record.
the i wrote a php script to get the incoming rows and do some action (like populate a web blog or execute some stuffs) and i put the script in the crontab of a dedicated user.

That's All Folks...


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