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Gnocky 0.0.1

From: Igor Popik
Subject: Gnocky 0.0.1
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 23:46:51 +0100
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Gnocky 0.0.1 is finally relased. Gnocky is gtk+2 frontend to gnokii (libgnokii). Don't expect it to be much useful and stable at this stage :-).

To run gnocky you will need working gnokii configuration and glib-2 and gtk+-2 libraries. Currently, gnocky has limited usability, many features are planned. It will take some time until it will be ready for "production" use.

Things that (should) work:
- phone identification :-),
- phonebook downloading, uploading, editing, deleting,
- sms downloading, deleting,
- logos downloading, uploading, editing (only operator logos, startup logos - in supported nokia phones).

Gnocky 0.0.1 may be downloaded from various locations:

Screenshots are available from:

Happy "gnockying" :-)

:: Igor Popik, address@hidden ::, GG# 274035 :: mailto:address@hidden, mailto:address@hidden

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