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Re: New with my Motorola C333

From: Fernando Gabriel Barceló Tomás
Subject: Re: New with my Motorola C333
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 14:51:30 -0300

Ok, I was using an old 0.5.x version
The 0.6 was downloaded and compiled
but i get this resume after doing make

 See file COPYING for more details.

    Host system:        linux-gnu
    Gnokii version:     0.6.0
    Xgnokii version:    20030104
    X (GTK) support:    no
    Debug:              yes
    XDebug:             yes
    RLPDebug:           yes
    NLS:                yes
    IrDA:               yes
    Bluetooth:          no
    Security:           no
    Build Shared Lib:   yes
    Build Static Lib:   yes
    Win32:              no
    Prefix:             /usr/local

I wish to enable xgnokii and dont find where enable it.

El mar, 16-03-2004 a las 13:20, Ron Yorston escribió:
> Fernando,
> Which version of gnokii are you using?  The problems you're having
> sound similar to some of the issues I had with the C350 and which
> should be fixed in gnokii 0.6.0.
> Of course, it's quite possible that the C333 is broken in different
> ways than the C350.  If that's the case we'll need to see some debug
> output to work out what's going on.
> Ron
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