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Series 40

From: Magnus Månsson
Subject: Series 40
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 11:21:59 +0100

I am thinking of buying a series 40 phone, nokia 6230. I was wondering
if it's possible to use gnokii to read and send sms's with that phone.
  Today I have a 7650, symbian, I haven't found any way to read the
sms's from it without coding my own application and put in the phone (I
haven't even found a app for it).
  I haven't looked to much into gnokii, but I guess it just uses

Maybe someone here knows if it's possible to read out the display too?
What I realy want to do, is to build a gtk/qt-app for my X-server in the
car, so I can get a copy of the phones display on my tft (through
  The goal is something like Nokias 610

Thanx in advance.

Magnus Månsson <address@hidden>

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