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Gnokii 0.6.0 + Nokia 6100 + FreeBSD 5.2.1

From: Alexei Khalimov
Subject: Gnokii 0.6.0 + Nokia 6100 + FreeBSD 5.2.1
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 02:46:17 +0000
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Hello everyone!

After 2+ hours of trying different configurations I finally managed to make my
Nokia 6100 work with Gnoki 0.6.0 on FreeBSD system. First of all it requires
birda (/usr/ports/comms/birda) to talk with the phone over IrDA
I have started: 
  ircomm -d/dev/cuaa1 -y/dev/ptypv

And then point Gnokii to /dev/ttypv, mode = AT, connection = serial

Everything is fine, except Battery and Signal indicators show incorrect values
they are currently "full" on the phone, but 3,5/4 for bat and 0,5/4 for signal
on xgnokii.

If I use mode = 6100 it won't connect to phone:
Serial device: opening device /dev/ttypv
Serial device: setting speed to 115200
Serial device: setting RTS to low and DTR to low
Getting model...
Message sent: 0x1b / 0x0006
00 01 00 07 01 00                             
SM_Block Retry - 0


Setting connection = irda also works with mode = AT, 
but fails with mode = 6100
Serial device: opening device /dev/ttypv
Couldn't open PHONET device: Unknown error: 0
Error in link initialisation: 1
GSM/FBUS init failed!

Any ideas?
Anyone had it working?

p.s. offtopic question: if I will connect 6100 with USB cable
      it will be seen as generic USB serial device or not?

p.p.s I hope I'm not too annoying :)



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