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Nokia 8310

From: David Andel
Subject: Nokia 8310
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2004 00:26:36 +0200
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Thanks to Stephen Hemminger from the irda-users list I can connect now to my Nokia 8310 with gnokii. :-) See my post "Sigmatel IrDA/USB Brigde" for additional info like versions and so on.

Now I would like to report what is and is not working.

First I find it quite funny that it seems not to have any influence what port is given in /etc/gnokiirc. It works when there is /dev/ircomm0 as well as if there is /dev/ttyS1... I just can't change it without restarting all the services.

Options - Connection: it doesn't do much sense to me that there are both irda AND infrared given as possible connections.

Contacts: I get all the contacts from my phone with correct phone/SIM and group info, but with the first number only. The other numbers are there if I click on the number in the individual window, but it would be really nice to see all the stored numbers per person in the complete table.

SMS: Well, seems to work, just a bit funny (wrong senders and such).

Speed Dial: It generates quite some error messages like:
Event 15 failed with return code 17!
Cannot read speed dial key 2!
With key up to 9.

Rest seems to work as intended. I don't understand eveything yet, but I am happy finally having it working! :-)

Thanks a lot for gnokii and cheers,

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