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Re: SMS with NOKIA 30

From: Sankaranarayanan Mahadevan
Subject: Re: SMS with NOKIA 30
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 18:36:44 -0700 (PDT)

Nikorasu nikorasu <address@hidden> wrote:

>I'd like to use a NOKIA 30 in order to receive SMS
>to store data of SMS in a database. 
yes you can. 

>I'm a neebie and i'd like to know if some people can
>help me. In fact, I'm looking for some more precise
>information. So if you have interesting links, it
>would be so nice :)
now looking for writing php prgm for SMS gateway...
started with help of an article - php & gnokii writing
sms applications - in phparch magazine february issue.
I'm also looking for other sources too.if u come
across, pls share it.

>More, is it possible to establish communication
>between the NOKIA 30 and my Debian with gnokii ? 
yes.i just started with NOkia 30 & RH9, installed
gnokii & able to send sms from command line. i will be
starting the same process from scratch again in
another new m/c in 2 days.


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