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Just downloaded 0.6.0 to try on my 3310...

From: Ian Collier
Subject: Just downloaded 0.6.0 to try on my 3310...
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 23:00:58 +0100

I'm trying out gnokii 0.6.0 with my shiny new data cable for a Nokia 3310
handset.  Kudos to the project developers for providing phone software that
doesn't require Windows!  (I'm running it on an ancient Red Hat.)

However (you knew there had to be however), there are several problems.

 - gnokii crashes when trying to send a picture message.  I've traced it
   down to the fact that the userdata[0].length field is still set to
   zero when gn_sms_send tries to send the message.  This means that,
   although that function knows the message is long enough to need
   splitting, the sms_send_long function doesn't think the message
   needs splitting.  There follows infinite recursion and a nasty

   I don't know how to fix this.  I've tried setting userdata[0].length
   to the value of bitmap.size but this doesn't work (I get part 1/2
   of the message but the program still crashes before part 2/2 is
   sent).  Presumably it's the "raw" sms which needs splitting, not
   the high-level sms, so it probably isn't trivial to fix.

   Actually I'd like to be able to just save a picture message on my
   phone so I can use it later.  I guess the --savesms function might
   be able to do this, but I've no idea what format the message should
   be in.  Put this functionality on the wishlist...

 - I can send ringtones to my phone (after a bit of confusion noting
   that the available location numbers are 16-23 inclusive - it might
   be worth noting this in the docs).  However, I can't retrieve them:
   gnokii complains that the data is in invalid format - and if I add
   the -raw option then the retrieved data just looks like garbage.

 - The --getspeeddial function returns "1:0" for every speed dial, and
   --setspeeddial doesn't seem to work either.

 - The BMP input filter seems confused: if I use --viewlogo with a BMP
   file for input, the output doesn't seem to make any sense.

 - The XPM input filter seems to work, but the files I've tried 
   seem to have been interpreted in reverse video.

 - Wishlist item: a PBM input filter (should be fairly trivial if you
   can get BMP to work).

 - I can send a startup logo to my phone; I can then re-fetch it and
   get the same logo back (though I don't understand the file format
   it uses and there don't seem to be any docs or a conversion program
   for it).  However, the phone doesn't actually display the logo on
   startup, so I'm not sure what the good of it is. :-)

 - The "network code" option when sending an operator logo is a bit
   confusing; no matter what network code I specify, gnokii says
   it's dealing with operator 000 00 (unknown).  Maybe this phone
   only supports one operator logo (does it?), but in that case the
   program's output and the docs could be improved a bit.  :-)

That's enough for now.  Any comments?  I might add that xgnokii didn't
seem to do much (it just sat there and was generally unresponsive) but
that's OK as I just use the command-line version.


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