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Re: import / export contacts into/ from file

From: Alexey Muzalyov
Subject: Re: import / export contacts into/ from file
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 15:28:00 +0300
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On Saturday 10 April 2004 17:06, you wrote:
> On Thursday 08 April 2004 07:51, Alexey Muzalyov wrote:
> > But the contact's note, for example, the e-mail address, is not in the
> > file. So the notes are not back-uped.
> >
> > Practically I can edit the contacts in Nokia 6210, but how to back-up
> > them on computer? I have KDE-3.1.1. I was trying to install Knokiisync,
> > but for some reason could not do it yet.
> >
> > Can I back-up contacts without Knokii, just with Gnokii?
> Hi Alexey,
> You might want to try KDE 3.2.0 (or higher). The built-in KDE Addressbook
> (kaddressbook) does support direct import and export of names, addresses,
> emails, websites and phone numbers to mobile phones and uses libgnokii as
> the underlying library.
> e.g. start kaddressbook ->
>  File -> Import from Nokia mobile phone,   or:
>  File-> Export to Nokia mobile phone.
> Helge

Hi Helge,

The export to file works well for me now. Pawel wrote to me how to do it 

$ cat contacts.vcf | gnokii --writephonebook -o -m ME -v

My mistake was is that I typed the file name after "$gnokii --writephonebook 
... ", because I was influenced by usage of GPG - for GPG the file to encrypt 
is typed after: "gpg -e ... ". But with Gnokii I am to type first: "$  cat 
file_name.vcf |" and only then "gnokii --writephonebook -o -m ME -v". 

For my Nokia 6210 import & export works fine. I do not see any errors. I need 
this feature to back-up the phonebook for the case of phone loss. Besides, 
since it exports into the text *.VCF file, I will probably be able just add 
new contacts in this text file and then upload it to the phone, without 
numerous windows mouse-clicking.

I will certainly try KDE 3.2.0. I am thinking of buying the new distro with it 
one day. I never installed KDE from downloaded files. 

And I will also try to install Knokiisync after I return to my my fast 

tks & brgds Alexey

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