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Re: Just downloaded 0.6.0 to try on my 3310...

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: Just downloaded 0.6.0 to try on my 3310...
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 13:38:14 +0200 (CEST)

On Fri, 9 Apr 2004, Ian Collier wrote:

Hi Ian,

> I'm trying out gnokii 0.6.0 with my shiny new data cable for a Nokia 3310
> handset.  Kudos to the project developers for providing phone software that
> doesn't require Windows!  (I'm running it on an ancient Red Hat.)

Thanks for so detailed report. It is very useful.

>  - gnokii crashes when trying to send a picture message.  I've traced it
>    down to the fact that the userdata[0].length field is still set to
>    zero when gn_sms_send tries to send the message.  This means that,
>    although that function knows the message is long enough to need
>    splitting, the sms_send_long function doesn't think the message
>    needs splitting.  There follows infinite recursion and a nasty
>    crash.

Okay. I need to retest this. It used to work but it must have got broken
somehow. Gnokii regression testing really sucks :-( My bad.

>  - I can send ringtones to my phone (after a bit of confusion noting
>    that the available location numbers are 16-23 inclusive - it might
>    be worth noting this in the docs).  However, I can't retrieve them:


>    gnokii complains that the data is in invalid format - and if I add
>    the -raw option then the retrieved data just looks like garbage.

Is the saved ringtone available from the phone?
Could you please send us:
 - debug output when you save the ringtone
 - debug output when retrieving it

>  - The --getspeeddial function returns "1:0" for every speed dial, and
>    --setspeeddial doesn't seem to work either.

I'll look into it.

>  - The BMP input filter seems confused: if I use --viewlogo with a BMP
>    file for input, the output doesn't seem to make any sense.

That's strange. Last time I was fixing bitmap support I was testing it
with BMP files. Need to look into this.

>  - The XPM input filter seems to work, but the files I've tried
>    seem to have been interpreted in reverse video.

Is it reversed in the phone or using --viewlogo?

>  - Wishlist item: a PBM input filter (should be fairly trivial if you
>    can get BMP to work).

Okay. What is the library that supports PBM?

>  - I can send a startup logo to my phone; I can then re-fetch it and
>    get the same logo back (though I don't understand the file format
>    it uses and there don't seem to be any docs or a conversion program
>    for it).  However, the phone doesn't actually display the logo on
>    startup, so I'm not sure what the good of it is. :-)

The format should be quite similiar to NOL file (see Docs/logos.txt) but
it is definitely worth documentation. And checking what's going wrong.

>  - The "network code" option when sending an operator logo is a bit
>    confusing; no matter what network code I specify, gnokii says
>    it's dealing with operator 000 00 (unknown).  Maybe this phone
>    only supports one operator logo (does it?), but in that case the
>    program's output and the docs could be improved a bit.  :-)

You have to use your operator code. Otherwise the phone won't show it.
Could you please say when gnokii says your operator code is 000 00?

> That's enough for now.  Any comments?  I might add that xgnokii didn't
> seem to do much (it just sat there and was generally unresponsive) but
> that's OK as I just use the command-line version.

You may try also gnocky (


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