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status update on 6100, and 7650?

From: Hugo van der Merwe
Subject: status update on 6100, and 7650?
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 23:08:44 +0200
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I use the AT driver with my 6100 at the moment. The problem is it does 
not download SMSs with extended characters correctly. I noticed on a 
6310 (I think) that this is the case with the AT driver, but not the 
6310 driver, which is why I suspect the 6100 driver should decode these 
SMSs correctly.

What exactly breaks with the 6100? All I use on the 6100 currently is 
--getsms, would it be safe to enable the 6100 in the source, and then 
use the 6100 driver again?

The other question: I have a 7650 here that I want to backup the 
phonebook of (asap), curretly it appears the phone does not talk to the 
laptop at all (trying the AT driver). Any comments? I thought AT should 
work... irdadump indicates the phone is identifying itself...

Hugo van der Merwe

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