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Re: Encoding in atgen.c

From: Hugo Haas
Subject: Re: Encoding in atgen.c
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 22:42:23 +0200
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* Pawel Kot <address@hidden> [2004-04-25 18:18:52+0200]:
>> Pawel, what are your thoughts? I am not sure that a simple extra
>> encoding operation warrants redifining completely the functions that
>> need it in ateric.c.
> I still think we should do it. But I'm afraid that not all Ericssons will
> behave the same way. Would you be so kind at take all information we got
> and make a table to summarize which phone behaves which way?

Here is the information we got:

Model                   Needs UCS2 encoding instead of ASCII for:
----------------------- ------------------------------------------
Sony Ericsson T610      Names, phone numbers, memory type
Nokia 6310              Names
Sony Ericsson T68i      Patch has no effect: UCS2 not supported
Philips 530             Names

So, it seems that the patch fixes the T610 problems without breaking
the T68i.

Nokia and Philips phones need the current system to work.

> I'm working currently on AT driver so probably I'll commit some changes
> soon (they touch a bit the problem we are talking about).




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