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moto C350? (was Re: (no subject))

From: Rolando Abarca
Subject: moto C350? (was Re: (no subject))
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 01:46:01 -0400

On 11-05-2004, at 1:12, Geoff Shang wrote:

I just read on another list about problems with static linking under OS X. Could this be the problem? Any particular reason why you don't want shared


I don't have any particular reason, but I think it's becouse the binary format OS X is using. (gcc -shared is not supported, I had lots of problems trying to port some java apps that use jni)
anyway I compiled it with:

./configure --disable-shared --disable-nls (I found that on the list archives)

I have my C350 connected to my powerbook through a USB cable... now I have other question: what features are available to that phone? almost every command I tried it said something like this:

Error: Command called isn't implemented in model.

for instance:

$ gnokii --setringtone /tmp/delme
GNOKII Version 0.6.1
write: [ATZ<cr>]
read : [ATZ<cr><cr><lf>OK<cr><lf>]
write: [ATE1<cr>]
read : [ATE1<cr><cr><lf>OK<cr><lf>]
write: [AT+CGMM<cr>]
read : [AT+CGMM<cr><cr><lf>+CGMM: "GSM1900","MODEL=C350"<cr><lf><cr><lf>OK<cr><lf>]
write: [AT+CGMI<cr>]
read : [AT+CGMI<cr><cr><lf>+CGMI: "Motorola CE, Copyright 2000"<cr><lf><cr><lf>OK<cr><lf>]
write: [AT+CSCS?<cr>]
read : [AT+CSCS?<cr><cr><lf>+CSCS: "ASCII"<cr><lf><cr><lf>OK<cr><lf>]
Send failed: Command called isn't implemented in model.

I want to upload a ringtone to my phone... that's all I want :)
PS: is anyone taking care of the Mac OS X version of gnokii, becouse I could try to make a graphic fronted, perhaps like xgnokii, but cocoa-based.

#include <stdio.h>  /* square root by Newton's zero-finder method   */
#include <stdlib.h> /* >$ gcc -pedantic sqrt.c #by Rolando Abarca   */
int main(int c, char* v[]){if (c==2){long d=atol(v[1]);double r1,r2=0;
double E=2.2e-308;for(r1=(1+d)/2;((r1-r2>0)?r1-r2:r2-r1)>E; r2=r1,r1=(
r2+d/r2)/2);printf("%.15f\n",r1);}else printf(" usage: %s <n>\n",*v);}

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