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Nokia 6600 and gnome-pim without gnokii

From: F Beyer
Subject: Nokia 6600 and gnome-pim without gnokii
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 11:10:45 +0200


I would like to synchronize my gnomecal-data (gnome-pim) on my Linux machine with the calender data on my Nokia 6600. Gnokii does not seem to work for me (for some reason which I do not understand at the moment) and gnokii does not seem to be capable of this at the moment anyway. What works for me is p3nfs so I have full access to the files on my phone. So do you think there is a possibilty to convert the gnomecal files on my PC to the format used on the phone maybe using some part of the gnokii-code?

Thanks for any suggestions,

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