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PCMCIA to PCI bridge for FreeBSD/Linux?

From: Robert Moss
Subject: PCMCIA to PCI bridge for FreeBSD/Linux?
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2004 12:29:01 +0100
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Hi People,
Have searched the mailing list archives (and read the FAQ first) but couldn't find anything on this..

I'm using the Nokia RPM-1 card, and am looking for a PCI bridge card to use this GSM card.. I haven't found much yet on the regular websites and was wondering if anyone here has had any success with other particular models?

- Works with Unix (BSD or Linux)
- Can utilise the GSM card as a Serial port

Side note, I'm in the UK if that makes any difference..


Robert Moss
Tiscali UK
TMC Shift Engineer
+44 (0)845 665 8000
+44 (0)1908 22 3903

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