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Re: reading the phone numberA

From: nemir nemiria
Subject: Re: reading the phone numberA
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 18:46:21 +0000

From: Rob Shepherd <address@hidden>
Gunnar Sigurdsson wrote:
Is gnokii able to discover the phone number of a phone? If not,
does anyone know how to do this? Any plans to add this to


UK vodaphone users are able to issue a *#100# command to get the info from the network

give that a try...

Don't know if this can be captured by gnokii though...

Each region has such a command. But they're different key combos for each region. If you can make the phone send that key combo to the system, the reply should come back in an sms, and you should be able to retrieve that by gnokii --getsms

You might find it is easier to just use gnokii --sendsms to send your mobile phone a text message. The originating number will then be in your phone. And easy to retrieve.

Hope I have been of some help!


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