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Hi again Guys.

From: David Hamilton
Subject: Hi again Guys.
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 15:30:20 +0100

Hi again Guys.

An update on my Win32 Gnokii problem- - I've found the debug version and this 
is the output:

Opened configuration file C:\\_gnokiirc
Added new section global
Adding key/value port/:COM1
Adding key/value model/6210
Adding key/value initlength/default
Adding key/value connection/serial
Adding key/value use_locking/no
Adding key/value serial_baudrate/19200
Adding key/value smsc_timeout/10
Added new section gnokiid
Adding key/value bindir//usr/local/sbin/
Added new section connect_script
Adding key/value TELEPHONE/12345678
Added new section disconnect_script
Added new section logging
Adding key/value debug/off
Adding key/value rlpdebug/off
Adding key/value xdebug/off
We're sorry, but the 6210 model is not currently supported. Please check for an updated version of gnokii, or if you would
like to contribute to development.
GSM/FBUS init failed! (Unknown model ?). Quitting.

Any ideas? It complains that both the 7110 and 6210 are not supported - am I 
missing something incredibly obvious? I've tried pointing the bindir to the 
gnokii directory.

Again, any help would be appreciated.



David Hamilton
Senior Website Development Officer
Fenland District Council
tel: 01354 654321

Surf the fens at


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