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[gnapplet][N9210] - instalation error

From: Pavel Kysilka
Subject: [gnapplet][N9210] - instalation error
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2004 18:15:39 +0200
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i was testing gnapplet on Nokia 9210. i have problem with instalation
.sis file.

instalation process and error description:

- downlload .sis file from 
- copy with p3nfs to comunicator (copy OK).
- menu on communicator: Control panel->Install /Remove->Install new

-select file
- confirm instalation (Suplier cannot be guarateed). (Choice: Install)
- confirm instalation (Choice: OK)

and note and possible error:


'Series60ProduktID' has not been installed.
Install 'Series60ProductID' and try again.

Choice: OK 

This is end of instalation. In list of installed software is no new
aplication on aplication gnapplet. In log in communicator no

question: is possible use gnapplet with serial cable ?

thanks for help.

sorry for my bad english.

   Pavel Kysilka

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