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Re: Running SMS to HTTP in Nokia 3650

From: Stefan Schoeman
Subject: Re: Running SMS to HTTP in Nokia 3650
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 23:45:10 +0200 (SAST)
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I've been running Jan's smsd with this arrangement for a few years now.
Basically, my program reads a config file of URL's and for each received SMS 
wget's each of the
URL's with the parameters time, sender and message at the end. Jan's smsd calls 
the program
through the file module whenever it receives an SMS. This has runs stably for a 
really long time
on a 486DX50 with 12M RAM and a Nokia 5110, although I had to write a little 
script to keep an eye
on smsd and restart if it has unexpectedly exited. Despite this, I can truly 
recommend using smsd
for this (thanks Jan).

Stefan Schoeman
South Africa

>> Dear All,
>> I would like my Nokia 3650 accept SMS and send HTTP msg for the
>> corresponding SMS message. Can gnapplet do it? If it can, could anyone
>> tell me how can I do it (in detail)?
> If you are able to write script for HTTP sending and 3650 is supported by
> gnokii, you can use smsd with file module.
>                               jan
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