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Correlating SMS sent with Delivery Reports

From: Gary Reuter
Subject: Correlating SMS sent with Delivery Reports
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 21:30:26 -0000
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Some of you may remember me from a few years ago... well, I'm back! :-)

(FYI, I'm using a Nokia 6190, which is the nk6100 protocol)

I'm in the process of improving 'smsd' to make it a more robust SMS server, and for me an essential part of that is being able to correlate sent SMS with the Delivery Report.

If I use NDS3 and the virtual modem under Windows, the AT+CMGS to send a message, it replies with a reference number. The next message sent will reply with the same number +1. When using gnokii/smsd, the reference number is returned in same frame that confirms the message was sent (in message[5]). The delivery report has the reference number just before the report_status, in message[21].

The reference number starts at 1 and it looks like it will 'rollover' when it gets to 255 (0x01 -> 0xFF), although I haven't sent that many messages yet...

It's easy enough to add a couple lines in the nk6100.c to set the raw_sms->reference to the proper value, but my problem is the gn_sms structure has no place to keep this value. As well, some lowlevel functions clear the rawsms from the gn_data so it's unuseable from the higher-level functions.

So, which is the better solution:
1) adding a 'reference' value to the gn_sms structure.
2) removing code that clears the raw_sms info.

For the second option, I mean removing lines like those below (taken from gsm-sms.c) so the raw_sms is still available as part of gn_data.
<       free(data->raw_sms);
<       data->raw_sms = NULL;

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